A very special TV launch – Tuesday & Wednesday

A very special TV launch – Tuesday & Wednesday

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Bags packed, demos prepped, car filled to the gunnels – and we’re off! Paul and I are heading up to Peterborough to the TV studios as you read this, to set up the set for a worldwide launch. I’m both excited and apprehensive about this one. Perhaps because it’s my artwork, (and one always wonders whether one’s artwork will be well received, doesn’t one), perhaps because I always get nervous before TV – even after all these years. But be that all as it may, this evening at 6pm, we will be launching a brand new floral collection of stamps and Groovi plates. Big shout out to the Clarity team, for all the help in making, cleaning, packing, sample making. So much goes into these new launch shows – no wonder I’m a bit nervous! It’s my job to explain how it all works!

Debbie Shore and I will be working together – I do love working with Debbie. She is such a good presenter – and a friend actually. We have known each other for many years; I like her calm, inquisitive style a lot. According to the schedule, we’re together for all four hours, which is great. 6pm and 9pm this evening. 10am and 2pm tomorrow.

Why is Paul always with me? Well, because he helps me massively. To start with, he does the driving. Then he helps cart all the gear from the car. Then he helps me set up. He also keeps me calm. Then, when the show starts, he bounces between the studio and the gallery, making sure there is stock to carry the show. This allows me to focus on what I am doing, and not worry about the numbers and figures. Before lockdown, I used to do it alone, and on occasion I still do. But it’s so much easier with Paul there, smoother. Since my illness last year, we all decided that I would continue to do the TV shows, but with help. He’s my friend, and he gets me.

Enough woffle! Let’s show you what the stamps and Groovi plates look like! They are two-way overlays – my FAVOURITES !

Barbara’s Floral Crescents & Panels 2 Way Overlay Stamp Collection with Mega Mounts

Also available in Groovi

Inspiration from the Design Team. What a gallery! You always know when you’ve hit a sweet spot with designs, when the art samples come pouring in from the Creative Team….

Anyway. Time to hit the road, Jack. Who’s Jack? ? No more room in the car mate. You couldn’t squeeze another ink pad in there!

Oh! And before I forget, we’re giving away a free gift with every purchase. One per customer on Create & Craft. Tune in and bag a treat at 6pm!

Love always

Barb x x x

18 thoughts on “A very special TV launch – Tuesday & Wednesday

  1. morning! It’s lovely to read what you are doing. I love the new additions. They will go down as a hit with everyone! So glad that Paul is with you. He is certainly a calming influence! Hope the journey is not too tedious. Enjoy!x

  2. oh dear I can see another purchase coming on.
    do you think we could clone Paul as I am sure we could all do with one!

  3. These sets are going to be a massive hit! You are right not to travel alone; it’s not as though it’s a quick trip to the local shops and if one of you is feeling tired, the other can take over, and as you have said Paul deals with stock and you concentrate on demonstrating these wonderful products. Have a good show and safe journey.

  4. You are so lucky to have a dear friend like Paul to look out for you & help. I’m sure the shows will be a resounding success as always. Safe travels.

  5. These will fly Barb, they are gorgeous! So many lovely ideas from the team to be inspired by.
    Travel gently and enjoy your day.

  6. These beautiful artworks from the DT confirm you have no worries about the new designs. THEY WILL FLY OUT THE DOOR.
    Paul is a keeper and a good person to have with you on your excursions for Clarity. I will be watching today and recording all the shows as we have a visit to Oncology tomorrow morning for some results. Fingers crossed they will be OK.
    Safe travels.

  7. Brilliant designs, Barb! These stamps and plates are amazing, I can hear the sound of doors being blown off, already! The awesome Design Team have produced such a fantastic and varied Gallery – so inspirational! Really looking forward to some magic shows! With all Paul’s bouncing around, does that make him the Tigger of Clarity Towers? 🤣😝

  8. The DT have come up trumps again with both the stamps and Groovi plates so I am sure they will fly once the clock ticks past 6 pm
    Everyone needs a Paul & a Dave !!
    See you at the craft along on Friday, must go & gather my bits and bobs together as my stamps arrived yesterday just to make sure I am not missing anything xx

  9. Those stamps and groovi plates are absolutely gorgeous. Will have to go and order as soon as we are home from our trip. Can,t wait. Succes with the shows.

  10. Hello Barb and Paul, just watching the show on Craft Extra, I ordered the stamps before the shows, just could not resist. The artwork is sublime Barb, not worry there. The samples from the Team are amazing, such beautiful work. Bx

  11. Watched all shows on replay- fantastic! Thank you Barbara and team for another release of exceptional and amazing products. WOW- WOW- WOW- the talented Design Team’s artwork is inspiring.
    Thank you Barbara for the all demos and tips/techniques shared. Watching you create is the best experinece ever.
    A huge thank you to Paul and the rest of the Clarity Team for your hard work and talents producing the best ever quality products. I admire and appreciate Team Clarity!!!
    I am a huge fan of Clarity.

  12. Struggling to catch up on t.v. shows at the moment just hope all went well and stock was flying off the shelves. The artwork is beautiful and the design team have done really well.

  13. Just received my stamps and groovi plates can’t wait to try them out.
    Loved your craft a long on the 19th Barbara, I ordered the calligraphy girls this morning,
    Love Janet cummings

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