Keeping it simple.

Keeping it simple.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Went to pottery for the morning. Haven’t been for a while. There’s so much going on, there haven’t been enough hours in the day, and my head hasn’t been in pottery space. So this morning I decided to JFDI. If you don’t you get out of the habit. And the longer you let it slide, the more difficult it is to get back in the groove, right? You get me. Also, there were a few things I had started but not finished…

So I decided to keep it simple and turn the few little things I threw last time I was there. They had been put in plastic bags but they were pretty dried out. That’s the thing with pottery; it’s all about timing. Leave anything too long and the clay goes bone dry – like dust. Then it’s too late to get back to workable. I wrapped the things in damp cloths when I got to the studio today, to help it a little, and although it was all a bit scratchy to turn,

I managed to salvage 4 little baby vases and tealight holders

I can feel Christmas presents coming on. Sometimes you just have to persevere. I think they’ll be fine. But the next batch I make I won’t leave for 3 weeks between throwing and turning!

So much to do, so many ideas, not enough hours in the day.

Love and hugs

Barb xx



11 thoughts on “Keeping it simple.

  1. Glad you’ve had some time to enjoy your pottery today. I’m catching up with last week’s stamp shows – fabulous as always, with such a lot of techniques and ideas! No wonder you’re tired xxx

  2. You have been somewhat busy though Barbara so thats why you haven’t managed to do any pottery for a while! Sometimes you just need to take a bit of a break to get back into it again and you have made some lovely pieces! Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

  3. Glad you managed to save these Barbara,some lucky people will be receiving some very special gifts. Know that feeling well when you just can’t get into the right frame of mind. As well as card making I also knit and like to crochet but for the past few weeks could not pick up those needles. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and will see you in the Shac on Thursday.

  4. I totally get how you lose the habit if things stop you for a while. I certainly went a long way down that path over lockdown, and only really felt I was fully back after the wonderful retreat. Getting rid of a small skip full of total rubbish lifted a big weight off my shoulders, and the retreat put me back into creative mode. I am so glad you could rescue some of your creations and I am sure that all those who are lucky enough to receive those pieces, made with love, will be so happy. Make sure you allow enough time to give your creative mind has plenty of time to fly free. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  5. Those are lovely Barbara.
    A few weeks ago I was telling myself forget making Christmas presents, it’s not going to happen. But…I have found strength and inspiration and am on my way! Little by little with lots of discipline I have made a good start. Must get to a certain stage before I open all my parcels from Clarity, hows that for discipline? See you onThursday..another project to catch up on. X

  6. Glad you found the time to get to pottery this morning because those pieces look great, made with love which will be enjoyed by the people you gift them to at Christmas.
    We are in isolation from tomorrow due to my eye op next week so trying to get things ticked off my to do list in case my vision isn’t quite as good for close work immediately. I have 10 days to get everything done including my Ginkgo leaves for Thursday but better to be busy than sat thinking about the op. Then there is the Christmas party on Friday to look forward to – got my PJ’s at the ready x

  7. Glad you got back to pottery for a little bit of you time xx Your items look fabulous and am sure they will be great as presents xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Good to see you getting back to your pottery. I’ve been trying to get Jackie in to the potting shed as lots of her pieces are selling well at the local gallery so more have to be made. Just waiting for enough bits to get a bisque firing then hopefully the glazing.
    Hope Dave is on the mend and your Dad.
    Ruth& Jackie xx

  9. Pottery is obviously de-stressing for you Barbara and so it is good that you find the time to keep it going for your own wellbeing. The pieces you salvaged are absolutely great and would make fabulous presents. Life does get in the way sometimes and you have had a lot of other things to occupy you, but hopefully you can find enough time to enjoy it. x

  10. So glad you have got back to your pottery. You need me time. Your pots and tea lights will make wonderful presents and I know the recipients will love them. I’m struggling a bit at the moment but am going to try and get back to parching later today. XX

  11. Hi Barb, glad to hear you got back to pottery today. love what you have salvaged, especially those tealight holders. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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