New Bamboo and Silver Birch…

New Bamboo and Silver Birch…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. My bags and boxes are all packed and ready for TV tomorrow. Just had a conversation with Paul, who is driving us up there in his lovely, shiney new car. He was so excited to tell me he can stack 2 big blue bins on top of each other in the new boot. “So much more space!” he said. “AND there’s a false bottom in it”. Woah. Steady on there !!

I had to laugh… sad innit. You get a fab new car, and you’re stoked because you can get more TV demo boxes in it!! Want to hear the best bit? He did a dry run with empty bins, to make sure they all fit! What a guy.

To kick off our super seven hours of TV over Thursday and Friday (see schedule below), we are starting off in Japan. For those of you who came to the Summer Retreats in August, you may recognise the new designs – with a few additions added.

Birch Tree & Bamboo 2 Way Overlay Stamp Sets

Barbara’s SHAC Enso Enlightenment & Bijou Japanese Symbols Collection

More beautiful symbols, and then all of them in small too. I needed the bijou ones, so I figured you would too!

Next up: Barbara’s Star Flower Spray Stamp & Stencil Collection

How about some inspiration from the design team

The Enso Enlightenment stamps are my new faves. Wait till you see them in Teabag art. Awesome. And our DT friends clearly like them too..

Let’s look at what the enso circle symbolizes …

At first glance, the enso symbol appears no more than a sweep of the brush to create a rough circle. But it represents many things: beauty in imperfection, the art of letting go of expectations, the circle of life, and connection.

The enso is a manifestation of the artist at the moment of creation, and the total acceptance of our innermost self.

Our quote for today?

It’s not what you create, but what you radiate.

Book of Zen

The schedule is as follows:

3pm – In The SHAC with Clarity – Barb
4pm – New & Exclusive – Paul
7pm – In The SHAC with Clarity – Barb
8pm – New & Exclusive – Paul

8am – New & Exclusive – Paul
9am – Crafting with Clarity – Barb
1pm – Crafting with Clarity – Barb

I do hope you can join Paul and myself, and I hope there’s something to tickle your fancy

Love always

Barb x x x

12 thoughts on “New Bamboo and Silver Birch…

  1. Super super samples by my teamies. We all loved working with these. I guess they will be on a lot of people’s wish lists. I’m excited for Paul and his new boot space, and I hope he has named his new wheels appropriately. Safe travels to you both.xx

  2. I hope that Paul has had time to find all the various controls on his lovely new motor. Because I am not driving as much since Covid, I am still needing the manual for my motor to find everything.
    The extra bits and pieces on these new stamps look as though they will be essential. I loved using the stamps at the retreat so the new bits will find their way into my basket, I am sure, especially the pieces that are perfect for the tea bags. The samples, as always, are stunning, xxx

  3. A wonderful collection of artwork, so much inspiration and relaxation to look forward to. Enjoy!
    Thank you Clarity for all you do, and more SHAC
    next Thursday!!

  4. What a great few days to look forward to with wonderful artwork. It sounds like Paul is going to enjoy his new wheels. Hope he gets to grips with all the new gadgets quickly.
    Safe travels all.

  5. so looking forward to the shows – and for once I’m not working so can watch them in real time!! I really love all these stamps and my team-mates samples are all fabulous! Hope you had a smooth journey!

  6. Wow it certainly looks as if the design team like these new additions to the SHAC range !! Have been looking forward to the new flower stamp that you used at the Retreat but the bamboo & additional symbols will complement it as well.
    looking forward to the 7 hours of shows
    Safe journey to TV land in the new mode of transport, love the fact that Paul had a test run with empty boxes !!

  7. Hello Barb, safe travels to you and Paul in his shiny new car. We had to get a new car last year for hubs, and he is still discovering things that it does, so I am sure Paul will be doing the same. Tell him I said congrats. Now to the beautiful designs, the awesome samples and the perfect sentiment. I think you are going to have very busy shows today and tomorrow. I may just have to break my no more spending on craft stash rule. The Japanese set is right up my street. Take care and enjoy everyone. Bx

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