The Vikings are Found!

The Vikings are Found!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Our friend Gina – she who found the little ginger Toms we adopted – sent me a photo this morning, with a message:

Happy Found Day to the Vikings!

Yep. Ragnar and Erik were found a year ago today, abandoned and frightened.

I remember seeing Gina’s post on Facebook. She was looking for a home for them. After speaking to Dave, I reached out to her. “Can we have them, please?”

And the rest is history. Ragnar and Erik, our little Viking orphans, had found a home together. Gina wanted to find a home which would take both, and we wouldn’t have wanted to split them up! That was such – SUCH – a good decision! We drove up to Middle England to collect them – and a year on, they are still inseparable, still brothers and best buddies, still beautiful.

They are pretty much identical. Sometimes they play fight – and the fur do fly! But mostly they are very affectionate to one another and protective of one another. Especially if a neighbour’s cat ventures into their kingdom! Then look out!!

Just imagine if we had split them up. Doesn’t bear thinking about. If one ventures out alone, after a while the other one gets agitated and hovers around the back door. Who knew that identical twin cats would be that attached intuitively.

And they’re proper creatures of habit. They fall in with our daily routines like clockwork. In fact, if we’re a little late to Telly time and a Log fire in the living room, which is how we spend our evenings, then Erik sits at the door to the lounge and waits for us

In fact, Ragnar has come to find me! Look!! Little purr machine!

Must be time for lunch!! I never saw myself as a mad cat-lady, or a cat-mad lady either! And to be sure, I really am not. But these two have stolen my heart. They are wonderful.

Happy Found Day !!! Happy Found Vikings Day!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

27 thoughts on “The Vikings are Found!

  1. Happy finding day! I couldn’t be without cats. I just wish my two got along better. At 11 1/2 I don’t think it will change now. I put it down to their not being related; always had a brother and sister before. Xx

  2. What a lovely post. I love seeing pictures of your fantastic cats. They really have found a place in your heart. Enjoy. Take care. Hugs xxx

  3. Yes indeed ..thank you to to Gina B, who found these little scraps under a bush / tree in their garden. They had been abandoned by their mother and Gina and Mark hand reared them ……brilliant. Now of course they are pretty independent , in fact they do whatever they want whenever they want. But that’s cats isn’t it!
    Thanks Barb….x

  4. Happy Vikings Finding Day indeed.
    I am not usually an animal lover but your little Vikings are so adorable they have stolen my heart. They have beautiful faces. I am always tickled to see how ‘together’ they are, how they snuggle on the chairs. I can’ t imagine the photo album you must have accumulated since they arrived in your home.
    Thank you Gina, Barbara and Dave for rescuing them.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  5. I’m filling up!! Cats make great alarm clocks.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) just to remind you, Bendy is our cat. His official name is Benedict because that is the name of the street where the RSPCA found him – he too was abandoned.

  6. Happy “Gotcha Day” boys…..and what beautiful boys you are! I think these little Vikings landed on their paws when they found their humans x

  7. Love the photos, especially the one on the window sill one grooming the other with his “arm” around the shoulders of the other – love ginger cats, mu Mum does too!

  8. They are gorgeous and have obviously enriched your lives Barbara. Who could resist those gorgeous faces and I think it was fate that you first saw them and that they needed a home…it was meant to be. x

  9. Those two definitely landed on their paws when first, Gina found them, and then you and Dave adopted them. I’ve had cats from time to time in the past but I’m really more of a ‘dog lady’ and Bea and I have been adopting older (8+) whippets and other ‘long dogs’ for the last 20-odd years. Our current two are 14 + and 12 3/4. Pets of any kind add so much to our lives and give those of us who live alone a reason to get up in the morning. Happy ‘founding’ day to the Viking boys. May you all have many happy years ahead of you.

  10. Bless them, they soon pick up routines ! Goodness, the one next door but one even rounds us up when he wants too, if he hasn’t got in at his in the evenings he comes and head butts our cat flap and comes in here for the night – he spends most of the day asleep in our conservatory. Our two just put up with him ! X

  11. Thanks for more photos of the lovely, beautiful
    Vikings. Can’t wait for you to make a Calendar up of them…..I would love to buy one.
    I always buy a cat calendar every year.

  12. Lovely post today. So nice to see photos of the Vikings they are adorable and I am not a cat lover but these two are gorgeous boys. Xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    I can see why you love them. I have 2 boys as well Stiggi & Solo my friend and next door neighbour has not long got 2 kittens brother & sister Dudley & Dora and today was the dreaded day for shhh you know what. All went well and they are back home safe and sounds. Cats definitely enhance your life they are very intuitive and know when you’re not at your best. I will own up to be a mad cat lady or cat mad lady 🤣🤣 continue to enjoy them.
    Love Ruth & Jackie XX

  14. Hi Barb,
    Happy Viking Finding Day! They were very lucky to end up with you and Dave. They are absolutely adorable and I have loved seeing all of the photos over the past year watching them grow and develop. We are going to have to make a very hard decision regarding Scamp soon. She is now 20 and just showing her age now. It’s a day I dread but I can look back on all of the happy times we’ve had with her. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  15. Hi Barb, Happy Viking Finding Day to you, Dave and the boys. They certainly are beautiful and so glad you kept them together. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. How COULD anybody abandon any animal. I’m not a cat mad lady either but these two are lovely, such characters! Lucky them to have a good home.x

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