All About the Words

All About the Words

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Before I head on out to TV Land for a couple of days, want to show you what’s being showcased…

At 6pm this evening I will be launching a brand new collection of ever so useful Word Chains. In case you’re not familiar with our WordChains, they are funky chains of Words, which you can mix and match to create different messages. The best thing about them for me is that the WORDS ARE THE DESIGN. They can stand alone on a nice background, be beautiful – and say everything too. Now, with the latest additions, we can also get more personal…

Together with some superb fineline A5 Rectangle Aperture Framer Stencils.

We have created a bundle of all things new and included some storage

Or, if you love words like I do and you don’t have any of them, we have created a MEGA! Bundle

Here is some inspiration from the design team

If you make cards to sell, then these are ideal. People LOVE a persoanlised card. We’ve added the Wordchain ABC to the show too, so you can get REALLY specific, and even spell out names and dates etc.

The schedule for the One Day Special is as follows:

Wednesday 6pm & 9pm and Thursday 10am & 2pm

Gotta go! See you soon!
Love always,

Barb x x x

7 thoughts on “All About the Words

  1. Hi Barb, safe travels to the studio. Love these word chains with the stencils, a great concept. Love the storage folders too. The DT have really done these products justice, need to record the shows. Take care everyone. Bx

  2. These lovely word chains will always fit the bill. Sometimes we can’t find quite the right subject and we are in a hurry…perfect solution. I’ll be watching the tv shows with interest.xx

  3. Love all the samples from the DT & looking forward to all the shows over the next few days. I must admit I tend to forget the word chains but these pretty stencils will open up a whole new route to take with them.
    Safe journey up to the studios & hopefully you can get some down time between the shows & as my granddaughter says ”Chill Out”

  4. Lovely samples from the design team. I will definitely go for the stencils but do I really near more word chains? They look tempting but as I have all the originals and the bijou set I will have to watch the shows and have a careful think.
    Just had the quote for my new energy tariff, 120% dearer than the current one which expires at the end of this month.This will severely restrict my crafty spending 😢😩🤬in future.
    I am assuming Grace will accompany you today so you can still spend some time with her. Have a safe journey to tv land.

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