…Warm Woollen Mittens…

…Warm Woollen Mittens…

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Thanks for popping in. Got a torch?!

It gets dark so much earlier now, as we edge our way through November, doesn’t it? Much colder too. Whilst our British Autumn colours are beautifully breathtaking, the damp chill that accompanies this month is less pleasant. The torrential rains down here in the Southeast have slowed down for today at least, so Mother Earth can absorb some of the floodwaters.

It’s definitely time to put away those flip flops and dig out the hats, scarves and “warm woollen mittens”. Remember a few of our favourite things? Come on! Singalong!!!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens…brown paper packages tied up with strings…these are a few of my favourite things.

The SOund of Music

Anyway, out with the woolly warmers! I thought a simple little step by step project might be nice this evening. Here’s a tiny little stampset our Jim drew,

to add to his Christmas Jumper set. Available both individually and together.

If you click on this link, HERE it will take you to the page where there is also a neat Jumper Youtube tutorial.

But anyway, today let’s make a neat little pair of Christmas cards. Dee rustled these up, and I have simply emulated hers. Thanks Dee!

The background involves another super cool little backdrop stampset, which is also a new addition to the Clarity stamp range. A Bijou Backdrop Stamp: CLICK HERE TO BUY

Right. Here goes.

  1. Mount the Bijou Backdrop stamp on a 4×4 inch Megamount.
  2. You can use regular Distress inks or Artistry ink to do this too. We are using Distress Oxides becasue they mottle beautifully when you spritz them with water.
  3. Use Spot-On Sponges to dab Distress Oxide inks onto the Backdrop stp, avoiding the centre.
  4. Spritz lightly with water, and use a blending nib to clean out the gully around the edge.
  5. Plant the stamp on a 3.5 inch square of Stencil card. We sell this ready cut. CliCK HERE
  6. What you get is a fabulous little box, ready to stamp over. Allow to dry.
  7. See the mottled effect? And the clean white gully?

Here’s another colour combo for the pink version:

Use black Archival ink to stamp the little images into place. The Hat and little stars is very cool, but let’s check out the mittens, attached with string…

  1. Stamp the mittens one at a time
  2. Pencil in the string, joining the pair. Were your mittens attached with elastic and threaded through your sleeves when you were a kid? Mine were!
  3. Pick a coloured pencil to go back over the grey line.
  4. Colour in the mittens. I used Polychromos. We sell the big tines of 60. Rather Special. IMO: The Rolls Royce of the Pencil World. CLICK HERE
  5. Pick a sentiment sticker. I reached for the KISS stickers. Like the font.

That simple. Mount on a card – and send to a friend! We’ve made a few Backdrop spares too! I enjoyed rustling up the cards this afternoon in the studio above the garage, then coming indoors to write it up. I think this could be a new habit. Any thoughts? Do you enjoy the write-ups? Or would little videos be better? I could always record what I’m doing, couldn’t I?! Requires a bit more planning, but all very achievable.

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment below. Let me know that there’s somebody out there!

Love and Hugs



PS Don’t forget tomorrow at 7pm FACEBOOK LIVE. It’s a Groovi Craftalong, using those delightful Christmas treasures of Linda’s.

30 thoughts on “…Warm Woollen Mittens…

  1. Love the step by step write ups as well as the videos. Can’t wait for the Craftalong tomorrow even though I haven’t got the plates but I can still sit listen watch and learn a lot and have fun with some crafty friendsxxx

  2. Another great blog Barb – thanx. And, I like the written instructions which of course we in the stamp club are well used to. The videos would be good too so either is my answer……….

  3. Beautiful cards, love your step by steps and now I have an idea for a few Christmas cards. My new granddaughter has just arrived so I needed a few quick yet beautiful cards to do as my time at the moment is spent cuddling Thanks for all you and your team at clarity do for us all xx

  4. Hi Barbara, love your step-by-step projects. Need to check out the mittens etc, I already have the jumper stamp & the background stamp is wending its way here along with Linda’s plates which I hope will arrive by tomorrow. I had the email last Friday to say they had been despatched.
    Definitely gone colder tonight, it wasn’t too bad when I went to our Bromsgrove Parchers meeting at lunchtime but now the wind has got up & the temperature has dropped.
    Time to batten down the hatches, shut the curtains & craft in the warm.
    Glad to hear that Erik is home, I bet Ragnar was pleased to see him.

  5. We are all out here Barbara, loving your posts especially the step by steps.
    I had two deliveries today, one included the jumper and mittens. Spent the afternoon playing with them. We are starting to get ready for Christmas early this year. Looking forward to it.
    Stay safe 🍒

  6. I’m here!! I’m happy with whatever you do – you are always informative and helpful (just doing the majority of my christmas cards on A6 blanks using your small oval backdrop – I don’t have any of the bijou ones, sorry) and they look FAB, probably use a few of the poppets as the main feature. So, if you hadn’t shown us how, I would never have gone there! Thank you. Give Erik a tickle for me – I said Erik, not Dave – love, Maggie
    in a very soggy York UK
    PS thank you for my lovely birthday card

  7. hi Barbara we are definitely still here! Thanks very much for your blog designs and pictures they give inspiration and techniques. Like Hilda, you tube Tuesday was always a hit for me and I very often search them for now for answers and techniques.
    Glad to hear Erik and your Dad doing better. Keep well yourself, you are too important to many people .

  8. Love the step by step, thank you. Have been asked to demonstrate card making so that’s one good idea! No peace for the wicked! Be good for me tho.
    Rubbish tv as usual, I’m not into films, so rely on social media for a while in dark evenings and your blog and demos always very interesting.
    I’ve just made my first ever Groovi card, will post next week! See you tomorrow at 7pm. Thanks Pat

  9. Hello Barbara
    I am here! Love your step by step with photos as I find them easy to follow (probably because I am used to the club projects. Don’t give yourself even more work.
    Glad to read that Erik managed to make his w ay home, but don’t envy you keeping him in a cage for any length of time, even though it is necessary.

  10. Thanks for these two little cards and I have the items ! Needed a reminder /inspiration as stamping isn’t natural to me but love it when I have a go! Didn’t make the shac as I was volunteering today, making roast potatoes and custard (not to go together) for 40! But i came home and logged in see how Erik was getting on and glad to hear he’s home and on cage rest on the road to recovery. X

  11. Hi Barbara
    Love the blog don’t always comment but always read it. I love any step by step so don’t mind either way. Hope Erik isn’t getting too frustrated 🐈
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  12. Hello! We’re definitely out there…. Sorry I don’t comment much— will try to do better in future! Love reading your blog and catching up on all the news x

  13. I’m here!
    Voiceless, but here!
    I haven’t got the mittens stamp but this has given me an idea for using the dies I have. Great to hear your baby is home, good luck with keeping him calm!
    See you tonight xx

  14. I like both video and write up but with the written instructions and pictures it’s easier to keep referring back. It also reminds me of the Clarity calendars

  15. I’m here too as always. Really, really, really enjoyed today’s tutorial I’ve missed them. Written or video tutorials are fine by me I love them all. Looking forward to tonight’s craft gathering to see how the gold is done.

  16. Hi Barb, love the step by step. Need to check out the jumper video and get a crack on with the Christmas cards. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  17. I love the step by steps – and the YouTube. And of course the SHAC! There is always something different to try – even though I just stick to stamps and stencils. Thankyou so much for all of it Barb – you are the best! xx

  18. Like others have said I don’t always comment but please know that I love and appreciate all that you do for us and your precious time you give.
    Looking forward to this evening but can only listen and learn as I will be trying to make a Golden Wedding card for me and hubbie. Have got till the 2nd. I wanted freesias but can’t find any in my stash so am trying to copy and draw some freehand. It will probably be back to the drawing board though.

  19. Even though I hardly ever post comments, I’m always here Barb and I still look for your blog every single day but totally understand you simply don’t have the time these days. I love your personal additions in particular…family and cats of course!
    So very pleased your beloved Dad had good news at the clinic and you have Ragnar safely home. At least Erik can snuggle up to the cage if he’s not allowed in. Hope the leak has been sorted too. Life, hey!
    Thank you for everything you do…love the SHAC…it is ALL very much appreciated.
    Take care everyone.
    Love, Linda

  20. I love the step by step and the video. Perhaps the video is good if there are more intricate or detailed parts that are easier to explain verbally than in writing.
    I remember the strings attached to my mitts and threaded through the sleeves of my coat so not to lose yet another individual mitt. Memories.

  21. I usually check out your blogs every day, though don’t always comment. Although fell asleep last night, didn’t wake up till 1.30am so didn’t look yesterday, but its lovely to catch up the next day. Like Linda I’m aware you may not have time to blog every day, and thats fine with me. I usually make a note of the date in a Clarity blog diary I have, if you do a step by step, so I can always find it, if I want to have a reminder. Been using the same diary for a few years. It’s nice to hear about family as well. This morning after a rainy start, we have sunshine, with a breeze so hopefully, I will get some washing dry! Looking forward to tonight’s craftalong. xx

  22. Hi, always read the blog, nice to see a step by step. I love these back drop stamps. Already queuing for tonight, told everyone do not disturb sign going on the dining room door. So 🤞 we are in for a wonderful, evening with no technology hitches. xxx

  23. lovely to see Erik is back home, and Ragnar and Erik can at least see each other now…puts a few minds at rest…especially theirs!! thank you for sharing news and photos.

  24. Thank you Barbara. I love the step by step- always learn new techniques/projects with your very easy to follow steps. Of course, your videos are always great. I am happy with whatever format is easier for you.

  25. I think the step by step instructions are great and it’s funny cos when I read them, I’m sure I can hear your voice…just like being in the SHAC!
    I’m just grateful for the time and effort you put into your blogs, in whatever format suits you, so a hearty thanks from me!

  26. Hi Barbara
    I look every day at your blog to see if your chatting to us all.
    I don’t comment but am today, I like seeing your step to steps just like we get with the clubs.
    I also like your videos and love joining in to the shack and groovi Tuesday.
    Glad your Dad is doing ok, and pleased that your kitten is on the mend.

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