Thank you..

Thank you..

Hi there

Thank you for popping in.

Thank you if you watched, supported or even joined in the first of 5 Christmas Treasures Craftalongs yesterday evening on Youtube/Facebook LIVE

If you missed it, here’s the link to the Youtube recording.

Thank you to Linda WIlliams, for giving us such beautiful plates to work with,

and thank you again to Linda for giving us such a wonderful project to follow together. I have to say, I was pretty chuffed with what I managed yesterday! Who knew that this kind of traditional colouring on parchment was actually so achievable?!

Thank you to Paul Church once again, for all his help and support – wouldn’t want to do it without him.

All ingredients are available on

Why not join us on this 5 month Christmas Treasure trail? Every month, for 5 months, we will release 5 brand new beautiful plates designed by Linda.

And every month, for 5 months, we will get together on a Friday evening and have a Craftalong. The date for the release of 5 more beautiful designs in the Treasures Collection is Thursday the 25th August at 4pm.

Stay safe and cool

Drink lots of water.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “Thank you..

  1. Was late joining in but have since caught up! Lovely, lovely, thank you so much. There are those of us who so look forward to your company #groovi Barbara as we are for various reasons of limited ability, and the pj party was perfect. A beautiful project thanks to # Groovi Linda, and more to come. Now take some time out for you Barbara, and all good wishes for the retreats….wish I was joining in. Send us some pics. Xx

  2. Enjoyed yesterday’s craftalong it was a great evening. I just watched but learnt a lot. Thanks very much Barbara and to Paul for any info required xx

  3. Thank you Barbara for a lovely evening, I was only watching as I haven’t the plate, also I should have been trying to finish the wedding card I am making for one of my granddaughters, Emily is getting married in Canada, sadly can’t get there. It’s so annoying that when you get to 90 the insurance is ridiculous. That’s before you buy the ticket. Such a shame I can’t go.
    I had to leave before the end as my iPad needed charging. May catch up later. Hope you resting today xxxx

  4. Perfect evening thank you Barbara! And although I didn’t join in I feel I have picked up a lot of little hints and tips for the future.
    Hope you can relax a little before the retreats start on Monday.
    Hugs. Xxx

  5. Will have to catch up on this one. Next one I will be able to watch but not join in. Second cataract op that morning. Should be all good by the time of Groovi retreat. Love the plates though. Fabulous work by Linda. X

  6. Thank you for spending time with us all yesterday, you had obviously had a busy day. I didn’t join in as I don’t have the plate but I learnt so much. Thank you.

  7. As a new Groover,I really enjoyed and thoroughly appreciated your tutorial on Linda’s fabulous Christmas treasures.I recently recieved mine and have had a few early goes .Barbara as always ,you are a wonderful teacher and explain all the things I want to know as a newbie.The colouring techniques were amazing and when ,as you say ,deconstructed ,allows even the beginner to get some amazing results.What made my night though was hearing you say ,there are no rules and that you yourself are self taught.I imagined that you had all sorts of art degrees.Thank you for just being you.xx

  8. Brilliant evening, havent finished watching all of it yet and was watching silently with subtitles, very funny i have to say!

  9. A beautiful set of plates Barbara/Linda/Paul. Couldn’t stay for the full craftalong but sitting in the garden now watching and having a go.

    Never seem to be able to join in live so I am very grateful to be able to watch on YouTube later.

    Really appreciate you giving up so much of your valuable time and sharing your skills so freely with us.

    Hope your dad is able to come home soon.


  10. Loved the craft along – love the Christmas plates!!!

    It ain’t arf hot Barb🥵🥵🥵good excuse to disappear into my craft room and play with my latest happy post. Fan right at my face but the papers keep blowing away.

    Lots of love . Stay cool! 🥰

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed the craft along with Linda’s lovely plates. Thank you. I did join in, couldn’t quite keep up, was writing out the instructions, just ahead of you when you were talking them through, and thankfully I remembered them correctly. Will have another play, but need to do two Birthday cards first. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Stay as cool as you can. xxx

  12. Absolutely loved the craft along last night
    I was reminded of so many tips and tricks I had forgotten about. And given new ones from your demos .
    I was also happy to hear that your dad is doing better he is definitely one hell of a fighter.
    You please take care and make some time for you too
    Best wishes. Theresa x.

  13. A great evening yesterday, thanks for sharing the hints and tips with us. I have now cut 8 ovals & brought them down to Kent today in case I have not had enough crafting during the day on Monday and Tuesday .

  14. What a wonderful evening that was. Yes it was hot but so relaxing. I have always admired that sort of parchment colouring in and wondered how it was done without the white lines showing, now I know- thank you so much for showing us. The fabulous artwork that has been appearing is testament to your excellent teaching skills. Hope you manage to get some sort of rest before the retreats start xx

  15. I don’t have the plate, but would have loved to join in live on Friday, as I do enjoy those sessions. I popped in to say hello, but will catch up when my family have returned to Canada. I will so need the company when they have gone!
    Have a wonderful time at the retreats. Several of my friends from the ENGG are going, so I shall hear all about it when we get together again in September.
    Sending love to you and your family and especially your mum and dad. XX

  16. Hi Barb, a beautiful creation, so glad that so many people enjoyed crafting with such lovely designs. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. Thanks so much for putting this on you tube at least I can save it to look at later, started to watch live then found a water leak under kitchen sink, up all night but at least I got to watch the show

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