Sunday, and it’s time to deck the halls…

Sunday, and it’s time to deck the halls…

Happy Sunday, back in good old rainy England, but although we had a fab time in Bretagne, it really is good to sleep in your own bed again, isn’t it?
So now the race is on! Having had over a week away, there is much, much, much too much to do, in much, much, much too little time! It was worth it though. 
I have to say, I refuse to panic. I am old enough now, to know that worrying won’t help a damned thing. It won’t prepare the house for me, nor wrap the gifts for me, nor decorate the tree! And these are things I like doing actually. So out comes my Wunderlist, write every single thing down which needs to be done, and then just start ticking the boxes, one day at a time. 
I love Christmas, and am super excited this year, because both kids are coming home from the States! Next week, in fact! It would be so easy to get into a flap about the preparations, but what for? Isn’t it strange how it all always works out? I didn’t get to 54 years old to start panicking about a dead bird which needs cooking and putting on 10 plates! Or was it 12? On Tuesday, let’s talk about P for Preparation! I’ve just remembered a funny story….
Anyway, I digress. On today’s list of things to do, I’ve got Daily Blog and Decorate the House etc. So the blog is just getting me in the swing of it! 
Here’s one I did on TV a while back, but which is very nice and easy. 
You need: 
Make-up Sponges
Strip of Sequin Waste (Punchinella)
Post-Its and scissors
Stamp the Carol in black Archival, 
cover it with a mask,
stamp the 2 little holly pieces in varying shades of Bottle around the edges. They have a nice curl on them. 
Without removing the mask, 
do some gentle shading with a make-up sponge and the Bottle inkpad. Maybe a hint of black, too.
Dust through the Punchinelli with some Bottle on your stencil brush.
With your red Promarker, colour in the holly berries. If you want to trim the card, now’s the time.
Then use the chisel end of the red Promarker to border the edge. If you haven’t seen me do this, here’s how:
Just lay a sheet of copy paper underneath your work, dig the heel of the chisel end into the copy paper and literally drag the pen along each edge of the card. Practice on scrap first; it’s very easy and gives a lovely clean edge.

Another way to add depth to the scroll is to add a shadow with the Pastel Beige Promarker in the folds. See where I added it, versus where I missed it? Interesting how a little detail like that can change the illusion of depth, isn’t it?
Mount the artwork on a complimentary piece of paper or card. 
I have a stash of paper and card like you can’t imagine! In the words of a lovely Scottish lady, who attended a workshop in the summer, a SABLE. A Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy! You got one too? Yep I’ve got a few of them! In the Craft dept, the Linen dept, the Crockery dept AND the Fashion dept. In fact, I think I’ve got ETFADS : Enough To Fill a Department Store!
All in all, a very pleasant card to make.

But now I really must get on, and start ticking a few things on that NEL. Never-Ending List!
 Love to you,

45 thoughts on “Sunday, and it’s time to deck the halls…

  1. Great card Barbara, hope you get all sorted out before your children come home,if not I'm sure they'll muck in along with you. Think of the fun you could have! See you tomorrow x

  2. Welcome back to Blighty Barbara, not long now till the family arrive bet you are excited. My daughter and her husband arrived from Canada a couple of days ago and our other daughter arrives this week for Isle of Man. I've no decorations up yet the girls request that I wait until they are both home so they can do it as they always used to lol.
    Love your card by the way the holly curves round the scroll really lovely

    Jackie x

  3. Loved it when I saw you on TV, and still love it now. Defo have SABLE in my craft room. My daughter "shouts" at me regularly and tell me to get rid of some…..
    Don't have any NEL this year as my lovely hubby treat me to Spain….. so my only list is Get the suitcase ready!!!!
    Laurence xx

  4. Beautiful card as always …. Deck the Halls … that's just what I have been doing all morning once it's done it's well worth it isn't it!! you'll get through it, Barbara ..we crafters always manage to stretch the hours a bit xx Annie

  5. A lovely card, Barbara, but I wish I could master your technique of using the chisel end of the Promarker. After a series of miserable failures, I now settle for doing it the same way as when using the Krylon Gold pen, by nuzzling the edge of the card into the nib. I will have another go at your way after Christmas as I hate being beaten. Good luck getting all your Christmas list done. I am now almost free from the decorators so I can start to get the house back into some kind of order. I am so glad I am going out for Christmas this year, even if I need to make a large lemon meringue pie and a large raspberry and hazelnut meringue for afters at lunchtime. xx Maggie

    1. The lemon meringue is no problem (made from scratch – no packets), Lynne, but I have never made the raspberry and hazelnut meringue. It is my mother's recipe and she always made it, I never did, so that will be interesting. Must make sure we have some ice cream available if necessary. xx Maggie

  6. Love the Card and by the way I also love "wunderluist" great idea. Es ist wirklich am besten ruhig und gelassen zu bleiben, dann geht die Arbeit eigentlich viel schneller von der Hand, nicht immer leicht 🙂

  7. Really love the simplicity of this card. Decided not to put my Christmas decorations up until next weekend, but will need to make sure that they are put on the top of the bookcase as I have two indoor cats, one of whom (Mischief) used to attack the big tree and pull the baubles off for the other one (Jester) to play with. Just got one card left to finish off for my Mum and Dad so had better get on.

  8. Beautiful card as always. I like the idea of using the Promarker for the shading it really makes a difference. Got to try that out later. No need to worry like you say it always gets done in the end, after all it is just a big roast dinner. The main thing is your family will be there so if anything like mine loads of silly games and laughter.
    Received a Xmas gift card I ordered from you yesterday and WOW I reckon it has got to be the best gift coupon I will ever have given. 11 out of 10 for presentation. My daughter will love it reckon she will spend it at NEC in March. Now I am off to a carol service . My son is doing the lighting effects so going to sing my heart out and be proud mum at same time. Lynne xx

  9. What a lovely card Barbara! Welcome back home to you.
    How lovely that Mark and Grace will be home for Christmas. I bet you'll spoil them rotten! Enjoy the preparations. Hugs. Xxx

  10. Lovely card Barbara, I really hope you enjoyed your break and managed to re-charge your batteries a little. Both of your youngsters home for the holiday – you are going to be a very happy lady! I have to make a list of what else I need to buy for presents and anything we need food wise and try to get it all done on Wednesday! Thankfully not too many things to go on either list so will be able to check them off quickly too! xx

  11. Great card… hope you are…in true tradition of christmas…checking the list twice! Happy Tree decorating… bet you are counting the days till your son and daughter land! xx

  12. I was at the Perth sable workshop and it stayed with me too. Hope your Xmas prep goes well but remember it is just a day and the important thing is to spend it with the people you love. It won't be a terrible Xmas if there is some dust in the corner 🙂 Lx

    1. You are so right, Laurane. It is the people you love that are important. I am just going to shove all the rubbish into one room and shut the door firmly until I am ready to deal with it all later. xx Maggie

  13. Lovely card, and the SABLE story made me laugh – I've been determined to reduce my stash, as my craft room in this new house is much smaller than my old one. Thus many of my Christmas gifts will include a set of notelets or thank you cards – I'm sure my family will enjoy them, and it means I need one less shelf built to accommodate all that STUFF! Enjoy the wrapping and decorating, and remember that pre-prepared veggies and roasties taste just as good as if you stood and peeled and chopped the whole lot – one less thing for your list and more precious time with your babies!

  14. Fabulous demo as always but how dare you stamp me LOL. Just reminded me of a colleague of mine many years back when I worked in Manchester. He came into work one December day and said "Sorry I missed your concert last night. I didn't have a clue what he was talking about and looked at him blankly. He said "There was a huge notice in Albert Square saying "Carol Singing at 7pm". He'd obviously not heard me sing – just like Hilda Ogden only worse!!! LOL.xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Pleased you got home safely. Loved this card when I saw you demo it on c and c. Unfortunately, I haven't got the " ingredients " for this one but next year maybe. Hope you manage to work through your list without adding too many more things to it! Oh, my robin stamp arrived yesterday and it's gorgeous and love the new layout.

  16. Cool card Barbara…I loved it when I saw you demonstrating it on t.v. Hope your day has gone well with lots of jobs ticked off the list….bet you are so excited about having both Grace and Mark home for Christmas…enjoy your evening….Jo. X

  17. Wonderful card – love the little touches such as the promarker shading and border round the edge. I hope your Christmas preparations go smoothly – I have spent the day putting up decorations, wrapping and writing cards but still so much to do….your blog has reminded me to just breathe 🙂

  18. SABLE and ETFADS covers it well. I have a retirement pile of x stitch kits too but don't tell anyone!
    I e just finished my cards and am going to start the 2014 ones on Boxing Day when I will look through all my clarity purchases this year to see which ones I haven't used. I've got a fee Christmas ones that I haven't used yet!

  19. Yup I have a mega SABLE and ETFADS that my craft room that currently everywhere in the house. The first thing on my wunderlist for “things to do after Christmas" is to tidy up after my last minute Christmas frenzy. The second thing is not to leave everything to the last minute!

  20. Well I nearly didn't have a Dead Bird to serve up, I forgot to order one, just caught the last few days of ordering with M&S, couldn't decide if it was kinder to get the bird that had been allowed to roam outside or the bird that had lived in a well ventilated, roomy barn, and had had longer to live!! Decisions? Love your Blog again Barbara, your so funny. Love the card too.

  21. Hi Barb, welcome back, lovely card, love the background. Yes I also have SABLE and ETFADS, and as for the NEL well it is just that. Thanks for such an entertaining blog, always brings a smile to my face. Bx

  22. A beautiful card, thank you for the step by step. You're ahead of me Barbara, I can't see when I will squeeze in decorating the house for christmas at the moment! Eeeeeek! x

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