Craft Along in Tuscany

Craft Along in Tuscany

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. What are you up to this evening? If you’re into Groovi, why not join Paul and Grace on Facebook LIVE or the Claritystamp YouTube channel ? They’re there to keep you company if you’ve got nothing planned? And if you have the new Tuscany plates, then what are you waiting for?! Get that llittle craft table ready – and CRAFTALONGAPAUL!

He will be taking you to Tuscany, via Edenbridge in Kent! Together, you will be creating this fabulous piece of artwork from Linda Williams’, inspired by Josie Davidson.

This is from Set 4 of 6 from the Linda Williams’ Layering Frames Collection

Set 3

Set 2

Set 1

All available HERE

If you want to Craft Along with Paul, we have created a section of the website where you can download a list of all the ingredients you will need – click HERE

Don’t worry if you can’t join in live, you can watch anytime you like via our YouTube page HERE

As for me, I shall be watching too, from the comfort of our living room. I’ve been clearing and sifting through my artroom all morning, gearing up for the next set of TV shows next week. I also want to record a few little demo VTs, but I really have to clear the decks first! You just can’t cook a 5-course meal if the kitchen’s a mess, now can you?!! I look forward to hanging out with you this evening!

Love always

Barb x x x

9 thoughts on “Craft Along in Tuscany

  1. I’d love to watch, but I’m dog sitting! (Limited channels!) I Haven’t been home from the retreat yet! So, I’ll have to catch up tomorrow. Have fun everyone x x

  2. Looking forward to relaxing in front of “the big screen” with a cuppa or hot chocolate and seeing what Paul and Grace have in store for us. These new plates from Linda are brilliant! I missed a family holiday to Tuscany many years ago because of “work commitments “! I look forward to “bringing Tuscany alive” when I’m crafting with these plates!

  3. Haven’t got these plates yet but will be watching & chatting tonight on FB.
    I have had a tidy up session as well – all paper/card scraps sorted into colours & each colour put into a plastic file. They are now stood up in a crate so easy to find what I need. Having done that I have sorted all my stamps into groups of similar subjects as well. Just masks & Stencils to go but they can wait for another day.
    Perhaps I shouldn’t have tidied up as now I know how much stash I have !! LOL
    Plenty to keep me busy on the grey wet days during the winter months to come.
    Stay safe everyone whilst Storm Babet passes over the UK

  4. A enjoyable evening, crafting along, alas I now have a numb end of finger, so won’t be carrying on this evening, and double alas, I can’t find my stash of groovi tabs!! I expect I have tidied them away somewhere safe! They are not where they are supposed to be, so it will be hunt the groovi tabs tomorrow. Take care everyone. xx

  5. Caught up on the 3 shows this afternoon and will order tomorrow. The samples are great.
    Been tipping it down all day here but not as bad as Scotland – no flooding thank goodness.
    Stay safe.

  6. Blimey – missed it all because we had to trek back to the hospital – didn’t get home until 10.00 p.m. but he’s OK – much better now!
    I’ll go on the catch up – I love to see/hear Grace, her laugh is lovely. Even though I’m not a Grrovi chick, you learn far more than parching – there are always useful tips. Thanks to you all.
    Maggie (York UK)

  7. Hello Barb, It sounds like everyone enjoyed the craftalong with Paul and Grace. I was making a fairly early dinner, so we could sit down and watch the rugby, which was a bit of a whitewash, I really felt for Argentina. Tonight we have to erect a barrier in the front room between the chairs as I, being from SA am supporting the Springboks, and hubby is supporting England 🙂 Not even hazarding a bet on the outcome. Take care everyone. Bx

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