Pop in to the Pottery Pop Up!

Pop in to the Pottery Pop Up!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. If you like ceramics and you live in the South East of England, then this is for you! Tomorrow, there will be a one-day Pottery Pop-up shop just outside Uckfield, at Barnsgate Manor in East Sussex. It’s the Clay studio I attend, where I go to classes. And tomorrow lots of my pottery friends are exhibiting and selling their beautiful work. Oh boy oh boy! Are the visitors in for a treat!

I have been watching my pottery buddies making and preparing their wares for many weeks. Why am I not exhibiting myself? The only thing that has prevented me was Old father Time. I quite simply ran out of time to make enough pieces to justify a table-top. Pottery just takes so long! But what a beautiful thing it is, eh? There will be loads of small, lovely affordable things, as well as a number of real masterpiece show stoppers works of art.

I shall most certainly be attending and helping where I can; I just didn’t feel ready to actually exhibit. And as you know, the decision this year was to travel gently, not to put more pressure on. Also, to be frank, pottery has been my therapy, my escape, my huge distraction. I wasn’t quite ready to turn it into a business venture, not with the amount of pressure at Clarity all year. Next year, I shall start preparing sooner, to give myself enough time and no prep stress. Work got in the way, I’m afraid. It’s fine x

BUT. If you fancy a drive out to Barnsgate Manor, the studio is pretty fantastic, and there will be some formidable work for sale. Wonderful Christmas pressies! It’s right on the A26, between Crowborough and Uckfield.

Here are the details…..


Stay safe. Wear a mask.


Love always

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “Pop in to the Pottery Pop Up!

  1. It’s a bit far for me, but I’m off to Cawdor Castle for the craft fair tomorrow, to hopefully buy some unique, handmade presents, and maybe to self gift too!!!

  2. Awwww, I’m so gutted that I can’t get there – I love studio pottery! Oh well, at least I won’t be missing out on any ‘Kiln Gray’ pieces! 😉
    Have fun tomorrow x

  3. Will not be able to get there, shame, because in past travels I have picked up some great pieces.
    Your elves must be working at Santa speed as my order from yesterday is already dispatched. Thank you so much.
    We haven’t stopped wearing face coverings since this whole Covid fiasco started. Just cannot take the risk despite being triple jabbed, hubby too.
    Please everyone take care and stay safe.

  4. Cornwall is just too far away but I would have loved to be there. Hope it’s a very successful happy and safe day.x

  5. Hope all goes well tomorrow for all your pottery friends at the Pottery Pop Up.
    The Clarity Elves have been busy as my orders are on their way. Plenty to keep me busy in the New Year should we have snow !!

  6. This would be right up my alleyway if distance wasn’t an issue !
    I’m sure it will go really well so many people admire the skill and time involved in hand made items .

  7. Sounds like a lovely day. Don‘t think I‘ll make it but if you‘re free on Sunday you could pop up to Campbeltown for my first stall at a Craft Fayre! Lol. Bought labels to stamp my name using personalised stamps and the labels don‘t like the ink! It‘s all going so well! Lol. Oh, well! Tomorrow is another day! Have a good day tomorrow. Lots of love. Hxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Sadly too far from Somerset but I’m sure Jackie would have loved it. Busy selling in Bow Wharf gallery in Langport. 20 mins from Glastonbury so when you’re next at the festival worth a visit. I’m sure the pop up pottery will be great and hope they sell lots of pieces.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  9. Hi Barb, I hope there are many customers, I wish I lived closer, I would have loved to go. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. What a shame I have missed the Pop-up Pottery. I am only just catching up with the blogs. I hope all went well and there were plenty of customers.

  11. What a lovely event. I do hope all those selling did well. I can understand why you didn’t join in this time Barbara. It is good to travel gently and not to put too much pressure on ourselves. The pressure sure does come from other places. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs xxx

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