A few of my favourite things…

A few of my favourite things…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I’m kicking back today, poodling and generally being lazy. After a very busy run of TV shows, it’s time to step back, regroup, hang out with Dave –  and cuddle the cats. But before I do that, let me shine a little light on a fabulous half price sale we started this morning – on one of our best best best products – our Fresh Cut Dies.

How did a Stamp company get into dies? Well, here’s the story…

When Dave and I got married in 2018, I designed our wedding invitation. I LOVE paper cut art, so I thought that would be a nice thing to do. I drew them, and we laser cut them on our Groovi machines. Very lovely.


Then friends said it would make a fabulous die. Thing is, I’d never really looked at dies, and what I did see didn’t excite me. Until somebody who knew more about dies told me you could replicate the invitation perfectly, by not introducing a cutting edge around the outside. I’d not seen a die like that before, a proper picture paper cut die, so we investigated, did some R&D. And Fresh Cuts were born. They were new, they were original and they were just SO COOL TO USE!!! Still are.


Since then we’ve added a lovely library of papercut aperture dies to the range, as well as some oh-so-useful Picot Cutting dies for our parchers, and the latest range of nested Doodle Dies – well. THEY ARE FANTASTIC.












It’s been 3 years since we introduced Fresh Cuts to our arty palette, so let’s shine a little light on all those superb desins, and have a half price sale whilst we’re at it!



ALL our Dies Available HERE

Paul’s done a little video to show you how to use those new Doodle Dies too….




What follows is a little Fresh Cut Gallery of lovely samples made by the Design Team, to inspire you. Enjoy!


The Half Price offer – plus your Clarity Club discount – will run until midnight Monday. If there are any dies on your wishlist which you would like to add to your stash, now is a great time. 60-65% ?? Barginn!!!!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xx

10 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things…

  1. The design team have worked wonders yet again! Thankyou all!
    Enjoy a relaxing weekend. Hope Dave is doing well. X

  2. Oh Barb, I hope you have a lovely Chillax with Dave and the boys. You have certainly set a few minds a-whirring with this fabulous offer. So generous, and what beautiful samples. I love my fresh cut dies, and one of the samples has just given me an idea for hubbies anniversary card for Tuesday. 19 years legally married! Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  3. Enjoy your relax time, you deserve it. Hope Dave is continuing well. I love your dies, so useful for a quick card and so many opportunities for different designs. I’m off to see what I have and then what I need ! Have a good weekend xx

  4. I’ve already had a little spend this morning! Including a die that will make my wedding invitations (if we can ever settle on a date). Top quality products!

    Enjoy your day off x

  5. Wow Barbara, if that picture gallery doesn’t encourage people to indulge in this very generous offer then I don’t know what will.
    Hope you, David and the cats have a good and restful weekend.
    Stay safe.

  6. Already ordered the nested picot cut dies that I was missing – thankyou so much! Have a lovely restful weekend with Dave and the little vikings!

  7. Wow Barbara, half price dies – too good to miss! I have loved these dies since they first came out 3 or so years ago – they are the best! So easy to use, yet so detailed and intricate. Beautiful designs and as the amazing Design Team (they are the best as well!) show above the dies are so versatile. I have really loved using the new Frame-it dies, a real game changer and made me have another look at some of my “stash” in different ways. They can produce a lovely finish to any artwork – stamped, stencilled or parchment!
    Have a lovely relaxing weekend with Dave, goodness you deserve it! Hope Dave is continuing to improve, take care, travel gently.

  8. I ordered four die sets this morning that I had been after. I still need the plain nested ovals to go along side my nested picot ovals, but they are out of stock ATM, but I’ll keep an eye out for them.

  9. Hi Barbara
    What wonderful memories you have. And it is down to you that many other people can have memories with your creations.
    Thank you for that. Keep creating xxx

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