Design of the Week – Top 10 favourite

Design of the Week – Top 10 favourite

Yep, it is Tuesday again so it is time to shine a light on a favourite design and this week I thought we would have a little fashion parade with Hats, Bags & Shoes. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these designs by friend Mel Turner!! They are in my all time top 10 for sure.

Available in stamps

and Groovi

To celebrate being in business for 30 years this year, we focus on a popular design, with 30% off + Club discount for a week! Available HERE

Here is some inspiration from the design team

Here are a couple of pieces I did myself. The boot with mask is the PERFECT frame for a little landscape…

I also remember the day a legend and personal shero, Orla Kiely, went out of business in September 2018. I designed an arty tribute to her – and here are those emotion-packed Wordchain stamps again. On a brayered painty scrap…

We are celebrating 30 years in business. I’ll say that again slowly: THIRTY YEARS. That’s about half my life that I have been flying the Clarity Flag. Oh boy, have I seen some changes. We’ve had a few ups and downs too. But up until today, I’ve always managed to stay away from the point of no return in business. Ironically, the bigger you get, the larger it looms. The stakes are just higher, and there’s more to consider, that’s all. I have young guns joining in the games, flash out of the starting blocks, building empires, often quite ruthless in their quest for success and fame. And I wonder where they will be in year 30.

Life is so precarious. We all walk such a fine line, whether healthwise, lovewise or business/workwise. Often we become victims of our own choices, often we get caught in the crossfire, often Life is just Life, and we get dealt a particular card. But the thing is, and here’s the quote of the day, which I must have quoted before – because it is my personal mantra :

It’s never the situation, but how we respond to it that ultimately affects us.

There it is. I think I love these designs because they ooze cool, elegant femininity – and strength. I love Orla Kiely because she did it. She made massive waves in the fashion and interior design world. HUGE waves. Waves do often crash for sure. But she made them. Brilliant.

If you haven’t got them or the masks, now would be a good time to join the growing group of women who are drawn to these Clarity images by Mel. If you are one of them, tell us below. I put my hand up, and I know I speak for Sam Crowe too. Who else?

Paul is gearing up for a superb New & Exclusive tomorrow, and I am having a quiet day, working in silence. That beautiful whirlwind of Grace left this morning, and I am trying to stay busy. Maybe pottery this afternoon. Some more work on that totem pole. AKA an hour with Dad.

Love always,

Barb x x x

12 thoughts on “Design of the Week – Top 10 favourite

  1. Enjoy your pottery looking forward to the big reveal! It was so lovely to hear you laugh on Monday, it’s so infectious my husband kept asking me what I was laughing at and I just couldn’t speak! You made my day. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Brighton and had a great time with your lovely daughter Grace. Hope you have a fabulous well deserved holiday x

  2. I love these designs and don’t get them out enough. I think I need to remedy that.
    Enjoy your pottery this afternoon. I’m sure your dad will be with you as you throw that clay!
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  3. Hope you enjoyed your pottery and I am sure your Dad was listening. So good having a hobby or two. Wasn’t able to watch on Monday so will catch up over the weekend ready for Monday. Hope Grace had a good trip back to the USA.
    Take care.

  4. Can understand why you need to keep busy today, the house will seem so quiet now Grace has gone back home, not that she’s noisy just no doubt you would have have been talking & laughing non stop!!! Enjoy your hour or so with your pottery & your Dad & then start to wind down for your holiday. Missed that bit on Monday as I was doing breakfast for my granddaughter so wondered why you were saying see you on Oct 2nd !! then I realised what was going on.
    Back to Grace & my granddaughter – I played the video clip of Grace reading the Night before Christmas & her first words were ” what a calming voice” She is 13.
    I have the stamps & the Groovi plates above & having seen the DT samples I need to get them out & have another play with them. Not enough hours in the day, always something going on – need to pretend I am going to a workshop & lock myself way for a couple of hours.xx

  5. Have the groovi version of these and the Christmas boots. Rather apt today as I’ve just looked through some old sandals, one pair has had to go – worn out completely but well loved, green, yellow and sparkly blue. In the days I used to go to Russell & Bromley, good value though as they’ve lasted years and have other versions of them still going strong! Another pair, hardly worn so off to charity shop, as for the loads left I’ll sort them out slowly… some have recently come back into fashion not that that worries me, I’ll wear them whatever ! I digress. Sorry that Grace had to go but that’s part of it isn’t it, at least you’re always in touch ! Enjoy the pottery time. Have been watching the yoga lady and she has one for tinnitus so that’s next ! X

  6. I’ve been busy looking after family dogs for the past few weeks whilst my kids have well earned holidays. The upshot is my crafting has been so much less and I’m really missing it. Can’t wait for next week when I can take 5 and make crafty plans to go forward. I know I’ll miss them when they return home but I can’t wait to get back Grooving and painting 🤣🤣

  7. I have some of these “fashion” items but don’t use them as often as I should and may not have them all so will check and stock up on missing ones.
    Have a good pottery afternoon with your dad.
    Did I hear right, you are having a holiday? Good for you, it’s about time.
    Happy days.

  8. Enjoy your ‘down-time’ with Dave. You both work incredibly hard, so hope you can now spend time relaxing and recharging your batteries. We will miss you but you will be able to stand back for a while safe in the knowledge that all matters Clarity will be in the capable hands of Paul. Just hope Paul will get a well-deserved break on your return. Take care. love Pam xx

  9. I’ve got one of the hat sets, which I love, but don’t use often enough (need to remedy that this week!) I may have to invest in a few handbags & shoes as well…!

    1. meant to add – I hope you had a good and productive day! Always good to get some quiet time to decompress and regroup xx

  10. Hello Barb, so much arty loveliness from the team, with these fabulous designs. I don’t have them, but as I have just splurged on one of the word chain collections with stencils, I will have to sit this collection out for now. I do love them though, especially the shoes/boots. Hope you had a good afternoon and got to do your pottery. Take care and have a break. Hope Grace has a safe trip back. Bx

  11. I really do need to get these stamps out and have a play day – they are lovely to use. Didn’t realise Grace’s visit would be so short, it’s flown by. I’m so pleased that you and Dave are finally going to have some time away from it all and hopefully relax – you both deserve some quality time. Like Pamela I hope Paul too will be able to take some time off on your return as he also works so hard taking care of everyone’s back. xxxx

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