A Plate for each Season…

A Plate for each Season…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. What a busy day we are having! First Paul kickstarted the Clarity day on the new Create and Craft at 7am, with some beautiful fresh Cut dies. I do love those two The world has Music and Be still and Listen dies….


Then lovely Sam Crowe got into paint and ink and Gel press for 2 hours – what she does best!! It was so good to see her back in the saddle! I love Sam’s take on Mixed media. She just makes it happen so effortlessly and freely. Pure art for art‘s sake.

And now we slow it all down and get into the groovi with our Paul at 3pm and 7pm. He is showcasing a brand new set of 4 plates – a plate for each season in fact.

Here we have 4 lovely new wreaths, which we launched as stamps in January.

They are so cool to use as Groovi too though! Look at a few of the beautiful samples the team have rustled up for you!

Frances Knott
Glynis Whitehead
Jane Telford
Karen Jackson
Sheila Bradley

Magic. So I hope you can join Paul at 3pm and 7pm, and watch him work his magic with these lovely framing wreaths. Long day for Paul. Very long day. What a star.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

8 thoughts on “A Plate for each Season…

  1. Ooh they all look lovely! Wonder if my bank balance can stand it! Haha.
    Do hope your dad is ok ,Barbara. Hope you can enjoy the lovely weather we are having at the moment!
    Saw some of the 7am show today and hopefully shall be able to see some of Paul’s show later.

  2. Wow, just catching up with Pauls show whilst eating my lunch. Saw Sam’s first show whilst having my breakfast. Will catch up with the rest later – still unpacking boxes at Mom’s !!
    The new Groovi plates look fantastic – all the design team samples are great but the piece Frances Knott has done is fantastic, that style of colouring is something to aim for.

  3. Magic shows from Paul and Sam this morning! Really good to see Sam back on the telly, is there a chance Sam will be at the Open Days? Some “messy art” demos would be brilliant!
    Looking forward to the new plates with Paul, your seasonal wreaths are lovely. Awesome samples from the Design Team.
    Hope all’s well with your Dad, Barb – have a lovely family time over the weekend. Take care 🙂

  4. Will have to catch up on shows. Get very little chance to see TV these days. Plates look lovely and I am hoping we can make it to the Open Days. X X

  5. Just in time I can watch Paul at 7pm, loved the stamps they might be in my stash so do I need the groovi plates.too? Yep yep yep xxx
    Hugs and take care

  6. Enjoyed all the shows today. Already have the dies, messy is not for me but the Groovi plates have been ordered. The samples are beautiful, can’t wait to try my hand with some of the ideas.
    Paul is a real STAR.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  7. Great shows today, ordered the lovely new Groovi set, and have added to my wish list something from Sam’s designs. Great dies, already have one of those, so trying to resist the other one. Beautiful samples from the design team. Wishing you, your family and your Clarity team a lovely weekend. Take care. xxx

  8. Watched the shows, brilliant. My Dad is in hospital, 94 with sepsis, over 100 miles away, can’t do anything as hospital is in lockdown. so frustrating, can’t even get phones answered.Did manage to get somebody in to see him and take him food. As if they ask him, and he says no, they don’t push it. Whereas in his nursing home, as he is blind they help him. So am crafting like mad (sunflower cards and knitting baby blankets) as otherwise I would be sitting and worrying, even more, hoping can get information today.
    I do hope your Dad is a bit better X and you are feeling stronger and better as well. Take care. Stay safe. You are doing a grand job. x

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