The Gray Friday Doors Are Open – Come On In

The Gray Friday Doors Are Open – Come On In

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Just in case you were not aware, our Gray Friday Doors are officially open today until midnight Monday with up to 50% off all things Clarity. Click HERE to unlock the door.

Currently up at the studios in Peterborough getting ready for the 9am and 1pm shows today on the Craft Store. So, if you have time in between shopping, then I hope you can join Paula and myself at 9am and then Yiannis and me at 1pm. Fabulous product also half price!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx


4 thoughts on “The Gray Friday Doors Are Open – Come On In

  1. Morning Barbara, looking forward to the shows for your inspirational demos and some amazing samples from the magic Design Team! Put my sale order in last night so can relax in front of the Craft Store – until I remember that little extra I need from the sale!

  2. Looking forward to the next show, recorded the 9am show, as my cousin was coming, though did manage to watch part of it, and enjoyed it, though I feel I may need to add to my list which I made last night. Still, weathers bit iffy at times, so what better way to spend a afternoon, watching your show and perusing Clarity’s shop. Safe journey home. xx

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