Design of the Week

Design of the Week

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Yep, it is Tuesday again and as you will know by now, every Tuesday we launch a favourite Design of the Week with 30% off, plus club discount, to celebrate our 30th year in business.

What a lovely collection of art, illustrated by our friend Mel Turner! Our feathered friends are original, arty and timeless.

From geese to wise old owls, from kingfishers to cock-a-doodle-doo’s! We even have nuthatches and moorhens. Very, very lovely.

If you are not sure which to go for, then we created an A5 set of all the designs in miniature

All available HERE

Here is a selection of artwork from the design team. What a gallery! Every single piece is a masterpiece. Epic.

Mavis needs to get out more!

Don’t we all! Tomorrow I am heading up to Peterborough for 3 days. Bit of business, couple of meeetings, 3 hours of live TV – no point in chasing up and down the motorway inbetween. So I am just going to stay up there, and catch up on some drawing/lino-cutting.

Must go pack! I hope you like these wonderful designs by Mel as much as I do. They are indeed uniquely special.

Today’s quote…

A bird does not sing because it has an answer,
it sings because it has a song.

Maya Angelou

Love always,

Barb x x x

12 thoughts on “Design of the Week

  1. Love these Stamps Barbara, the geese are my favourites.
    Hope you have a safe journey up to Peterborough, I am looking forward to the shows.
    The quote is a lovely one, one day I will read the book!
    Take care.

  2. Wow, that is some gallery. What amazing artwork.
    Have a good 3 days in Peterborough and enjoy have some downtime in between commitments.
    I have been checking the weather forecast and it is still looking good for next Wednesday 🤞🏻. X

  3. Oh and they are postcard too. Some of my favourite colouring projects in the SHAC SHAC who can forget giving the chickens names? Talk about getting attached to your art work. All that stippling on the owls. 🤣 Lovely artwork. x

  4. Birds are not my bag but I’ve got the cockerels and used them and also the birds in a row stamp – don’t think it’s included here. Used both when you had the calendar challenges back in the day. The birds in a row are on canvas and hang in the downstairs loo! Have a good trip. X

  5. Amazing artwork as usual. I bought the original stamps in the early days and have used the owls and geese a lot. Now they are in a miniature set I can see another purchase coming on.
    Safe journey to Peterborough, looking forward to the shows.

  6. Beautiful work :might have to buy those stamps.
    Keep safe Barbara and take some rest. An important Date next week and you must be well and enjoy.
    We went to a palace garden party in May some years ago.. so exciting, so many interesting folk there. BUT it was SO very COLD, standing around, very little shelter. My advice is to wear as many thermal layers as you can under your outfit, gloves and a big silk scarf handy. Have a fantastic time, looking forward to seeing pics. Xx

  7. You can always tell with the amount of samples that the DT just love these stamps. There are so many different occasions that they can be used for so I really need to get my stamps out & have a play.
    Looking forward to the shows on Thursday & Friday.

  8. Hello Barb, certainly one of my favourite quotes from the amazing Maya Angelou. The Feathered Friends are beautiful stamps, timeless, classic and versatile. Love the artwork, so much talent. Take care and travel safely to the studios. Stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. Love the quote today Maya Angelou is brilliant.

    I need to know how you created your header example with the geese’s necks entwined. Very clever .

  10. We went for a walk in the woods today and spent some time just listening to the birdsong and the busy woodpecker! Bliss x

  11. Very talented design team. Hope your journey to Peterborough is good and shows go well (of course they will). Rest in between. Looking forward to watching them. Take care.

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