Make Art Not War – A step by step project.

Make Art Not War – A step by step project.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in.

First of all, apologies. Technology wasn’t kind to us last night. The Craftalong with Linda and Paul had to be abandoned. Thank you to both for valiantly trying to persevere though! To be repeated very soon. Details to follow x Ah well. These things are small things in the bigger picture. AND. More of you will have the plates by the time we go again! We are going as fast as we can, and strikes aren’t helping. It is what it is.

I woke up and felt the need to make some art today. Opened my eyes and just wanted to get with my hands. Best not to let the head wander too far in these turbulent times…best to redirect the thinking and do a little arty mini meditation…

MAKE ART NOT WAR – An easy to follow guide

If only it were this simple in the real world…

Found some stampboard I’d already splashed with ink. How? It’s been a while, but I’d say Colour Bursts. A powder paint. Of course, any one of our Designer papers would make a great starting point too.

Reached for the pack of masks with the deer, and went for it. It’s a simple sequence. Hill first. Smear black ink down off the mask into the area. Matching blue ink at the edges.

Deer next. There’s a registration line on this part to help with positioning. Decide how many deer, and cover up the rest. Pound the ink into the antlers rather than smear.


Run round the edge with a quite dry blue brush. Edge the Sticker with a Sharpie pen. In fact, let’s edge the whole piece with the black pen.

Frame it. We sell the board and framers. click here. Double-sided adhesive sheet. The good gear. That’ll hold 100%.

Changed my mind about the words. Good job they come off. Looks better in black on the board.

All done. Such a simple technique. So effective.

The Clarity Masks are so good to use. I love this set. I feel a craftalong coming on. An evening of play …


Time to get ready for the Spa Parchment Retreats. Feeling suitably chilled now. Thanks to art and craft.

Anybody travelling down have a safe trip, and I look forward to welcoming you at the Spa!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Make Art Not War – A step by step project.

  1. Love this and another craft along would be just the ticket. Sorry to hear about the technical issues last night but as you say it gives more time for people to get their items. Hope everyone has a good time next week xxx

  2. Paul and Linda did a fab job trying to continue but they made the right decision. Ah well these things happen and on the bright side we get another session with them both😁
    See you on Monday, can’t wait to see what we will be doing xx

  3. Paul and Linda did marvellously with what they had – I was going to follow along but suddenly realised I needed to finish of another card – had too many visitors these last 3 days and I forgot, just as well I’d started it! So, next time, I’ll be able to join in from start. Need to finish off the first one too ! Do you know, being retired is hard work finding time to do all you want to do ! Anyway, hope you all have a lovely retreat which I could be there, just not possible at the moment. Enjoy everyone ! X

  4. My thoughts too Jackie – don’t know how I managed to work. So much to do now and mostly fun. Hope everyone has a lovely time on the retreat.

  5. Another great step by step project & another craft along would be good. I enjoyed the last one we did with the masks, in fact I did more & made presents for the family.
    It was a shame technology beat us last night but it gives us time to either complete our embossing of the Christmas roses, holly & mistletoe around the frame or get our plates if they haven’t arrived. I love the look of the dip dots of pearl paint & look forward to seeing what we have to do to them next to make red berries.
    I hope everyone going to the Parchment Retreat have a fabulous time & look forward to hearing all about it. Safe journey everyone travelling over the next few days.

  6. I wasn’t able to join in the craft along with Linda and Paul…I feel for them but for sure they did all they could in a difficult situation. The good thing is that now , at some later date , I and others will be able to enjoy the fun. The more the merrier they say!
    Well done Paul and Linda.xx

  7. Stunning Barbara, really love this mask, and never thought to use my powder paints on the mount board. superb I will be trying that technique to be sure.

    Safe journey to all those going to the retreat, you will all have a blast.

    busy weekend. lots of Arty projects to complete.xx

  8. Lovely artwork. Paul & Linda were great. I did enjoy what we were able to do, but alas, the technology wasn’t playing fair, but it will give me time to emboss more of the elements around the frame, and something to look forward to at a later date. Hope the retreats go well, safe journey everyone, I’m sure you will all have lots of fun. xx

  9. Such a shame for Linda & Paul but I enjoyed it while it lasted. I had to laugh as my TV You Tube swapped from Linda & Paul to you Barb in your tartan pyjamas and the Gnomes – the Gremlins were definitely out there last night. My plates arrived this morning so look forward to another session at a later date xx see you in couple days xx

  10. Hi Barb, what a fab step by step, love the blue. Technology is a pain in the proverbial. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  11. I loved this artwork on sight. So simple and yet so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy the retreats all those taking part, always a treat, although it’s been years for me.
    Take care all.

  12. I do love these deer masks – great for masculine cards. This picture is just beautiful – just shows you don’t need lots of ‘stuff’ to make a great project. Hope you have a fab time at the retreats!

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