Clarity Charity Christmas

Clarity Charity Christmas

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Did you manage to join Hayley, Leonie and myself on today’s TV Shows on The Craft Store? If you did, thank you! If you didn’t, then you can always watch on catch-up:

9am HERE and 1pm HERE

I tried to squeeze in as many demos as I could with lots of tips and tricks, but time always seems to run out!

One of the stamp sets featured on the show was the Clarity Charity Christmas Trees Stamp set

Available HERE

Here at Clarity, we have decided to donate £1 from each sale of the above stamp set to Crisis – from when we launched them on Wednesday during the Moment of Clarity Pop-Up shop,  until the 1st January 2022. 2022! Good grief!! What happened to 2021?!!

During the 9am show whilst talking to Hayley, I had a “moment of Clarity!,” and thought that it would be really nice if we made some cards for charity as well. Sooooooooooo, if you would like to join in, all you need to do is make a card or two or three, and send them to us at Clarity. You can either use the above stamp set, or anything you have in your stash, Christmas, Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You and then send them to:

Clarity Charity Cards
c/o Claritystamp Limited
Unit F
Fircroft Way

We will sort them out and send them to various charities, so that they can sell or use YOUR CARDS to make money.

If you missed the Moment of Clarity Christmas Pop-Up Shop, you can catch-up HERE or watch below

and if you want to have a look at all the products from the Pop-Up shop, click HERE and if you would like to see the products featured in todays TV shows, then click HERE

But now it’s time to park the Clarity Bus for the weekend, and chillax.

Stay safe,

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Clarity Charity Christmas

  1. Enjoyed the shows this morning. I’ve been shopping again!! Lol. I had a thought when you were talking about passing cards on to other charities to sell which is a great idea. I was wondering if Crisis could pass Christmas cards on to those who are homeless and who will very likely have a very lonely, cold Christmas. To know that someone is thinking about them might just brighten their day a little. Just a thought. Hxx

  2. Will be watching them later – but have ordered the charity/Clarity stamps. Sorry could not watch in real time, our elderly neighbours (married couple both in their early nineties and getting a bit frail) had no heating, following a water leak 2 DAYS AGO!! (I know) but sorted now hopefully – the gas man/servicecare is parked outside) as I type. So no crafting for me today. But they should be warm now (I had visions of going over with hot water bottles and hot soup!!)
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS Update on Dave please – how’s he doing?

  3. Yes, I watched both shows while waiting for the plumber to arrive between 10am and 6pm to repair our dripping taps. He finally arrived at 5.55pm. 👹 Having sat around all day waiting nothing much got done!!!
    However I did enjoy your demos and made some notes and added to my “not really buying anything” list. Did try to get on the internet but BT are laying new broadband cables in the area which is interfering with reception and it has been down for most of the day. More frustration. 👹 However, when they are done we will have a super fast connection I am told. Yippee, no more waiting yonks for Clarity to load.
    Have a restful weekend with Dave who I hope is recuperating nicely. You both deserve it.
    Stay safe

  4. Watched the 1 o’clock show whilst doing the ironing, not my favourite job but made much better when I have you to watch. Lots of hints & tips & loved the ideas that evolved between you & Leonie. Caught up with the earlier show whilst eating my lunch.
    Will finish my shopping trip to the website now & get some cards done for the charity collection next week.
    Glad you are having a chilled out weekend with Dave xx

  5. Watched this morning whilst ironing then made a lovely lasagne putting it in the oven before the 1 o’clock show. What a disaster – I got sidetracked by your demos and placing an order and said lasagne was trashed. We still ate it but it was dry and chewy. Never mind some people don’t have anything to eat. Can’t wait to try the tips and tricks thanks Barbara xx

  6. Just watched both shows on rewind – so much amazing inspiration as always! I’ve got these stamps on order – have already had an email to say they’re on their way 😍 Hope Dave is doing well and you both get time to chill out this weekend xx

  7. Watched both shows and really loved all the stamps your demonstration ‘s and tips as always amazing. Have already made a couple of Christmas cards using the lovely club stamp we received this month. Now to make a few other cards to send on to you. Have a great weekend and relax.

  8. Watched both amazing shows on replay from Canada. Wow- the products are wonderful, the design team and your cards shared are fantastic. Thank you Barbara – I love and appreciate all the fabulous tips and tricks you share- I always learn and am inspired when I watch you create. I appreciate all the time and hardwork you and your team spend designing, creating and preparing the best products that make me look good when I create – the reason I love Clarity and is my go to for my crafting supplies. I have lots of Clarity products and they are my most loved and cherished. How is Dave? – I trust he is taking things easy. Wishing you and Dave a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. How are Grace and Mark
    ? – I wish them both well as they work through the loss of their friend.
    Please enjoy a cuppa of tea.

  9. Excellent shows squeeze so much into your lively demos , very enjoyable. Hope Dave is resting! Enjoy your weekend and thank you.

  10. Magic shows Barbara, full of amazing tips, tricks and inspiration! Such brilliant stamps and stencils – can’t wait to have a play! One order already on it’s way – Team Clarity, you are the best!
    Have a lovely relaxing weekend with Dave, take it easy, both of you. Hopefully the Clarity bus is well and truly parked for the next couple of days.

  11. Hi Barbara
    Hope you have a great weekend. Have a good rest and Dave as well. Will hopefully send a card or two in for your appeal.
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  12. Hello Barb, the shows were great as always full of inspiration. Your generosity is really fantastic to support Charities like Crisis. Will just have to wait for next payday now. Have a nice relaxing weekend, hope Dave is improving in leaps and bounds. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. Good afternoon Barbara, Two days ago I received my super dooper Clarity parcel. This included my set of Woodland Art Block set. I am going to use the leaping hare and starlit deer stamps to make my 53 Christmas cards, I know, very late this year, but my husband and his health problems have take priority. I recorded both the Craft Store sessions (to crib from) where you demonstrated these cracking little stamps along with the square and rounded edge embedders.
    Unfortunately, both of these sessions have disappeared! As there are only the two of us at home and I know it wasn’t me who wiped them off, it must be himself. Very upset, but can’t shout at him as the channel changer has become his new best friend. Constantly flicking through the channels, which can be quite concerting at times when you are watching Corrie one minute and the next it is someone doing up a motor bike or an old B&W film or death on the Serengeti,(all in quick succession) ha ha. I shall attempt to make the cards from memory, but am unsure about how to use the embedders. Hoping for a tip on that one Barb as I will be frequently using these simple but stylish stamps for all occasions. plus any information as to when there may be a repeat of that show on The Craft Store again that I can record and put on keep. Even better, a demo on your Clarity site would be much appreciated.
    Regards, Caryl.

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