Tuesday – Design of the Week Day!

Tuesday – Design of the Week Day!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Is it really Tuesday again? The weeks/months are flying by! Bit of a scramble here today! Wanted to get ahead of the TV Prep game for this coming Sunday 3-5pm. Thought I had loads of time, got right into a colouring project…but then it turned 2pm, and I have to get my hair done for the King’s Garden party tomorrow! And lovely Carron, she who is going to work her magic on my mop, lives an hour away. So it’s a quick blog, to show off an old fave of mine, which I drew many moons ago; then it’s off to Oxted!

Let me show you the Design of the Week, with 30% off, plus club discount, to celebrate our 30th year in business.

The Garden Heart

Available in stamp




All available HERE

How about some arty hearty inspiration from the design team? What a gallery!

There you go. It’s a super 30% saver this week, plus your club discount, so do dive in and take advantage if you like the design. It is certainly a very useful design. Works for so many occasions, from anniversaries to birthday, from weddings to thinking of you’s.

I’m signing out for a couple of days now, to get set for the trip to Buckingham Palace. We’re just taking the train up to London for the day, but still. It requires a little planning – especially with this weather. It’s promising sunshine, but we shall see. Dave and I really want to savour this once-in-a-lifetime honour. Neither of us have ever been to the Palace. Well, we’ve stood outside the gates many many times actually! Just never been invited in for a cuppa before now! I shall look like a right Charlie, wearing a white feather fascinator on the train! Especially if it rains!! Hahahaha! Getting excited now.

Any top tips? I’ve got flat shoes, a fold-up-to-nothing umbrella, a fold-up-to-nothing rain mac, and – most important – the invitations! We need two forms of identification, so I shall pop the passports and driving licenses in my bag too. Musn’t forget the card we made for the King either!

Just for a couple of days, I shall step away from Clarity, and stay in the moment. Both feet AND my eyes and ears exactly where I am for once. You understand.

I’ll tell you all about it on Friday!!

Quote for the day?

The pleasure which we most rarely experience gives us greatest delight.


Ain’t that the truth? Did you know that Epictetus also wrote the Serenity Prayer?! Apparently so.

Love always,

Barb x x x

72 thoughts on “Tuesday – Design of the Week Day!

  1. Enjoy yourselves, a once in a lifetime experience and I hope you get a chance to say hello to our new King. Looking forward to your report on Friday.

  2. Well off to the palace you go hope you both enjoy the occasion you thoroughly deserved the honour. Flat shoes,and folding umbrella and Mac sound good to me. Will enjoy hearing all about it on Friday. Love the design of the week but do I go for the stencil,the stamp of the groovi plate!!!

  3. Hello Barbara
    Enjoy everything about tomorrow and savour every moment. We all look forward to hearing about it.

  4. Have a fantastic time Barbara and Dave. Hope the sun shines for everyone. Recommend you take some hankies or tissues in case you get emotional and some lipstick to replace that you might leave on his maj’s best china. Will be thinking of you both and look forward to hearing all about it. x

  5. Enjoy your Royal Tea Party! – I was lucky to go to a tea party there a few years ago and loved every minute of it. I do hope they let you walk around the garden and down by the lake, so much to see, especially the Rose’s that were planted for various reasons! SO interesting!
    Have fun and fingers crossed the sun shines for you! x

  6. Have a fantastic time tomorrow. Enjoy every moment of your time within the Palace grounds. It is a shame you can’t take pictures but I will keep an eye out for you on the news as they are bound to be there.
    I was lucky enough to go in May 1973 for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. I was allowed 1 guest so took my husband but the moms came as well and stood outside watching us go in. The Midlands area were first in so they let us walk through all the rooms being used that day, before we were ushered to our places. We stood for what seemed like ages then the Duke was there asking who was looking after the money whilst we were there. We were all from various banks in the Birmingham area so we told him not to worry as there were plenty of staff back at base. It like these days !! Thanks for reminding me of that day 50 years ago. Seems like only yesterday !!

  7. Have a wonderful time we will be thinking of you and look forward to hearing all about it xx

  8. The weather in London tomorrow looks very good! I hope you and Dave have the loveliest time and savour every single moment. I’m so glad you chose the 3rd, London will look so colourful and there will be such an air of anticipation and all the royals will be in town! HAVE THE BEST TIME xx

  9. Will be thinking of you and hope you have a fantastic time and savour every minute. You both so deserve it. Can’t wait for Fridays report xx

  10. What beautiful artwork!
    I hope you and Dave have a wonderful time with the King tomorrow – treasure each moment and make some special memories!
    Make sure someone takes some photos of you both in your posh outfits – we want to see!!!
    Looking forward to hearing all about it!!
    I am so very happy for you – so well deserved!!

  11. Have the most amazing time, I expect it will pass in a flash. I can imagine you will be going round seeing lots of inspiration for new designs. Xxx

  12. I hope you both have a wonderful time tomorrow and that the weather is kind to you. You deserve this treat, for the way you have supported all of your many friends/SHACER’s, we couldn’t have got through so many of our problems without you distracting us with such joy and inspiration.

  13. Have a fabulous day tomorrow I know you will. I went to a garden party at the palace as a foster carer a few years ago. A once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy every moment you deserve it All the SHACers will be thinking of you xx

  14. Have a wonderful day tomorrow enjoy all of it. Looking forward to to the update on Friday. You deserve it just enjoy the moment.

  15. Meant to be sunny in the south tomorrow. Hope you both have a lovely time. Look forward to hearing all about it. Take care.

  16. Wishing you the most wonderful day, it’s a very special occasion – brings back happy memories for me. With love, Jutta

  17. Have a wonderful time, don’t drink too much tea/coffee beforehand, don’t want to miss Their Makes because you are in the little girls room. Can’t wait to hear all about it, and hopefully see a pic of you two in your finery.

  18. Have a Fab time tomorrow, a special day for a special couple. Looking forward to hearing all about it on Friday.

  19. Have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see a photo of you both dressed to impress!

  20. Will have my fingers crossed for good weather for tomorrow and look forward to hearing all about it on Friday.
    What a fantastic gallery of artwork shown here. Such talent.

  21. Magic, Barb! You and Dave have an absolutely brilliant day tomorrow and enjoy every moment, it is so richly deserved! Looking forward to hearing all about it on Friday. And no worries about Clarity Crafts, you have the awesome Team Clarity to keep an eye on things!

  22. Have a fab time! Soak it all up and can’t wait to hear all about it. We’re off on a cruise on Friday to the Norwegian Fjords – no doubt will have coronation celebrations on board. X

  23. Awww Barbara
    Have the most fabulous time! I hope that you enjoy every moment!
    I can not wait to hear all about it. ❤️
    Sending lots of love XOXO

  24. Barbara and Dave have the most wonderful time, you both truly deserve it. They say wonderful things happen to wonderful people, that’s exactly what you are! Enjoy every second. Love and hugs Penny xXx

  25. We’re all thinking of you and Dave on your epic adventure. Have a fandabeedozee time, soak up all the wonderful moments the occasion has to offer – we look forward to hearing all about it. Have fun xx

  26. Have a wonderful day – the gardens, the bands, hopefully sunshine and, of course, the Royal party! Enjoy every minute, we did! XX

  27. Hope you both have the most wonderful, special time. Look forward to hearing all about it. x

  28. I have been thinking of you today and am excited for you. It is amazing that you took the time to blog, so thank you. Tomorrow is the last day of fine weather before a week of rainy days, so you should have warmth and some sunshine. Enjoy every moment and soak it all up. I can’t wait to hear all about it, when your feet touch the ground again. Have a wonderful day. XX

  29. Enjoy the day tomorrow, you deserve this so much, will keep fingers crossed on the weather, should be nice & sunny, Soak up the memories of a magical day, looking forward to hearing about the day xxx

  30. Hi Barbara
    Haven’t commented for a few days, away in Wales with my brother great time visiting Portmeirion today.
    Just wanted to say hope you and Dave have a great day tomorrow.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  31. Have a wonderful time at the Palace, fingers crossed the weather is kind (forecast looks good), can’t wait to see the photos of your outfit!

  32. Hope you and Dave have a fabulous day at the Palace today Barbara. I’m excited for you both, looking forward to hearing all about it. xxx

  33. Hello Barbara, I think a Groovi Starter Kit, The Royal Gnomes plate and the stamps you used to make his card with, would make a wonderful gift for The King. I’m sure if he doesn’t then one or more of his family members will definitely take up this wonderful craft… and we may end up with some royal Shackers/Groovers too 💜 👑 I hope you and Dave have a really wonderful time at the palace and come back with lots of memories to treasure… but please do share some with us as well as photos of yourselves dressed up for the occasion. Much love as always, Nahid xXx 🐈🦋💕

  34. Thinking of you today, Very exciting.. I had the pleasure of going to the palace over 10 years ago when my Son was presented with the CBE , still can’t believe I went there. It was great. I hear the parties are very special. You deserve it. Look forward to the photos. Xxxxx

  35. Just enjoy it! It’s a fabulous experience …. Savour every moment. Make sure to have a walk around the grounds…there are some wonderful roses. X

  36. Hope you’ve had a wonderful day Barbara and Dave, I think you’ve been lucky with the weather! Love Diane xx

  37. Hi Barb, so much beautiful inspiration from the DT using this lovely design. Hope you had a great day yesterday, and did not get rained on. Great quote to go with the occasion too. Take care everyone. Bx

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