Easy as 123….. with Tina

Easy as 123….. with Tina

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I’m going upstairs to my little art-studio above the garage for the first time in months. I had prepped the TV show for January, but then that weekend Dad died, so Paul jumped in. I haven’t been back up there since. It’s time. You know what I mean. I am going back on Telly next Wednesday, to launch the 6pm ODS, so I’d best be prepared; better for the head to be ahead of the game.

Before I venture out there though, let me tell you what’s going on today…

The inimitable Tina Cox will be headlining The Pergamano Show on Create & Craft today, 11am & 3pm putting her unique spin on a fabulous collection of floral plates designed by Linda Williams.

Available in little and larger : A5sq & A4sq

Also on the show are the floral and forest plates, which are perfect for infilling and backgrounds. I LOVE these ones!!

and to frame it all with a touch of simple elegance…

Here is some inspiration from the design team

These sampler plates by Linda are superb for learning and developing shading skills too. I think that it is easier to apply whitework shade or colour to smaller areas, so the staggered sizes are ideal for all skill levels. They grow with you!

Great demos are guaranteed with Tina, so don’t forget to tune in. She’s a mine of information. I texted her this morning at 7am, to wish her a safe trip to the studios. She was already there getting ready!

Right. No more procrastination Gray. It’s time to tackle the mess that is your Artroom!

Quote for today?

A week from now, you’ll wish you’d started today!


Hahaha! That reminds me of the old cinema ice cream ads. Do you remember? An hour from now you’ll wish you’d had one..In the words of Mary Hopkins, those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end…

Love always

Barb x x x

33 thoughts on “Easy as 123….. with Tina

  1. Will make sure I watch the show. Love all these designs, Barbara we will look forward to seeing you back on TV on Wednesday. We have missed you even though you have such a great team but please take it slowly, xx

  2. Hello Barb, now that is a real Barb quote! I am sure Tina’s shows will as always be full of inspiration, and those plates are sure to be a big hit. The samples are lovely. Take care and hugs to everyone. Bx

  3. MorningBarbara. I keep putting off tidying our dining room, I walk in there and then walk out! Shall have to do a tiny bit at a time! It’s become a place for some of the mementos from my mums house.she died last year. But I shall bite the bullet, soon!
    Love the items that will be on c&c today. Like the ice cream memory too! X

  4. Im hoping to watch live but I’ve set record just in time – just loveseat hing Tina. Whatcha special lady! So talented!

    So nice to hear you are in your art room today- enjoy ! Excited to see you back on TV next week too!

    I remember the cinemas in the 60s – didn’t go that often so when we did it was such a special experience. The Granada in Tooting was my local one, fantastic inside , pillars mirrors , magical. Now I feel old lol!

    Lots of love

  5. Good morning Barbara.
    Have fun in that art room of yours. I sometimes wish I had a dedicated room to do my crafting but then I think I do ok with the space I have. It is what it is.
    Looking forward to seeing these plates get another airing on Tv and how Tina puts her spin on them.
    So glad you’re back and feeling better. I’m sure you’ll be well looked after when you venture back to television land next week.
    Lots of love and hugs. Xxxx

    1. You do brilliant work without a craft room Jane. It’s what you do, not how much space you have. I usually end up with a small space on which to work and just have to tidy up! X

  6. Busy day today so I’ve put the programmes to record as I’m interested to see what Tina does with these plates. Have a lovely day sorting and crafting, more of the latter, I hope.
    Today would have been my mother’s 100th birthday so feeing rather nostalgic. It was such an event to go to the pictures when we were young and of course we wore our best clothes. I was looking around at the audience at a theatre on Tuesday and wondered when we stopped dressing up. Even a trip into Croydon required a change of clothes. Ah well. As you say, those were the days, my friend. Xx

  7. Look for the positives – due to the weather I’m missing my Groovi class and meeting up with my friends BUT the positive being I can watch Tina AND I have these plates. Hope your tidy-up goes well Barbara. Everyone will be so pleased to see you back in harness. However, don’t forget to travel gently xx

  8. Please wrap up warm you know the room will be cold. Don’t be in too much of a rush to ‘get back to normal ‘. We don’t want you sick again. Travel gently xxxx

  9. Trying to look for positives but difficult at the moment. I was due to go to Coventry tomorrow and stay with my 7 month old Grandson, son and daughter in law but have tested positive so have had to delay. But on the positive side, snow has gone from here and my Clarity card Kit was delivered – beautiful – and my tickets have been ordered. Had a fantastic time there last year. Went on my own so wasn’t too sure but everyone was so friendly and helpful I felt I had been going to them for years. Go slowly Barbara.

  10. So pleased that you are feeling so much better, and we are all looking forward to seeing you on our screens again. Paul and the team have done wonderfully well as always. Enjoy your foray into your crafty room, but please pace yourself – and don’t try doing things at full pelt just because they need doing!
    The samples are beautiful, as always, and I love admiring. But I just do stamping and stencils and colouring these days – and a we bit of doodling.
    Lots of love, and travel gently, Rosemary T xxx

  11. We have cancelled our Bromsgrove Parchers meeting today because of the weather so I was thinking that I could watch Tina live rather than on catch up but was wondering about her getting there so was pleased to read your blog to confirm she is already there, safe & sound in the hopefully warm studios.
    I have dug my plates out so will look forward to seeing some new ideas on how to use them. Its amazing how all the plates can mixed & matched to make newer designs. I just need to be a bit more adventurous.
    Hope you have a good time in the studio but stay warm & hydrated as it is easy to get immersed in boxes of stuff & time flies by.
    Great that you feel able to do the ODS next week but let others help if they offer to assist x

  12. I’m actually going to watch the show today ‘live’ instead of catch up. I love these plates and can see I will have to get them out to play with! – Just be careful going out again and mixing with people. Remember your immune system is extremely low after all those antibiotics! Hope you’ve been taking Prebiotics to boost it up again! – Go steady and look after yourself! – Sorry if I sound like a Mum but I hate seeing people suffer unnecessarly. It’s just that I’ve been there myself but now I listen to my body after 7 years of therapy for not listening! x

  13. Watching Tina now! Hope you enjoy being back in your studio and getting back in your stride. Still early days though be very very careful x

  14. Looking forward seeing you on tv again. Will have to watch Tina at a later time. The Team has made some beautiful samples.
    Barbara enjoy your return to your craftcroom. Even if it is only to sort out.

  15. So glad to hear you feel up to going back on TV but like Jules mentioned please be careful your immune system will be low! Enjoy yourself in your artroom but don’t do too much there’s always tomorrow. Have recorded the 11am show hope to be able to watch the 3pm live. Tina always gives helpful hints and tips. Xx

  16. Good to know you’re feeling well enough to be back in your art room…but don’t over do it!
    Take care xx

  17. Good you are feeling well enough to get back into your art room. Take it easy though, tidying up can be exhausting. Slowly does it.
    Woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning which swiftly dissolved in the drizzle. Trip to the hospital with hubby (cardiology) was uneventful but I missed Tina’s first show. Have all these plates so look forward to watching the recording later for some new ideas. Samples from the design team are lovely .
    Take care.

  18. Hi Barbara
    Remember these plates at a parchment retreat a few years ago. Still have the samples that Linda helped me complete. Have fun in the craft room but remember there is always tomorrow so don’t overdo things.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  19. It will be lovely to see you back on TV! Watched Tina’s first show- it was great. She always has great parchment tips to share!

  20. Lovely samples from the design team. Recorded Tina’s shows, as been at work today. It will be great to see you back on tv again, but please take care and travel gently. xxx

  21. As a child, I desperately wanted to be one of those ice cream girls at the pictures when I grew up. Such ambition!
    Looking forward to seeing you back on the telly Barb, but take it slowly and don’t overdo it. X

  22. Managed to watch the lovely Tina being brilliant as usual today. She is such an inspirational talent. Please take note of what Jules said take it easy – I know it’s hard but you really do have to be careful and gently pace yourself. X

  23. Good luck with the craftroom Barbara. My husband suggests that I tie a rope from my waist to the bannisters when I go in to tidy my craftroom so that I can find my way out again! 😂😂 The only trouble is I can never find anything after I have had a sort out as I forget where I have put things! x

  24. What beautiful inspiration. Being back in your art studio will be emotional given the circumstances. I do hope you haven’t spent too much time there in this cold weather and overdone it. It will be wonderful to have you to return to our screens if your health holds up. I recall the ice-cream sellers shown in the photograph. I’ll have to catch Tina’s shows on catch up as I was out unfortunately.

  25. Didn’t Tina do a great job today! Thanks @tinacox, really enjoyed your shows.
    Glad yogurt feel able to get back in the saddle Barbara, but we are all telling you…take care.
    Best of luck on Wed. I’ll be there. X

  26. Hi Barb
    I look forward to seeing you again on TV but please don’t push yourself too much will you.

    I bought the sampler plates by Linda when they first came out so looking forward to what can be done with them.


  27. Hi Barb
    I look forward to seeing you again on TV but please don’t push yourself too much will you.

    I bought the sampler plates by Linda when they first came out so looking forward to what can be done with them.


  28. Hi Barbara
    Glad you are feeling motivated again, I watched Tina yesterday she’s so talented, I bought the plates on Clarity after the show and look forward to using them, loved the sample for ‘My sister-in Law’ card, I will be making this for mine.
    Take care.
    Love janet xx

  29. So glad to hear you are so much better and back at the helm. Crafting will help your recovery.
    Look forward to next weeks show. xx

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