Another Bijou Show…

Another Bijou Show…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s been a good day today. Dad has once again turned the corner, and was more like his lovely old self when I went to the hospital today. I had gone there with a very heavy heart after the last couple of days. But this morning he was back in the room, so to speak. True grit. Double portion of lunch AND pudding. Yep. his appetite was certainly back too!

I feel much happier about trundling up to the TV studios tomorrow, in the knowledge that he is feeling better. And Mum is fine too.

So tomorrow. What’s on the menu on Create & Craft 3-5pm? Well actually, some really cool Clarity Classics..

You may remember our original collection of 7 little A6 Artblock Stamps, complete with their cut-to-size embedders? I designed them during lockdown…

Well, we thought they’d be brilliant smaller, for tags and notelets and small makes, so we’ve shrunk them considerably, so that they all fit into an A5 set. Really excellent.

And you may well recall 3 of our most popular 2-way overlay Stamps of all time: the 3 A5 Christmas Baubles, drawn by myself a few seasons ago. I remember showcasing them at the NEC – very well received…

Well, we’ve shrunk them too. Every bit as crisp , just considerably smaller. A6. Still come with masks, and we even added some very cool dangles…

Now here’s a pure Clarity Classic: The Log cabin in the Forest reflection. Does anybody remember how we used to create reflections with a brayer? I will show you tomorrow during the TV show – for old time’s sake.

But this set we’ve completely re-purposed. We’ve actually given you the reflection stamps, which are of course also usable the right way round – or should I say the other way round!! I’ll put this set through its paces tomorrow…

This Winter Wonderland is just perfect as it comes…

and works beautifully with the newer Blocky Winter Wonderland. Both these sets are on the Show tomorrow – I’ve got lots of tricks n tips up my sleeve, so I do hope you have time to tune in and watch.

Pretty much all the stamps are silhouette stamps, or what we call full surface stamps. A real lovely collection of Clarity designs. If you’re new to the fold and you love these designs, we have a super duper offer should you want to get all of the above with one click!

Here is a fabulous gallery of art from the Design Team…

PS. Guess which one’s my favourite….

I reckon I’ve got a few Christmas cards made already!!

Hope you can join me on Sunday – 3pm-5pm

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

Create and Craft – Sky 683, Virgin 748, Freesat 813, Freeview 85

21 thoughts on “Another Bijou Show…

  1. I’m glad your Dad is pulling through his latest problems. They made them tough in those days. My Husband who is 90 this year has gone through many battles in the last few years and keeps bouncing back, so I know a little of what you are going through take care of yourself and sending you a crafty hug.

  2. So glad to hear your Dad has turned a corner again and is feeling better. Can’t wait for the shows tomorrow will be there with my cuppa ready for all the hints and tips especially the reflection demo. I have a feeling that these will fly off the shelves again.xx

  3. So pleased to hear your Dad is much much better, he’s a fighter. Hope all goes well tomorrow, will be watching and looking forward to all the demos. Safe journey to and fro

  4. So pleased your dad has bounced back again. Safe travels and looking forward to your shows and the retreat! This time next week I’ll be on my way x

  5. So sorry to hear that your dad is back in hospital. Still it’s good news that he turned another corner! Parents can be worrying at times! I’m pleased that you can travel Up the road for tomorrow’s show! Shall look forward to seeing all the fab bits that you have ready! Hope you manage to get through all of them!
    Take care of yourself. Xxx

  6. I hadn’t seen your last blog but guessed your dad was poorly again. So glad he’s rallied. Take care, we’ll be thinking of you all and watching tomorrow. Xx

  7. Glad your dad is better today. Looking forward to the shows as I have all the original stamps and will enjoy some new ideas of how to use them.
    Take care of yourself. xx

  8. Good news about your Dad, glad he has turned yet another corner. You know when they asking for 2nds that they are feeling better. Safe journey up to the studios tomorrow, looking at the samples I think it will be yet another busy show.

  9. Hello 3
    I am so pleased to hear your Dad is beginning to feel better. He is certainly a tough one.

  10. Hi Barbara
    So glad your dad is on the mend , don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. Having only lost my Mum in June I know how important it was to take time out for reflection. Still not coping too well but things will get easier hopefully, but glad of the time spent together.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  11. I’m so glad to hear your Dad is feeling better, Barbara. The new stamp sets look great, so looking forward to some special Barbara Bijou Brilliance on tomorrow’s shows! Take care.

  12. So glad to hear your Dad has turned the corner and is feeling better. I’m really looking forward to the shows as I love these stamps – bet they fly out again. Have a safe journey and take care of yourself as well xx

  13. Good to hear your Dad’s improving. That must be one worry ticket off ! Looking forward to the show this afternoon but think I’ll keep my purchases for next week. So looking forward to seeing everyone next week x

  14. So glad to hear that your Dad is feeling better and able to tuck in and enjoy his food. Also pleased that it’s given you a bit of a lift for today. Take care Barb and all the best to you and all the

  15. Hello Barb, so pleased to hear that your Dad is feeling much better. Well you have really got a lot planned for the shows, love the smaller stamps, but everything is just so brilliant, and those samples, well how beautiful, such a creative team, will not be able to watch live as going to see Simply Red, but will record. Safe travels to the studio. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. So pleased that your Dad is feeling better and his appetite is better as well. a good sign. xxx
    Wow, I love every one of these stamps, (watch out card, I am coming for you) and the samples the team have done are stunning.

  17. The recent photo of the two of you had me in tears and I couldn’t comment as you looked so distressed but you could see the joy for life on your dear Dad’s face. How wonderful that your Dad has turned the corner and that knowing this has given you comfort to enable you to travel to TV land. Beautiful offerings today
    (as always).

  18. It’s great your dad is on the mend and has a good appetite. Hope the improvement continues.
    The artwork produced by your team is stunning. The “shrunken” stamps will all be going in my basket this afternoon as I have the originals. My mojo is up and running again and I am looking forward to watching you on tv this afternoon.
    Safe travels 🍒

  19. Sending get well wishes to your Dad.
    Will be recording the shows as we’re going to a family bbq x

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