Design of the Week – Build A Wreath

Design of the Week – Build A Wreath

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Before I make a dash for the artroom above the garage in this here rain deluge, let me chat to you – in hopes that it will calm down! One cat’s in, one cat’s out. Ragnar actually likes the rain – weird little Viking that he is! Or maybe he likes the rubdown with a warm towel he gets when he eventually turns up at the kitchen door like a drowned rat – or should I say cat ?!

This week’s Design of the Week Special Offer is one of my favourite designs by Linda. I remember when she came up with these, I really enjoyed using them, and building wreaths with all the elements. Perhaps that’s because I like jigsaw puzzles…

Time to shine a light on these fabulous Groovi plates – so many elements – and not just for the festive period.

Available HERE with 30% discount to celebrate 30 years of being in business

Here is some inspiration from the design team

Don’t forget : we’ve added a second SHAC session to our weekly schedule. Thursday evenings at 7pm. No fee – it’s all free. You don’t need anything except a pencil and a piece of paper, maybe some tracing paper and an easer. If you have the Micron pens and the perga Liner pencils, they’ll come in useful next Monday, when we’re inking and colouring.

Why am I doing this? Quite simply because I think it’s important to keep each other company. The evenings are drawing in, people are having to stay indoors because of the bad weather, the News is awful. So a little creative company, to give you something arty to do and keep you company can only be a good thing. If I’m feeling anxious, then so are a lot of others. We’re better together. And one thing I DO know for sure: Distraction is good for reducing Anxietly levels. When I’m trying to draw a deer’s antlers, I’m not thinking much else, other than the deer’s antlers – and how they look like scaffolding or bent coathangers! Oh yes. Laughter is good for the soul too.

Quote for the Day

It’s perfectly OK to admit you’re not OK

Love always,

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “Design of the Week – Build A Wreath

  1. Lovely samples from those plates! We seem to be lucky here, so far, no rain nor strong winds yet!
    Am looking forward to 7pm tonight!
    Hope you don’t get too wet walking to the den! X

  2. as always the design team have nailed it. just started raining here no wind yet.
    i’ll have to catch up with shac in the morning, going to my tap dancing class tonight. Enjoy your day.

  3. Hello Barb, a lovely quote. The designs from Linda are superb and the samples from the design team are always inspiring and beautiful. Our cats go out for the shortest possible time when it is raining, and prefer to be near any warm radiators, even though they are on very low. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  4. Hope you are safe in Kent it’s calmed down here in West Sussex but dark heavy clouds looming! Looking forward to tonight’s Shack and hope to make it. X

  5. I have these plates and I must start using them and thanks for putting up the samples. Great inspiration . Look forward to seeing you and everyone this evening. I do have a lot to catch up with in the shac though! Thanks for being there. Hope right now comes back soon for his rubdown. We can’t complain about the weather really there’s no more than a lot of rain here. X

  6. Will probably have to catch up tomorrow or over the weekend as we are away with family celebrating birthdays & half term. Looking forward to see what you have lined up for us to doodle as I also have my tree to finish. Definitely on the naughty step so don’t want a detention as well !!
    Also need to check out the plates on offer for the design of the week, I am sure I missed a couple of the A5 ones & looking at the samples don’t know why I didn’t buy them at the time.
    Stay safe everyone whilst this latest storm passes over the country – looking on the weather forecast there appears to be snow/freeze forecast for later this month – oh joy. As my mom always says snow is alright on a Christmas card !!

  7. Really looking forward to tonight. You are so right about the early dark evenings I often wish I could hibernate & sleep right through till spring when the days are warmer & the evenings shorter.

  8. Like Beverley I too dislike the dark evenings but if I hibernated I would miss Christmas and that is definitely not on. The good thing is that once the festive season has passed the evenings startto get lighter which is something to look forward to.
    You are a real treasure thinking of us and adding another SHAC session on Fridays to cheer us all up. Thank you.
    Linda’s designs are always delightful and popular and I have these plates. The DT samples are lovely.
    Plenty of rain here in Norfolk but fortunately no high winds yet. From the weather maps it looks as though the worst of it will miss us.
    My eye surgery is healing well and by next week I will be able to start Groovin’ again but the colouring will have to wait because of the pencil dust – just can’t risk it yet. Next follow-up is 1st December so all being well it will be all systems GO!!!!!
    Stay safe everyone.

  9. Fabulous designs! Planning to join you this evening – it’s been a grey and miserable day here, but we’ve got a severe weather warning for East London & Essex this evening. best to batten down the hatches and craft!

  10. lovely to hear your little cats mentioned…hope they cover their ears Nov. 5th…and sleep through all the noise..

  11. Was really looking forward to the shac tonight. Catch it somewhere tomorrow I hope. Lovely to have company. Thanks Barbara.xxpat Hosking

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