Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. How’s your weekend been? Dave took me on a date on Friday afternoon. Had no idea where we were going! He decided to get us out of the work spin we had got caught up in since our return to the UK, and a mystery tour certainly did the trick!

We ended up in a little village called Ditchling in East Sussex, so not a million miles away from us either. There’s a fascinating little Museum of Art and Craft there, and there is a really interesting Textiles exhibition on at the moment. So Dave had bought a pair of tickets in advance – and that was our destination. It’s a small place, but if you take the time to actually read the information on offer, there is a real wealth of educational insight into weaving. I loved it! The colours and the different types of weaving really interested me. There was also a good section on printing, and they also have a working platen press like ours.

So after filling our heads with warps and wefts and all sorts, we took a turn around the village. Then Dave took me for a lovely late lunch in the garden of a nice pub near the church. The sun was shining, and it was idylically quiet in the little garden. Just calm.

Next stop the windmills: Jack and Jill. What a view. Jill was looking good, but Jack needs a little TLC…

Hey all you SHACKERS! Do you remember when we went to Holland on our SHAC bus? I LOVED that trip. Really liked drawing the windmill – and the carrot people too. Here is the set of stamps we made from that trip:


new smaller set too….

And the Groovi plates too!


Here is some lovely artwork from our clever Design team.

But I digress…

We walked up on the ridge, just for an hour or so, and made a plan to go back soon, and walk the path to the Ditchling Beacon. We did start the trek, but decided we needed a little more daylight time than we had!

So we headed home, kicked off our shoes and enjoyed a quiet evening in front of the TV.

Sometimes, you just have to step away from the madness, and pretend you’re retired!! I could get used to that!!

Pottery all weekend, and a picnic up on the Ashdown Forest with the grandchildren today – as I was saying, retirement is starting to look very appealing! But until that time, we just have to snatch days and dress them up to LOOK like retirement!

Mind you, I’ve got so many cool ideas for Clarity, I can’t stop now!! Way too much to make and do! When you work for yourself, it’s different, it really is. Ask any entrepreneur when they are going to retire, and they will probably look baffled. It’s not cut and dry; it’s complicated.

Quote for today:

After climbing the mountain, you can finally enoy the view

See you tomorrow at 10 am in the SHAC! I thought we could have a little refresher in colouring and shading. It’ll be a real relaxing session – perfect for a Monday morning! Facebook LIVE and Youtube LIVE – you pick xx

Love always

Barb x x x

17 thoughts on “Jack and Jill

  1. Before I retired, I used to ask folks who WERE retired what they did all day – none of them told me and now I know why!!?
    Your date looks fabulous – you deserve it gal.
    Maggie (York UK)

  2. The weekend has been lovely where we live as well and after a stressful week and a family funeral we took a day to recover. Our friend owns reindeer and has grown some maze which he has turned into a puzzle walk with a pumpkin patch, we don’t have children but there were plenty there feeding the reindeer solving the puzzle and picking their pumpkins for Halloween and roasting marshmallows, we and they were having great fun. My husband at very nearly 91 had his 1st ever roasted marshmallows, it just shows you are never too old to try something new.

    1. My mum, 94, had her first ever massage this week ! She’s been staying in a home for a couple of weeks while my sister is away. She had a back and shoulder massage and said it was lovely. X

  3. Your trip sounds lovely & good idea going forward to have unexpected down time. I find the days fly by, had great plans to do loads of craft in my retirement. Bought loads of stuff which is still sitting there waiting for that crafty moment. One day I will get round to using it all !!
    I have done my homework & will be at the bus stop tomorrow at 10am xx

  4. Good weekend for you both. Love the windmills, we have a nice one near us in Norfolk. Your day out with Dave sounds wonderful.
    Time is passing so fast and no matter what my plans are I still don’t seem to be able to fit in all I would like to do. Retirement has its pros and cons. There should be more time to do all those things you couldn’t do while working but as soon as the pension kicks in people think you have nothing to do and all the time in the world to do their bidding. Not for me, I just say NO!!!
    Crafting is my forte not listening to people telling me how they think I should live.
    Looking forward to next week’s shows.

  5. Yes I do remember when we went to a Holland, loved doing that one. My weekend has been one to remember. Went to visit my Chelmsford family who had bought me and my sister-in-law a combined birthday/Christmas present of tickets for Abba Voyage. What a show – I’ll treasure this weekend. I’ll miss the Shac tomorrow as I’ll be driving home to Northampton but I’ll certainly catch up when I arrive. Glad you’ve had a lovely weekend too xx

  6. Wow what a wonderful date, Dave is such a treasure, he knows exactly what you like and what’s good for you both. Amazing weather too! so fortunate to both have very simular loves that it makes spending treasured time together special. Top man.
    I got some secret squirrel work done, whilst hiding from the horrendous down pours here, but ventured to the supermarket Sunday and cleaned the house, made a roast. Weekends fly by then its Monday morning and back to work.
    shac catch up tonight! Happy Monday and enjoy all that beautiful weather down south.
    love T

  7. We’ve had torrential rain for days, so I’m looking at your blue skies with envy! Still, it’s topped up the falls and lochs after a very dry year. Your date trip sounds lovely. And the picnic with your grandchildren … work to live, don’t live to work!!!

  8. Sometimes you’ve just got to park the bus, get off and stretch your legs. Sounds like a fabulous long weekend to me with beautiful weather as well. We had a huge folk festival weekend here in Kent and it was amazing to see all the beautiful coloured costumes of the multitude of morris sides and listen to the various folk musicians. Yep a last hurrah of summer that was most welcome xxx

  9. My idea of a perfect day out.. love anything to do with textiles . Do that more often Barbara, and you may not always be able. I’m 86, not retired but handing over gradually, and not as able…but for ever thankful for a very full and happy life thus far! I still drive..happy days! Xx

  10. Hello Barb, it sounds like you and Dave had a perfect date out, the views are beautiful, love the windmills. Retirement really sounds like a good idea, but I have a similar scenario, that I cannot really retire yet, and hubby has just sort of semi retired. Will watch the Shac on catch up, love the quote. Hope the picnic with the grandkids was enjoyable. Take care everyone, sending hugs to everyone affected by the rains and floods. Bx

  11. Jack and Jill are on of my favourite places to visit. Some good memories of days spent there, and going way back to my childhood, staying with an aunt who had that view at the end of her garden.

  12. Hi Barbara. Just to say I used to live near the Jack and Jill windmills and often went to Ditchling. I’m glad you had a lovely day as it is a lovely area. Maybe one day I’ll get to go back!

  13. Glad you both had a lovely day and hope you have some more soon. A friend of ours used to help maintain windmills. Wonder if he helped with Jill. Saw many windmills in Holland when I worked there for a year. Lovely country. Take care.

  14. You went to a wonderful place! We used to live down the road for 28 years and loved Jack and Jill and our walks and runs on the South Downs. So pleased you took some time out to enjoy a well-deserved break.

  15. Just catching up with your blog! Looks like a fabulous day out – it’s so important to get off the treadmill sometimes and take time to just breathe. Hope you managed to recharge your batteries a little!

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