A Groovi Little Heart Step-by-Step

A Groovi Little Heart Step-by-Step

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Beautiful sunny day here in the south of England. What a difference a ray of sunshine makes! Mind you, the windows! The windows! Nothing like a little sunshine to highlight the smears and dust and dirt!! So had a little blitzy spring clean first thing, opened all the windows, let some fresh air in – and Life is good today!

I hope you enjoyed our two Clarity shows on The Craft Store yesterday! I do love working with Janice – she’s another ray of sunshine. You know when you’re on the same wavelength as someone? She and I share the same sense of humour. You can watch us pedalling away on Catch Up HERE.

And the Clarity Craft Club Members’ HALF PRICE SALE! Very busy first day indeed. It runs for a week. It’s a proper blanket sale, spreading across all things CLARITY. If we sell out of a stamp or a Groovi plate or stencil, where we can we make more, to honour the special price. But just until midnight Monday 7th February. If you’re not a Club member, you’ve got plenty of time to join up and take advantage of the half price sale. The Club projects and products, and everything you get for your subscription, are pretty special too.

In addition, as you know, we’ve decided to wrap LOVE around us for the whole time too. Love, kindness and a gentle respect for others – that’s what it’s all about, in my humble opinion. The world needs it in spadefuls, it really does. And if you think you’re too insignificant, that you can’t change what’s going on in the world – you’re wrong. We ARE the potential. We ARE the change. If I have a heart, if I smile at the homeless person and sit with him, and chat to him, and give him money for a bed for the night, then I have made a change in that man’s life. What he chooses to do with the money I give him is HIS CHOICE. But I have done what I consider to be the right thing. Now multiply that by all of us. Imagine we all have a heart, have a care, do something to help someone. It doesn’t have to be financial help, it can be a kind word, a smile, your time and empathy. Wow. Together we are so much better and stonger. Maybe I’m a fool, maybe I’m an idealist. But then I am glad to be.

Nuff said.

Here’s a Groovi Heart project I did a while ago. I absolutely LOVED doing this. It is a small, bitesize heart, from Linda’s beautiful heart sample. I hope you try this one.

This is where we’re going!


Step 1.
Using the 4th (from the centre) picot square die and your die cutting machine, make a few parchment picot squares (you’ll only need one, but good to have some extra!).

Step 2.
Using the number 1 embossing tool and your nested picot Groovi plate, emboss the 4th border from the centre around the edge of your parchment square.
TOP TIP: Use Groovi Tabs to hold your parchment in place.

Step 3.
Using the number 1 tool again, emboss the top right heart from the sampler plate. Make sure to leave the dangling hearts embellishment out, as that empty space will get cut out later. Turn your artwork over to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Looks good!

Step 4.
Using your number 2 embossing tool, do some white work on the circles around the heart, and through the middle.
Add the corner decorations, and add the whitework there too.

Step 5.
Using the 2-needle bold tool, perforate around the inside of the empty area of the heart.

Step 6.
Using the next size up of the Nested Picot Dies and your die cutting machine, make some larger squares of designer parchment and white card.

Step 7.
Using your number 1 embossing tool, add the border from your Nested Picot Groovi Plate to your designer parchment square.

Step 8.
Using your scissors, snip the inside area of the heart away.

Step 9.
Using the white pencil, lightly draw the area through the clear parchment aperture on to your designer parchment. This will enable you to place your letters in the correct spot, using your alphabet plate.
TOP TIP: Practise your letters on a piece of scrap first, to make sure you have them the correct way around.

Step 10.
Using the Perga Colour pens, add some colour to the flower petals and the corner design.

Step 11.
Gather the 3 pieces and attach them together using brads in each corner of the parchment. Use one of your single needle perforating tools to make the holes.

And you’re all done!

Ingredients List
Linda’s Heart Sampler A4 Square Groovi Plate (GRO-LO-41226-15)
Alphabet Frame A4 Square Groovi Plate (GRO-FL-40397-15)
Nested Squares Picot Cut A4 Square Groovi Plate (GRO-PA-41035-15)
Nested Square Picot Cut Die Set (ACC-DI-30666-66)
Gemini Die Cutting & Embossing Machine (ACC-MS-30655-XX)
Groovi A4 Clear Parchment (GRO-AC-40024-XX)
1&2 Tool From the Starter Kits (GRO-AC-40026-XX)
Groovi Tabs (GRO-AC-40437-XX)
Groovi Guard (GRO-AC-40345-XX)
2-Needle Bold Perforating Tool (PER-TO-70279-XX)
Indian Summer Parchment (ACC-CA-30525-88)
Pergamano Pointed Scissors (PER-TO-70040-XX)
Double Ended Eraser Pencil (ACC-PE-30611-XX)
Perga Colour Pens (PER-CO-70060-XX)
Pastel Brads (PER-AC-70270-XX)
White Card Blanks
Tape Runner (ACC-MS-31065-XX)

Most of the ingredients are in the sale. Or maybe you have all the gear, and just need a little idea to get you going.

Take care, be safe, be kind.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

P.S. I’ve just noticed that all the different Pergamano scissors and the Lightwaves are half price in the sale too. That’s good xx

19 thoughts on “A Groovi Little Heart Step-by-Step

  1. You have the biggest heart Barbara Gray. Loved the shows and about to go back to the sale for oder number 2 ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thanks for the instructions on the groovy heart. It looks gorgeous! It’s also something that doesn’t take a lot of resting the parchment either!
    It’s very windy up north today! Wish we had sunshine! But glad it’s not snow like the east coast of USA!
    Thanks Barbara.

  3. I have the heart stamps and use them a lot. Heart are of great significance in our family, two of our grandchildren now in their 20s had heart transplants at Great Ormand st Hospital 8 and 10 years ago. They are amazing, leading very full lives and running a very successful business. For ever thankful.
    I am delighted and grateful that Clarity are donating to G.O.S.H, where miracles are saving young lives.

  4. Need to catch up with the shows yesterday although I did place an order for the alphabet after a quick peek at the show before we had to go out.
    Now to work my way through the sale !! it could take a while as I couldn’t see how you filtered out the Groovi products from the rest like you can with the stamp & stencil option in the side menu.
    Thank you for another step by step. These small pieces are great for trying out new techniques but also a nice size to make a quick card that looks as if you have taken hours over.
    It looks like being a ”lovely” week

  5. Hi Barb,
    We have sun up here too, but my goodness, the winds are horrendous! Worse than Arwen and that was bad enough. Apparently it’s supposed to die down about 3pm ,so here’s hoping!
    I managed to watch the first show this morning on catch up but my order did go in for the alphabets and the triangle doodleology. So pleased that Cherry did this to go with the rest of the designs as I love triangles. Like the alphabets too- great addition to the numbers and Happy Birthday sets and glad that you’ve done masks too.
    Put my order in for the sale last night, so I’m on bread and jam for the rest of the month!!

  6. Have the gear and have to do a wedding card for Feb so ….. Sun has been out here and I can still see blue sky but it’s a bit blowy ! Got my sale list sat there waiting till I’ve finished – I know I’ll forget something though ! Loved the shows xx

  7. You sound just like my husband with the windows!
    I’ve gone a bit mad with the sale – funny that I can always find something I absolutely NEED!
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS How’s your Dad these days?

  8. Lovely heart design card, must have a go. I did put a rather large order in yesterday and went back again last night! I love buying from Clarity and it will be like Christmas when my order arrives. So exciting! Have a good week Barbara and Dave and anyone else reading this post xx

  9. Lovely parched heart.
    You have a beautiful heart too Barbara Gray as many of us know and appreciate. It shows with your lovely caring ways and the time you give freely with us crafting each week. You’re a very special person. Thank you.

  10. A beautiful card Barbara, thank you. Haven’t done any groovi for quite a while, in fact not made any cards since before Christmas, so this will be the one that will get me crafting again, just the right size. So thanks again.xxx

  11. Love making hearts in every shape and size!
    Your heart is gorgeous and will try to make one when all my parchment stuff is out of the boxes from moving house.
    Enjoyed the show and have a great weekend.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  12. The card is lovely I like making small pieces.
    It has been windy up north but sunny too, we had a lovely family.day with the grandchildren , life is good, happy weekend everyone
    Hugs xxx

  13. Thank you for the lovely step by step. Have been through the sale goodies once and made a list but will go back again to check I haven’t missed anything before putting my order in. I don’t like to think of you losing out on postal charges by putting in multiple orders. Hope you have a lovely evening. Xx

  14. Loved the shows yesterday- watched on rewind- wonderful products and demo’s, enjoyed the laughs- Janice and you are great together. A fun time as always.
    Appreciate the Clarity sale.
    Thank you Barbara for your kind and thoughtful words – – thought and action. Your blogs are the best.

  15. Hello Barb, a lovely step by step for all the Groovers and Parchers. I love reading your blog, always genuine and often very uplifting. Still looking and deciding about what I need from the sale. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. A beautiful card, love the picoting in the heart, wouldn’t have thought of that, thank you for the demo. Have already put my order in for the members sale, will go to see what I have missed. LOL.
    Lovely and sunny here in Essex as well, although sun does also show up the odd spider web as well, oh well, I wont get flies if they are around. but maybe should get the duster out before I disappear back into my art room. xx

  17. The heart hath its own memory, like the mind,
    And in it are enshrined
    The precious keepsakes, into which are wrought
    The giver’s loving thought. by Longfellow.
    GOSH has a very special place in my heart; spent a great deal of time there 20+ years ago with our first son (when not quite 6 months old) due to cancer and, though not a happy ending for us, forever grateful for their care, etc. January is also son’s birth month and always a hard time, even now, so your blanket of love and donating to GOSH is very very special, thank you x

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