Blogging from a Van…

Blogging from a Van…

Well, now I’m really trying my luck! Blogging at 70mph on the A1M up to Yorkshire! Having just folded the Stand at Doncaster, after an excellent day, we are wending our weary way up to Yorkshire for a mini break with friends before the 4-Day SECC in Glasgow. I’m not driving, by the way…predictive spelling is bad at the best of times!

So what did I get up to in Doncaster? The Gelli Plate is my best friend right now.
And today, I built a brick wall with the larger 8×10
All you need is
Titanium Buff and Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint
Make-up sponges
Spread the Titanium Buff over the Gelli with your brayer.
Using a sheet of crumpled copy paper, lift the paint, just as we did in the last Post,
When you go down to the woods….
Lift off the Tit Buff paint especially in the centre top area.
Next, spread a layer of brown (burnt umber).
Lay down the Brick stencil.
Blot well with copy paper.
Lift off the stencil.
Place a little postcard in the top centre, for the hole in the wall.
Lay the Buff Tit print down and rub the back.
When you pull this layer, you will end up with a fantastic brick wall!
Now for the Secret Garden…
Ink up the birdhouse in Sepia Archival. I find if you just lay the inky stamp on copy paper lightly before planting the image on your artwork, it looks great. Add birds and the creeping vine in the same way, to build the scene through the aperture.
Use a make up sponge and Slate Adirondack to add depth to the brickwork. You will find the white card peeping through from the Buff Titanium layer will stain beautifully.
You see, we are doing pretty much the same things as with the toadstool, and using the same colour paints. But what a different result! Hope you like it.
Great brick wall. No planning permission required.
Just a Gelli plate 

24 thoughts on “Blogging from a Van…

  1. Unbelievable that you are blogging from your van… You are awesome. Glad York show was so successful. Enjoy your trip to Scotland… Look forward to the next blog. Xxx

  2. Lovely to see you today Barbara. That's a beautiful print, Sam has also been inspiring me in all things Gelli today so you can guess what I'm going to be doing tomorrow! x

  3. Hi Barbara was great to see you today. I love your brick wall picture, love the stencil! Your stand looks a bit like my craft room, but neater!!! Thank you Lynne, it was lovely to swap Crafty tips with you. Have a lovely time upt ta road Barbara xx

  4. One of my favourite stencils and I love it even more now after seeing this…glad you had a good day…enjoy a few days with friends and then have a fab time at the SECC…x

  5. Barbara, I have the ingredients just need to get a..e in gear and have a go !! And now I have got your blog to refer to I don't have to rely on my memory …. A safe journey to you both, take care xx

  6. Love it! One of my fave stencils and stamp sets too!!
    Have a well earned break in Yorkshire with your friends then take it easy travelling up to Scotland! Hopefully the weather will be kind to you! X:-D

  7. I was standing watching this demo – it was great – I am afraid if I had tried it though it would have looked pants – Barbara makes everything looks so easy – and such a nice lady as well. Helen

  8. I cannot believe that you are able to blog from a moving vehicle. I have tried, in the past when others are driving, to text and it is usually a disaster. Add you say, predictive text has a lot to answer for, but being without it is a pain too. Love the brick wall picture – absolutely perfect. Thank you for being so generous and sharing with us. xx Maggie

  9. Oh Barbara please keep these blogs coming … have just whiled away a couple of hours playing with your ideas … truly inspirational xx Annie Mehew

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