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Thanks for popping in! Can you believe that we’re edging up on December again?! Where has this year gone? And what a year again! I was listening to a podcast yesterday, about Life as it is nowadays. It has certainly changed, hasn’t it? The psychiatrist was saying there has been a massive shift, a paradigm shift in our trust as humans, in our trust that things will be handled correctly, that we are safe, that people will help us, that those in high places will represent us fairly and not betray us, that we have not been thrown to the wolves. He reckoned that our fear of being forsaken as a people  – whether justified or not -has not only affected us mentally, but also physically. I can relate to that, I really can. But what‘s the answer? Here’s my answer: stop speculating, stop predicting, forecasting and fretting about what hasn’t happened yet.  Deal with Life ONE DAY AT A TIME. All we have to do today is get through today. Tomorrow will roll round soon enough, but today is TODAY.

And in our little Craft Clarity World, that can only mean one thing!


Yep, it’s that time of year again, when we have a Bloggy Blitz Sale of all things non Clarity in the lead up to GRAY FRIDAY!


Mixed Media Monday – Up to 50% off!

Each day this week, leading up to GRAY FRIDAY, we will be shining a light and very special prices on things we stock at Clarity that aren’t actual Clarity brands. Today being our Mixed Media Monday, you can get up to 50% off a selection of our fantastic mixed media products . How long for? While stocks last and/or until midnight Monday 29th November !

Here are just a few examples of what’s available….

40% off – Relief Paste – Texture Paste

Viva Decor Reliefpaste

Texture paste is perfect for use with stencils, and creates a wonderfully tactile surface on canvas projects – Paint over it, ink over it, whatever you like! It’s a marvellous addition to any mixed media project.

£6.98 £4.19

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.77

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £3.56

50% off – Découpage Kleber & Lack – Glue, Sealant & Varnish 3 in 1

Remember these little canvases? Well, this is the gear we use to attach the copy paper to the canvas board. For use in traditional découpage, this paste is also perfect for layered paper projects, and for sealing canvas projects once they’re complete. I think it’s an Essential.

£5.99  £2.99

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.70

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £2.55

25% off – Magnetic Glue

The clue’s in the name….

£3.98  £2.99

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.68

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £2.53

25% off – Modelling Cream

Rich, decadent texture paste with a metallic sheen. Pull through stencils or use as paint. Splendid stuff!

£10.00  £7.50

+ 10% Gold Club Member £6.75

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £6.38

25% off – Inka Gold

A metallic wax product, ideal for bringing a metallic finish to various surfaces. Can be used in combination with texture paste for a really unique finish. Works on wood and ceramics too….

£7.00  £5.25

+ 10% Gold Club Member £4.73

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £4.46

Just below are a few essential mixed media tools that you’ll want to stock up on –

25% off – Palette Knives – Set of Three

£4.99  £3.74

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.37

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £3.18

25% off – Size 14 Flat Brush

£2.50  £1.88

+ 10% Gold Club Member £1.69

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £1.59

25% off – Sponge Brushes

£4.00  £3.00

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.70

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £2.55

33% off Clear Display Stands And Canvas Boards

Although these products are part of the Clarity range, we think they should be included – but at our 33% clarity discount:

Clear Display Stands (All Sizes)

Canvas Boards (All Sizes)

25% off our entire Pentart Range

And finally, we’ve knocked 25% off our range of Pentart products.

Gesso Paste White & Black

£10.99  £8.24

+ 10% Gold Club Member £7.42

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £7.00

Heavy Body Gel Matte & Glossy

£5.99  £4.49

+ 10% Gold Club Member £4.04

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £3.82

Shiny Gel Paste

£5.99  £4.49

+ 10% Gold Club Member £4.04

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £3.82

Structure Paste

£7.00  £5.25

+ 10% Gold Club Member £4.73

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £4.46

Pentart Metal Flakes

These are – in the words of Tina Turner – simply the best. This is where I would be spending my money. The metallic flakes randomly strewn and attached to canvases and abstract cards are a game changer. Don’t forget to add the glue to your basket at the same time!

Metal Flakes available HERE

£4.50  £3.38

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.04

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £2.87

Metal Leaf Glue

£4.75 £3.56

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.20

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £3.03

Metal Leaf Glue available HERE

Mirror Mist For Glass

£6.50  £4.87

+ 10% Gold Club Member £4.38

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £4.13

Varnish Mist Semi-Gloss

£4.99 £3.74

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.36

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £3.17

33% OFF Stampboard Shapes

£11.99 £8.03

+ 10% Gold Club Member £7.22

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £6.82

Another great Clarity product and essential for your mixed media projects and is also available at 33% off!

How about a few more Clarity Essentials – all with 33% off

Stampboard Frames & Panels

Clarity Roll-a-Tape Glue Runners

Clarity Low Tack Tape

Shop all the Blog Blitz products HERE

And here’s another video from our Clarity YouTube channel, featuring Sam Crowe using texture paste with stencils and paint. Marvellous stuff.

Right then, Clarity friends and budding mixed media artists! You’ve got until midnight Monday 29th November or until stock runs out, to pick up any of these products at a bargain price. Perfect for gifts, or to gift to yourself! Stockpiling springs to mind here…

And one more thing: If you’re not in the Clarity Club, when you look at the additional savings, you may want to consider joining 1, 2 ,3 or all 4 clubs BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER! Call Jeannine today on 01732 868215, then we will push your membership and thereby your additional discounts through immediately.

But now I must dash, said the Mexican! Taking Dad to the hospital and Mum to Morrisons! It’s as I say. We have to keep it in the day and never tire of doing the next right thing.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

And before you ask, YES. You can use/redeem your Gift Vouchers in the sale. But Gift Vouchers aren’t actually in the sale….




  1. I hope that all goes well for you today Barbara 🙏
    Yes, living one day at a time has been my mantra for about 4 years now, due to many reasons. It continues to serve me well. Sending love and caring hugs 🤗 to you and your family xxxx

  2. I love that name– Gray Friday!!!
    So much better than Black — that makes you feel not well and dull.
    Yes I am living by the day not only because the virus but also because moving house within a week time! Starting a new life and made choices all by myself……strange feelings.
    Take care Barbara and hope all is well with Dave and your Mum and Dad.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  3. Good luck at the hospital and have a successful shopping trip in Morrisons. I’m off for my booster today ! Hurrah! Then checking in on Mum after she’s been to her lunch club as my sister has COVID – she’s Mum’s main carer, living in next road to her. Luckily, I’m only 10 mins away in car, depending on traffic of course !

    What do you mean gift vouchers not in the sale ? 😹😹 I was going to stock up to keep myself going through the year 😹😹

  4. One day at a time is the way forward. Hope all goes well with your Dad at the hospital & your trip round Morrisons with your Mom. OH used to loose his mom in Morrisons as she used to remember something halfway round & backtrack to get it. She must have walked miles on every shopping trip.
    Will check out my stash then make a list to go on to the website.
    Will be glad when my eye op on Wednesday is over & then hopefully I will feel less anxious than I am today. A crafty session is needed me thinks – great for forgetting what is going on around you but first I must get the bed changed & washing done then I know we are ok for a few days as OH does the cooking.

  5. Brilliant – but I’m saving myself for the big ‘un on Friday (got a BIG shopping list of stamps). Hats off to your fulfilment team, they are well up to speed, I hope they get a bonus at Christmas, they really deserve it!
    Hope your day goes well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS How’s Dave doing?

  6. Hope all goes well with your Dad at hospital, and your Mum gets all she wants from Morrisons. Travel gently, one day at a time. Hugs to you all. xx

  7. Hi Barb, hope all went well with your Dad at the hospital yesterday, and that the shopping with Mum was successful and you got all they needed. Off to check out the sale now. Have my eye on some things. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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