Get your gladrags on – we’ve got company!

Get your gladrags on – we’ve got company!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. We’ve got company this afternoon. Having a little Christmas catch-up with family who unfortunately had to cancel Christmas because of COVID. So we’ve been blitzing the house, making it nice.

That’s the thing, isn’t it. We’re so used to rarely welcoming visitors nowadays, seldom even leaving the house, that it’s very easy to let the housework slide, let the ironing pile up, forget to put some lippy on or dress nicely. I saw an article recently about clothing sales. Apparently, Loungewear is trending. Seriously. Do they pay people to write those columns? We’ve been locked in our homes for the best part of 2 years. What do they think we’re going to wear?!?

When we were in the SHAC every day Monday to Friday, I actually had a very disciplined routine. Make-up and a nice bright top every day. Then we reduced the number of days I was going to be seen, and my routine responded accordingly! Now we’re coming back out into the light, doubling the number of SHAC get togethers, getting back into the TV studios – and I will have to get back in the presentable saddle!

It’s not that I am a diva. I really am not. But I do think that it’s important to scrub up. Makes me feel better when I look better. That simple.

Ironically, I came across a superb piece of Groovi Art by Linda Williams whilst tidying this morning – and it’s all about style!

Isn’t that an elegant design of two girlfriends? I love the black and red power dresses! Thanks Linda xxx

So I dug out the 3 Groovi plates in this elegant fashion set. It’s interesting to note how Linda has changed the pattern in the polka dot dress. Compare the Groovi plate dress and the Linda dress. I do love a polka dot design, don’t you?!

I remember designing these outfits! The ladies come from a set of stencils we’ve had in our Clarity stash for years. The closet Fashion Designer in me just filled in the blanks! I love pedal pushers, those cropped trousers, don’t you? I think I may go down that road when the Spring comes. I’ll have to cut back on the bacon sarnies though. Maybe even push a few pedals?

How about a little bloggy offer on the Groovi Plates and the Stencils… How about 3 for 2 on the plates and 4 for 3 on the stencils…. Hang on…. CLICK HERE

There’s a lot of movement and rearranging in TV land at the moment, since The Craft Store bought Create & Craft. It’s pretty much business as usual at Clarity, although we have been asked to do a few extra shows, to fill some empty slots. You can’t have empty TV slots, you really can’t! Here’s a break down of what we are doing this week, between The SHAC and The Telly…

  • Monday 17th
    • 10am – SHAC Shack – Barbara
  • Tuesday 18th
    • 10am – Pergamano School – Linda & Paul
  • Wednesday 19th
    • 5pm – TV Show – The Craft Store – Paul
    • 9pm – TV Show – The Craft Store – Paul
  • Thursday 20th
    • 10am – SHAC Shack – Barbara
    • 11am – TV Show – The Craft Store – Pergamano Show – Paul
    • 3pm – TV Show – The Craft Store – Pergamano Show – Paul
  • Friday 21st
    • 1.30pm – TV Show – Create & Craft – Get Groovi with Clarity – Barbara
    • 6.45pm – TV Show – Create & Craft – Crafting with Clarity – Barbara

Here are the two TV Channels:

The Craft Store

Sky 673, Freeview 85, Freesat 817, YouTube, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV

Create & Craft

Sky 683, Freeview 95, Virgin 748, Freesat 813, YouTube, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV

Definitely a week to get your gladrags on Barbie!

Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xx

18 thoughts on “Get your gladrags on – we’ve got company!

  1. Love these plates they are so elegant and can so easily be adapted I often use them and the stencils are fabulous too xx definitely a hidden fashion designer in there somewhere xx
    Yes you are right we have all been dressing for comfort and not visitors but always nice when we get them xx
    Looks like a busy schedule for you and Paul take it easy xx will look forward to participating and watching xx
    Enjoy your day xx

  2. Well, it keeps the pennies coming in so all good but a lot of work! Where I live, no one gets dressed up for anything really. I find that a shame but then we’re going nowhere anyway! Must set the TV to record all those extra shows. That’s certainly going to keep me going this week! Have a good day today with your family. Lots of love. Hxx

    1. Have fun with your family! Remember to rest that active body and that busy mind of yours. We need the bus driver, going nowhere without you! Thanks for all you do for us!

  3. Having recently retired the temptation to slob in my pj’s has been hard to resist but when indoors it has to be the comfy’s. Perhaps when the warmer weather comes I can start to look like the glamorous ladies on the plates!! (Wishful thinking).

  4. Good morning ….snowy and cold here so bundled up in sweaters…comphy clothes for a fidget day…the girls are lovely with lots of possibilities…have a grand time with the family..

  5. Love these girl stencils and groovi plates. I know what you mean about letting things slip so it really is nice to have something to make an effort for. Hope you have a lovely time with the family.

  6. Love these plates too.
    Hopefully 2022 will be a dress up year for all of us. Few of special events in our diary.
    Wedding, new babies, special birthdays and our 40th wedding anniversary and my brothers golden anniversary Lots to celebrate. xxx

  7. Have a great time with the family this afternoon.
    I have been out for afternoon tea with friends today & I found it was quite hard trying to decide what to put on. So out of practice !!

  8. Just got back in from afternoon tea at The Ivy in Oxford, a Christmas present from niece and nephew and their partners. Yummy.

    I’ve just bought these plates and about to use them for first time, I’ve also the stencils from years ago ! Look forward to seeing what I can do and thanks for the inspiration – I might just copy ! Look forward to the extra Shac. X

  9. Love these, but am hanging out for stamps of the Groovi elegant ladies although have the miniature ones….please Clarity….
    Reminds me of the days when you’d “dress” your paper dolls with your own designs. I’d probably still do that but grandaughters too old for such things!
    Still trying to work out why I’ve only got 3 of the stencils…..

  10. Before I ever watch anything on C&C again, I need reassurance that it’ll be The Craft Store handling any problems. I was royally ripped off and maligned by C&C customer services way back and since then have never watched or bought anything from them. Can we know that the Craft Store will be handling customer services please? And that it’ll be in the UK.

  11. Oh Barbara these plates are gorgeous. I love them all. I hope you had a lovely time with the family. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  12. Love these . Gorgeous plates and nice card too. It,s summer here and school holidays , spend a lot of time outside,so have to catch up on some shows later or on a rainy day.

  13. Hi Barbara
    You mentioned pedal pushers, we always laugh about these as being on the short side whenever I shop for trousers I have to go for short legs inevitably pedal pushers fit the bill. Because although they come just below the knee on most people they are a perfect fit for my short legs 🤣🤣🤣.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  14. Hi Barb, it is hard to think about getting dressed up. Putting your face on so to speak, but I do agree that if you do, it does make you feel better. So in keeping with your lovely images, I am going to make a more concerted effort this week, even if the only thing that sees me is my laptop screen (I never have my webcam on, don’t want to scare the “children”). Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  15. I’m 87, but I still do my make up every morning, just a little blusher and eye shadow. I use an eyebrow pencil on my eylelashes as it doesn’t smudge, and lipsyl on my lips. Not very trendy fashionwise. I used to make my own dresses and my husband always asked if I was going to put White collar and cuffs on. Sadly he is no longer with us, he died, age 89 in May 2020, but we had 63 years of a very happy marriage and 2 lovely daughters.
    Margaret x

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