A little Henna Butterfly step by step

A little Henna Butterfly step by step

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just a quick step by step of one of the demos from today’s TV show, using Cherry Green’s Butterflies and Tina Cox’s new Henna Stamps.

No words required!

Also available in Blue. Or any other colour your sweet heart desires. x x x

Quote for today

Butterflies are self-propelled flowers.

Robert A heinlein

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

Love always,

Barb x x x

12 thoughts on “A little Henna Butterfly step by step

  1. I went straight to my craft room after the 1.00 show today! Thank you for the inspiration. Have a lovely long weekend. Xx

  2. Can’t wait to see the shows which I recorded and hope it all went well for you. Hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and enjoy the sunshine

  3. Have caught up with the shows from yesterday & today by watching several times !! kept dozing off through lack of sleep during the night. OH has a chest infection & I have trapped a nerve in my lower back so we are both feeling sorry for ourselves. Just hoping everything has cleared up by the Open Days, may mean me driving but we will have to see.
    Inspired by all the hints & tips along with the new stamps & Groovi plates – which do I choose? that is a dilemma that will hopefully resolve itself over the next few days. Also need to check out the dies !!
    Hope you can have a relaxing quiet weekend after your busy 2 days, maybe a little pottery to do a bit more to your Totem pole !!

  4. Watched the first show in the car showroom while waiting for my car to pass her MOT and she did. Got to catch up with the next one. Great inspiration, thank you, have a good weekend xx

  5. Great inspiration from the show which have just watched, must go and find my gel plate which I know is here in my craft room but have just had a move round. It will be here but just need to put my hands on them dinner may be a little late tomorrow.


  6. Couldn’t watch today, so will catch up tomorrow. I hope that you and Dave have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and enjoy the sunshine. X

  7. Watched this mornings show, so enjoyable, recorded the later show, and will catch up over the weekend, super designs by Tina. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  8. Blue one is my favourite but I love blue. Recorded both shows and have watched one. Will watch the other one today but garden calls so it may be tomorrow. Hope you and Dave have a good weekend. Take care.

  9. Loved the shows Barb! I need to get my little gel plates out and start using them – I always forget about using ink on them for backgrounds (you know I’m not good with messy paint crafting!! 🤣) I’ve now got a very long shopping list – hope you’ll have plenty of stock at the open days! Thanks so much for all the fabulous inspiration!

  10. Hello Barb, I have a lot of catching up to do with the shows I have recorded. Need to get my butterfly stamps and petite gel plates out and have a play. Take care everyone. Bx

  11. I have so much trouble accessing this as there was no read more button. That was until hubby clicked on the butterfly itself then all came clear.
    Use the butterflies a lot.
    Having a super crafting long weekend.
    Stay safe.

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