Bijou Lino Cuts Friday Morning!

Bijou Lino Cuts Friday Morning!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Greetings from a warm, sunny south of England in East Sussex today. Paul is up in Peterborough – Middle England – at the TV studios, showcasing those lovely hearts and bells by Linda Williams, and I am all packed and ready to set off once the M25 commuter traffic has calmed down. For our friends abroad, the M25 is an orbital motorway, which encircles London. For us here in the south of England, it’s considered to a massive rolling carpark. You can’t actually park up and leave your car, although you often wish you could. And it would probably be right where you left it an hour or two later.

Speaking of motoring , who remembers Dick Emery? It came up on my Instagram feed this morning. Dave and I cracked up laughing. Let me see if I can find it for you…

Nothing like a good belly laugh to start the day off.

Anyway. Enough frivolity. #madeinmay is making me happy too. It’s so so lovely to see all your makes. Quite something, isn’t it, to be part of such a creative community. I had no idea when we started this #madeinmay campaign, that so many of us would join in. And we’ve still got a good week to go! Actually, we thought it would be only right to fire up a #MADEINMAY10 Discount code. SO, if you should decide to shop for anything at over the bank holiday weekend, then simply add that discount code (#MADEINMAY) in the box provided. It’s already been activated too. So there ya go! I reckon we’ll keep it going until next Tuesday, after the Monday Bank Holiday.

I’ve got a busy Friday lined up, starting at 9am with these rather lovely Linocut designs in petite. We launched them a couple of years ago, much larger, and I really like them smaller. The backdrop frames are perfect for an instant organic, grungy vibe. Lovely landscape builders.

Bijou Floral Elements & Backdrop Linocut A6 Stamp Collection with Storage

Here are some some returning favourites, which we’ve already reduced in size…

Bijou Linocut Landscape A6 Stamp Collection

Bijou Linocut Floral A6 Stamp Collection

Linocut Sampler A4 Stamp Set

The design team certainly enjoyed these arty designs! If you go to our website, by the time the shows go live, Grace will have uploaded art samples to each set too. There’s so much to consider!

I’ve got a couple of neat demos lined up too. The first one at 9am is using the Allium Set in the new bijou size. Lots of tricks n tips xx

But now I really must get back to work! Hope you can join me at 9am tomorrow. And heads up: the 4pm show, THE WEEKENDER, which showcases something very different, is a MUST HAVE. I reckon it will fly out of the door. More will be revealed.

Love always,

Barb x x x

10 thoughts on “Bijou Lino Cuts Friday Morning!

  1. Ooh The M25 – my local motorway and all that building work going on and full closures twice so far for knocking down and building of bridges. Took us 2 hours to get home from my sons last time usually a 45 minute journey. Good luck – safe Journey and hope no delays!

    I’m looking forward to watching a number of Clarity Shows on Create and Craft while working on new DT samples. Always a pleasure to play with new products!

    Thanks for the flashback to Dick Emery humour – I did love the comedy of old. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Thanks for the laughs with Dick Emery! Ooh, you are awful, but I like you! 🤣🤣
    Bijou florals and lino cut backgrounds – can’t wait to see your demos with these, Barb! I feel a little (bijou?) order coming on! And with a generous Made In May discount, we’ll it would be rude not to! 😄
    Really looking forward to seeing the Weekender deal, that new die looks very special!
    Safe journeys, Barb, enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend – not sure my Bank Account will be on holiday though with these goodies on offer! 🤣👍🏻

  3. Dick Emery was one of my late mums favourites, so thank you for the memory and laughs, and for the Made In May discount, I shall have a look at my wish list. Looking forward to the shows. xx

  4. Harmless fun – lots of proper laughter, not a lot of that about on the TV these days.
    thanks for the link to the video.
    The DT have done it again with their samples & it looks like being a brilliant Clarity weekend. My wish list is getting longer & longer but having seen a sneaky peek of the contents of the Weekender shows I think there could be some shopping done over the weekend !! especially with the Mayday10 offer.
    Hope the M25 wasn’t too bad & your journey up to Middle England went smoothly. We have a similar journey to look forward to in 2 weeks time, possibly slightly worse as we have the M40/M25/M20 to contend with but it will be worth it !!

  5. Hi Barb, thanks for the laugh, absolutely brilliant. Oh wow, will you look at these sets absolutely lovely designs. I have the bigger versions of some, but may just treat myself to the bijou set. The Design Team samples are just awesome, they are so inspiring to just want to create. Best go set the recorder, as have to do the day job. Hope you had a safe and smooth trip to the studios. Take care everyone and enjoy the shows. Bx

  6. Dick Emery is one of my all time favourites so this was lovely to see again. The design team samples are stunning as always they are such a talented lot. Hope your journeys won’t be too arduous & that you arrive back safe and well – really looking forward to the shows.

  7. That takes me right back to sitting in our living room watching TV with Mum and Dad, Dick Emery was brilliant. Fab designs again from the DT – well done everyone. X

  8. Watching and recording at the moment. Wish we didn’t have to travel on the M25 but no choice when we go to Coventry to see our son and family. Should take about 2 hours but it has been 4 hours or the worse one was 7 hours. That was before the Wisley problems. But last Tuesday morning we managed 2 hours there and just less that 2 hours coming back Thursday morning. No hold ups. First time ever.
    Love the Bijou stamps and all the samples. Thank you.
    Take care.

  9. I love these, so arty. I am such a fan of smaller cards so the bijou stamps are right up my street. Thank you so much for the generous discounts – have used it twice. I would love to buy everything but budget won’t allow so really appreciate the money off. Have a lovely Bank Holiday.

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