When is a wreath also a tree?

When is a wreath also a tree?

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! What a day this has been! Busy busy busy! And thank you also if you joined in the first SHAC of the year this morning at 10. I think those little doodle tiles will be fabulous when they’re done…

I touched on the new stamps which we are showcasing on the TV on Sunday – the Seasonal Wreath stamps. They are rather special. You may recognise the flavour from the SHAC SHAC…

The first thing to point out is that the wreaths are all in halves, interchangeable halves too. But let’s take a little look at the Autumn set. Mmm… looks more like a reflection. And it is!

I have been putting these stamps through their paces this week, and I must say, they really are so cool to use. I’ve prepped so many demos with little tricks and tips. Each set includes loads of little scene building stamps – very handy.

The best thing is that you can manipulate the halves too. Look! So here’s the wreath as it comes, with a little owly night landscape inside.

But when does that wreath become a tree? When it’s a Claritree!! Look!

Yep. The same stamps that made the wreath made the tree. Thank you Deb Mcmullin for the idea. Very clever ! I’ll show you how on Sunday. 2-4pm The Craftstore.

Looking forward to showing you the rest of the new stamps on Sunday 2-4.

Love always. Stay safe

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “When is a wreath also a tree?

  1. Bea and I really enjoyed the wee tile this morning -it’s lovely to get back to doodling – and we look forward to the new stamps on Sunday. I loved the mini demo on the Shac with the Autumn set and must have it!!

  2. Great to have you back in the Shack Barbara. Looking forward to two hour show on Sunday…nice stamps too. X

  3. Enjoyed our doodle this morning & I have now found my stampboard squares so will do another doodle on them over the next couple of days ready for next week.
    Had to go back & watch the bit where you showed us the new stamps this morning as that was when I dashed to hunt down my stampboard. They look great – love the tree from the curved branches.

  4. So lovely to be back in the Shac Shack yesterday morning, love the doodle tiles very relaxing. Looking forward to seeing the tv shows on Sunday. Your pieces of pottery are lovely thanks for showing them to us, we love to see your makes. X

  5. Hi Barb, wow, these stamps are lovely, your samples look great, looking forward to Sundays shows. I don’t think I will ever get to the bottom of my wish list. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  6. They look fabulous! I was just playing with the floral wreath set yesterday too. So pretty, but these would make great masculine cards x

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