A Sunday Step by Step…

A Sunday Step by Step…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Despite the best intentions to blog daily – or at least more regularly – Life is overwhelming, and the days just seems to fly by. Everybody has got something going on, everybody is carrying a load, I know that. This is why I choose to use the blog and the SHAC for positive and creative distraction, rather than a platform to unload my personal problems. Suffice it to say I, like you, have them, and in abundance. Which is why I struggle to blog daily. One has to have the right head on to deliver real positivity.

Today I would like to show you a super project that our dear Dee mocked up for TV, but which we never got to. It is showcasing this smashing new Woodland Diorama Die set:

I did show you a trick how to extend the leafy woodland die, to use as a square frame…

In fact, that can be shown like a silent movie here in pics right now…

Easy, right?!

Now let’s look at Dee’s lovely layered card…

Let’s look at how it is constructed…

  • Rainbow River Companion Papers. Cut out the TREE using our Gresh Cut Rectangular nesting dies. Cut in the middle of the paper, so we can use the outside as a background layer too.
  • Black Card. Cut out using the closest fitting rectangle die too.
  • Cut the birds out of papers which match the Designer Petite card. (Shenandoah).
  • Use Perga glue to layer up the tauper die cut on the Shenandoah card.
  • Position the black layer and position the birds. Keep one back.
  • Glue into place

  • Use gutted paper layers for the background.
  • Find a fitting Sticker sentiment and use the spare bird to highlight.

A simple layered card, using all the dies in the set and some super colourways. Thanks Dee!

Have a brilliant day. It’s a clean and tidy papercrafter’s dream!!

Stay safe, stay warm.

Love always

Barb x x x

The Die Set is available HERE . Save £5 plus your Clarity Craft Club discount. Have you signed up for next year yet? Here‘s the link to the clubs…HERE

Also, whilst I’ve got your attention, a little heads up. We have to increase the price of all our parchment again in January. If you were thinking of restocking, now is a good time. x

13 thoughts on “A Sunday Step by Step…

  1. Lovely project, thank you! I quite understand and agree re a daily blog, so much going on and little time, it’s lovely for us when you do though ! Do hope Erik is getting on ok. X

  2. This die is lovely! You’re right, I think we all have lots of problems that stop us doing our usual things! For me, at the moment, I have not been able to focus on writing Christmas cards! (Amongst other things!), so to write a blog, constantly, I would not be up to doing! Too much going on!
    You must be excited that your daughter will be on her way home ( well I assume she is!). So much to think about at Christmas!
    Shall look forward to seeing shac shac this week and I wish you a comfortable Christmas!x

  3. Love that you find the time to blog at all. Had an email reminding me my club expires this month so thank you for the link so I can get that sorted out

  4. Lovely project which I will try in the New Year. Goodies are in the last parcel wending its way from Clarity Towers & my craft room is packed away so family have a bed to sleep in so something to look forward to. Meanwhile I have a couple of SHAC projects & the Craft-a-long to catch up with with 2 more sessions this week.
    We quite understand the reasons for your not blogging as often as you would like but there are only so many hours in the day & somethings are far more important. Grace & Mark 2 will be with you soon followed by your Mark so have a fabulous family time chilling out together xx

  5. Hi Barbara, thank you for taking time to write a blog and taking time to show us how to make another wonderful card.
    Have a Merry Christmas with your family and best wishes for the New Year.

  6. Hi Barbara. I’m sure most of us are in awe of how you manage to split yourself between all the different elements in your life and are grateful that you have time to blog at all!! Wishing you, your family, and all at Clarity, a peaceful Christmas full of love, kindness and laughter xx
    P.S. How is little Erik?

  7. Fully understand about not blogging everyday – it just makes it all the nicer when you do. I hope things start to calm down again soon for you as it’s very stressful when everything happens at once. Take care and have the best Christmas you can xxx

  8. I understand why you can’t blog every day but I do miss them ! I am trying to finish my Christmas cards but can’t find the enthusiasm . I have already re-joined the clubs for next year as they do give me inspiration. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Hello Barb, what a lovely and easy to follow step by step. It certainly is not easy at the moment to fit everything in. I don’t know where the year has gone, let alone the days, I think we all understand that sometimes it is just not possible to blog everyday, and we value it when you do. Take care and stay warm everyone. Off to do todays Gnome hunt clue. Bx

  10. I’m with everyone else in saying that we love the blog when you can – and totally understand when you can’t. The Shac is a real oasis, even though I have to follow (very behind) mainly on Youtube. May your Christmas with all your lovely family be full of love, laughter, peace and blessing – and the coming year be full of hope.
    God bless, Rosemary xx

  11. This is such a fabulous project! I totally get the pressure of blogging regularly, but you know the Clarity community are here for you. Hope you’re having a wonderful time with Grace – family must come first xx

  12. Great step by step, as this die set is on my wish list, I have just put a order in, (it would be rude not too) so thank you for the extra discount. I like many others understand that you can’t blog every day, family first always. Have a lovely Christmas, take care. xx

  13. I do not know how you manage to pack so much in your days. The blog is a highlight in the week for me but accept you cannot do it every day. This year has gone so fast can hardly believe it is nearly gone.
    This project is one I will try over the Christmas break.
    Hope Eric is recovering well and Ragnar is not too sad without him.
    Hope your brood arrived safely. You must be so pleased to have them all together for Christmas.
    Wishing you all the best for the season and a very

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