Easy as 123 & ABC

Easy as 123 & ABC

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s raining cats and dogs, the idiot neighbour is letting off ridiculously loud fireworks despite the deluge (whatever flaps your flares I guess), and just got back from a visit with Dad , who really isn’t doing great. It sure sucks getting old. Honestly? I could scream. But what purpose would that serve, except freaking Ragnar and Erik out even more than they are already ?!

So. I’ve retreated to the back of my proverbial cave, flipped some new clay tiles to stop them curling, weighted them, smoothed a few pinch bowls,

and finessed a rather lovely couple of bowls, which are now ready to bisque fire – once they’re dry enough – aka leather hard. I have high hopes for these two!

Yep. As I always say..

Get out of your head and get with your hands.

Pottery is to me as Parchment is to many of you, as cardmaking is to others of you. Escape, distraction, meditation. Don’t get me wrong! Parchment and stamping are on my list of passions too – especially stamping. But once something becomes work, it changes its purpose, its function.

As long as I’m making SOMETHING, I’m happy. And tomorrow I shall be trundling up to TV world with Paul, to spend a happy couple of hours showcasing the very first drawing I ever commercialised: The Nursery RHyme Alphabet.

Many of you will be familiar with the larger stamp set; well we’re introducing a smaller Bijou set – they’re really lovely to use!

Bijou Rhyme Time A4 Stamp Set and ii Book

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

And the 12 Days of Christmas have also gone small…

Bijou 12 Days of Christmas, Sentiments and Backdrop Stamp Set

Why do we do this? Well, folks like smaller cards nowadays. When I drew these images, large art was a thing, but nowadays small is popular.

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

There’ll also be something on the show to keep you warm – Christmas Jumper, and now a Hat, Scarf & Gloves!! What a cool jumper this is!

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

And of course, there’s the A5 Christmas Jumper Groovi Plate…

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

Rhyme Time Groovi Collection

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

Maybe you like some fussy cutting, how about some découpage sheets.

Fantastic Christmas Present for a Grandchild…a real keepsake.

So I hope you can join us tomorrow, Sunday 6th November 3-5pm on Create & Craft, for a little trip down Memory Lane. This little ABC was the very start of Clarity; where my personal art journey began. About 30 years ago! I’d say the images have stood the test of time; they are as appealing and educational now as they were then. We have just evolved in the quality and diversity of our products, and are breathing new life into good things.

Sunday 3pm-5pm

Create and Craft – Sky 683, Virgin 748, Freesat 813, Freeview 85

And just in case you weren’t aware, we’re having a very keen Parchment sale at Claritystamp.com. Up to 60% off, plust your club discount! Good time to stock up on essential parchment! Top Tip: Parchment is not just for parchers! It’s a really excellent paper for stamping on too. And at these prices, it will be well worth investigating if you haven’t tried parchment yet!


Time to go cuddle the cats.

Love and Hugs

Barb. xxx

18 thoughts on “Easy as 123 & ABC

  1. Hi Barbara, sorry to hear you’re dad isn’t doing so well. As my mum always says ‘getting old is no joke’ .

    Lovely work by the DT, looking forward to seeing shows tomorrow, will be good to have the gloves etc to go with the jumper stamp and also groovi version, will add them to my parchment order !

    Hope the cats are ok, our two are tucked up at moment, although Mikey doesn’t seem to worry and will go out to have a look ….. dogs next door are probably under the bed or trying to get in their mum’s skin.

    Look forward to tomorrow, have a good show xx

  2. How strange is that. I have just been texting a dear friend who is currently in a London hospital with her daughter (our God daughter) recovering from spinal surgery and thought I would take 5 minutes to catch up with your blog. The first thing I see is your lovely stamps, spelling out ESTHER…which is the name of our God daughter! Can’t wait to see you showing them on tv tomorrow
    I’m sorry to hear your Dad isn’t doing well. Such a worry for you, when you have so much else on your plate!
    Tons of fireworks exploding around us here too. Our poor dog is beside himself.
    Love your pots!!

  3. I’m sorry to hear that your Dad isn’t doing so well at the moment I hope he is feeling better soon. My Great Aunt used to say old age doesn’t come alone but my lovely Father in Law used to say I’m getting old and dedicated to continuing to do so which I used to think was a positive outlook. I am working tomorrow so won’t catch you on telly but I hope everything goes really well with your lovely stamps.

  4. So looking forward to tomorrow’s shows but disheartened about the news of your beloved Dad. As my dear departed father in law always said ‘if this is old age you can stick it’ and I know exactly what he meant. Thinking of you in these stressful times but do,please, try to take care of yourself too xxx

  5. Wow, I love the two bowls you have made! That is certainly perfection in my eyes, but then I expect you will see perfections! It certainly is a great way to keep the mind from over thinking! I’m sorry your dad is not great. It’s really hard to see parents when their health is failing. I find it better to think of the good times spent with them! Looking forward to seeing the shows tomorrow! No rain here tonight but lots of fireworks with really loud bangs!

  6. Sorry to hear your dad is not doing so well, hope it is just a blip & he is back to his usual self asap.
    Very loud fireworks here tonight but must admit it’s the first night there have been a significant amount of them which makes a change. In the past they have been going off for weeks before hand.
    Looking forward to the show tomorrow as the samples are great. Then it will be time to decide what really needs to go in my basket!!

  7. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, though will have to record the 4pm one, as it’s dog walk time. Lovely artwork from your design team. Sorry to hear about your Dad, hope he improves soon. Thankfully not too many fireworks around us tonight, and my dog has settled after the first few bangs, though my television has had the volume turned up louder than normal. Safe travels tomorrow. xx

  8. samples are great Barbara. Sorry to hear your dad is not doing too well. Hope itcwill get a bit better for him soon. Have to order some more of designer parchment. Running a bit short on Indian Summer. Seems to be popular here. Take care.

  9. Looking forward to the shows; thinking a bit more Groovi “might” find its way into my basket; already ordered some parchment. Sorry to hear your Dad’s not doing so well; similar issues with my Mum, several “bad” days and then a great one. We’re lucky to have had them so long! Take care of yourself Barb xx.

  10. Thinking of you Barbara- sending love!!!

    Looking forward to the shows today – loved making the samples. So many great ideas from the DT on how to use these lovely products.

    Take care!

  11. Hi Barb, sorry to hear your Dad is not doing great. Hope he improves. Looking forward to the shows today, and wow, what beautiful and creative inspiration from the DT. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Sorry to hear about your Dad, Barb, hope he’s comfortable and gets better soon. Your pottery is amazing, so pleased you’re finding time to express yourself in your creativity.
    Looking forward to today’s shows, love the “bijou” range which gives new life to classic Clarity stamps!
    Take care, find time for yourself.

  13. Sorry to hear your dad is unwell. Hope he improves soon.
    I have these lovely stamps. I made a banner for 6 year old Charlie and attached a rhyme below each letter. He learned to read with these. The samples from the DT are superb as usual. Know I will be placing yet another this afternoon.
    Glad to see you are getting back to “potting” as we know how much you enjoy it.
    Not a single firework heard here, it was very quiet.
    Pouring with rain here, making up for the dry summer?
    Stay safe 🍒
    Getting old sucks but it is better than the alternative so although the body is not as agile as it once was I still have my marbles and crafting keeps me going.

    1. Unfortunately my new laptop has a mind of its own and likes to jumble up my paragraphs so goodness knows what IT will do when it gets old ha ha.

  14. Great shows yesterday Barbara – I haven’t had my Christmas jumper stamp out so far this year but it will now emerge! I need to get the new add-ons as well.
    It is so hard when those we love get old, but it’s good to count our blessings when we have them with us for so long (my Dad died suddenly in his 60s) We were blessed that my mum lived into her 80s xxx

  15. So sorry your dad isn’t so well. Bea, at 92, would agree that getting old isn’t for cissies!! Her mobility is poor and she hates it that she is so slow at everything now, but her brain is as sharp as it ever was. Having had a dear friend die with dementia very recently, a good mind is a blessing in itself. We gave our dogs CBD (Hemp) oil to help with the fireworks and it worked a treat. So did Bach rescue remedy for pets but it is very expensive. Will be catching up with the shows during the week. Love the pottery!

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