Pick a Poppet or Two!

Pick a Poppet or Two!

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Today is a good day for a good day here at Clarity! This evening at 6pl Paul launches a very speical One Day Special on Create & Craft, featuring that wonderfully pretty artwork from Marina Fedotova.

You may already be familiar with the designs which are made up of three different collections: Flower, Whimsy & Christmas. Each collection is made up of 6 exquisite characters and are currently available in:

Printed Parchment

A5 & A6 Stamps Sets

Printed Postcards

Now, for the first time, they are going to be available as A6sq Groovi Plates!




together with a wonderful A5sq Universal Framer designed by Jazz

We have a super saving on the Complete Collection together with storage

Paul will be showcasing 4 different and lovely art samples, created and staged by Josie Davidson & Glynis Whitehead

6pm – by Josie

9pm – by Josie

10am – by Glynis

2pm – by Glynis

Here is some delightful inspiration from the design team too…

The times of the shows on Create & Craft:
Wednesday – 6pm & 9pm
Thursday – 10am & 2pm

Love always,

Barb x x x

11 thoughts on “Pick a Poppet or Two!

  1. These are so, so pretty, do you think we could have a colouring lesson for these please ? as the samples are so beautifully done. X

  2. Me thinks you are going to be mighty busy if the groovi plates are as popular as the stamps have been – they are just lovely to work with. I’d wish Paul good luck but I don’t think he’s going to need it, just a plan b when everything flies off the shelves xxx

  3. Hello Barb, well these are just such beautiful designs, and the demos Paul is going to do are really lovely. As always the Design Team have certainly come up with lovely creations. I think the shows are going to be super busy. Take care everyone. Bx

  4. I have the complete stamp set and have been waiting for these for a long time. Thank you so much! I already placed my order and will be tuning in for the beautiful inspirations. 💙

  5. Wow, these will fly off the shelves. As usual some stunning artwork from the design team. I have everything issued so far apart from the postcards, I so love these designs, so the complete set of Groovi plates will be hopping into my basket. My treat to me for being brave for my hospital eye procedure on .Monday as I am a devout coward and dreading it. Hopefully I will be back to crafting soon after with lots of new craft goodies to play with.
    Stay safe.

    1. PS: I am a bit miffed – people are already able to buy Poppet Groovi plates through C&C but I am unable to buy through Clarity site yet which is my normal way.

      1. When it’s a Pick of the Day it’s a deal that C&C have exclusivity until the Saturday (I think) and then it goes on the Clarity website. Just one of those things x

        1. This was not an exclusive to C & C which is where that applies, this is a one day special open to all. I do understand what exclusive means!!!!!

          1. You will need to check with Clarity then. I wasn’t inferring you didn’t know what exclusive means, I’ll mind my own business next time.

  6. Great to see the Poppet designs now in Groovi, I have the original Parchment ones, postcards that we have used in the SHAC & a few of the stamps. I am sure they will be very popular & the design team have made some beautiful samples to show us what is possible from the plates.

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