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Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I have been asked many times whether I sell my pottery, and until now I have always declined. Several reasons: to start with, I didn’t think it was good enough. I didn’t have enough to fill a table because i always gave the best pieces away. Claritycrafts and TV take up a lot of time, and I didn’t want more pressure. I didn’t want to turn my hobby into a business AGAIN. Bla bla bla.

Well, yesterday we had a meeting at work, to put plans in place for the Clarity Open Days in June 9th and 10th. There’s so much to consider! Especially this year, because it’s our 30th year in business, and we want to celebrate. So, once we got the practical stuff sorted, drafted a long list of “things to do” and made a rough floor plan, we got on to the fun stuff. like how to decorate the hall etc.

Balloons and bunting were top of the list. Then I said it would be nice to put flowers on the tables. Lisa was on my case immediately.

“You could make the vases for the flowers!”

“I could…”

“You could sell your pottery. People would love that.”

“I could.”

“They’d buy it Barb.”

“I haven’t got much though.”

“I bet you have! Bring what you’ve got!”

“Let me think about it. I will try to make the vases for the tables though.”

“We”ll sell them off the tables then!”

So this afternoon after work, I went into mass production! And it all begins with a lump of clay!

Slabwork. Cylinders.

Nine cylinders done, complete with bases, and drying out, ready for trimming and finessing tomorrow. I think there’ll be enough time to dry, bisque and glaze these in time for the June celebrations! I’m not a production potter, but I’d love to throw a few little bowls for a table top sale. I’ll see what happens. If it works on the wheel, then great. If not, then it’ll have to wait. Haven’t done wheelwork for many months, so will be a bit rusty. But I will bring what I’ve already got. It’s time.

Quote for the day:

If I sell my pots, will that make me a pot dealer?
And if you sell your cards, will that make you a cardealer?


If you haven’t got your Open Day tickets, you really oughta! I have a feeling it will be a blast. CLICK HERE

Love always,

Barb x x x

23 thoughts on “Ok Ok

  1. oh my can’t wait to see you sell your pottery. You can be our pot dealer! lol. fabulous idea… amazing work. I love it when a plan comes together ❤️. xx

  2. While it will be lovely for people to see (and buy) your pots please don’t feel under pressure to mass produce. One way and another you have a lot on your plate so you need to enjoy your hobby when you can.
    Love your quote.

  3. I get what you are saying about your hobby becoming another business. I do think they would sell very quickly. Perhaps you could consider using them as part of the raffle prizes on offer?

  4. A pot and card dealer eh! Haha. What will you be next? Somebody must have got to you as you always said your pottery was just going to be a hobby! Though I wish I could make it to the open days as I may have bought a pottery treasure! Good luck! Everyone will want one!xx

  5. So many of us have said we’d like to buy a piece of your pottery- hope you have time to make some!

    The vases are such a great idea – maybe we will see some ginkgo leaves from your garden in them 🥰

    I’m looking forward to the open days! Excited to see what you have planned!

  6. Ooh the Open days sound exciting – looking forward to our trip south. Just checked & its 3 weeks time !!!
    The vases look great & I am sure any of your pottery would sell fast but the process is for your enjoyment not to put added pressure on you. A couple of pieces as part of the raffle prizes each day would be fantastic & would be treasured by the recipient xx

  7. lovely to see your pottery, flowers vases always handy…lucky people at the show/open day. sadly we have our first covid…I don’t go out, three years of not getting it…now its awful. I am low immune,so vulnerable, my son 56 has learning difficulties and hubby 78, me 76….so all struggling to get through this together…only got it Saturday so more days of illness and the unknown to go…
    look forward to your blog, it cheers me up…a light at the end of the tunnel!! thankyou.

    1. Oh no Maggie. I am so sorry to hear you‘ve all got Covid. I hope you all feel better spoon x x x love Barb

  8. Lovely idea Barbara , I’d love to buy a vase, but don’t turn your creativity into a slog or all is lost. I have a very steep mountain to climb if I am to attempt to make the journey first to my sons home in Wilts and the following day to Ditton but I haven’t given up hope. Take care of yourself. Xx

    1. It was good to see you pop up in the SHAC Pat. Take it easy . You are a powerhouse of a woman, and you‘ve got this x x x

  9. I am looking forward to coming to the Open Day on the Friday – this will be my first time and I am very excited……!

  10. Although I can’t come to the Open Days I am lucky enough to have one of your bowls as a result of a competition – can’t remember what ! the little bowl sits on the little table by my chair, it’s always got something in it! I’d always buy another one bit it a vase or a bowl but don’t stress over doing them so they become a chore – you must enjoy ! X

  11. Lovely idea Barbara. Don,t let yourself be pushed to go in mass production. It is a hobby and you should be able to potter when you feel like it.Great idea to have vases as prices. Or maybe you could auction them off for a good charity.

  12. I would love to come to the Open Days, but my husband’s birthday is on the 13th and we try and plan a mini holiday around this so will be away. Thought of you last night watching Inside The Factory and last night was all about mugs made by Denby absolutely fascinating worth a watch. Your pottery will fly off the shelf/table , lucky buyers.
    Love seeing your makes and how you come up with the ideas.

  13. thankyou Jackie…kind thought. I’ve always dreaded getting it…covid, now we all have it! wondered how we would cope if we did all get it…but are coping…at mo! even our cat seems to understand we’re ill! anyway thanks.

  14. If you go to a doll convention (usually in the US) they have one of a kind dolls (generally the basic doll dressed by a designer). Those dolls are auctioned (for charity) at the end of the convention to collectors – can’t you do something similar with your beautiful vases?
    Just saying (as Dawn Wheeler would add)
    Maggie (York UK)
    PS we have white bluebells, are they poisonous to cats too?

  15. I too am lucky enough to have a Barbara Gray lidded pot which I treasure – it is in permanent use hiding my secret sweetie stash……….. I’m so looking forward to the Friday Open Day – my shopping list is growing daily!!!!! Keep well xxx Beryl S

  16. I also watched the factory last night and thought of you. Would love one of your vases, I have done flower arranging for a very long time. Do wish I could get to the open day, always wanted to. But can’t think of a way to get there. I am sure it will be wonderful . Enjoy your pottery don’t get too busy. Xxxxxx

  17. Barb, your vases are looking great and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them at the Open days. I, like everyone else would love to own a Barbara Gray pottery original, but not at the expense of you losing the enjoyment of your wonderful hobby. Carry on at your own pace, enjoy the journey and the results, if you manage to create enough to sell, there will always be enough buyers!
    If you make them, they will come!

  18. Hello Barb, I think you will have a sellout of your vases. Maybe make them a raffle prize – a Barbara Gray original creation. Don’t pressure yourself though to make what you find relaxing into a hard slog, that will definitely not lead to enjoyment. The quote made me laugh. Enjoy the open days everyone. I will get there one year! Take care everyone. Bx

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