Poppet in your basket!

Poppet in your basket!

Hi there

Thanks for poppeting in! Blogging early from Clarity because the internet is playing up at home. Could I load any pics from the SHAC yesterday? Could I even get into my blog? Nope. So I shall have to make a phone call or 10 later.

But on to more interesting things! Have you seen what our half price Offer of the Week is this week?! Brilliant art at a brilliant price. These beautiful Christmas illustrations, which we have license to use, by Marina Fedotova, are glorious Stamps. Children and adults alike love this whimsy style. I certainly do.

The Christmas Poppet stamps are part of a much larger collection – printed parchment too – and since it’s edging up on the festive Season, we thought we’d shine a little Half Price light on these beauties.

Available as the complete collection

or individually – HERE

You’ll notice that the characters are available as larger centrepieces, but also as smaller tag-size. Just perfect.

Here are some super samples from our design team, to get your creative juices flowing..

Elaine Milner
Carole Panksztelo
Debbi McMullin
Dee Paramour
Jane Telford
Sheila Metselaar
Linda Spencer

Oh, and just to give you the heads up – you know the Posca Pens I was talking about in the Pyjama Party on Friday evening? The white paint pens we use for adding snow? Well lo and behold – a huge box arrived yesterday, with white, gold AND Silver! Woohoo! I know there may be a global shortage of gas, glass and thousands of other essentials. But I take great comfort in the big box of Posca Pens. It gives me hope. – Available HERE

Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

7 thoughts on “Poppet in your basket!

  1. Love all the Poppet samples from the design team. I was colouring in some of smaller images last night to make toppers to go in the centre of some of the new frame dies so I can make a start on my Christmas cards.
    Sorry you are having problems with your internet & hope you get it sorted without too many phone calls. Ours was playing up over the weekend, kept dropping out & refreshing every few minutes, it drives me mad especially when you are trying to look something up.

  2. Love all the poppets and between the coloured and printed parchment and the stamps they give a wide variety of creative ideas.
    You have my sympathy, we too have had problems, but I am lucky to have a computer guru in house!!! Don’t know what I’d do without him. Fortunately the down time gives me the opportunity to do more crafting but it is frustrating when the internet crashes during an important search.
    The last of my orders arrived yesterday and it was a joy sorting and trying out the items. Hubby went white when he saw the parcel contents and I said it was probably my last purchase this month but that was before I read about Linda’s new plates. Oh well, life is to be enjoyed and crafting with Clarity has kept me going on many occasions.
    Hope you get your internet sorted soon.
    Stay safe.

  3. Internet problems seem to be country wide as we are having problems here in Bethesda North Wales as well keeps going on and off very frustrating. Love the poppets but will have to sit on my hands as I overspent a bit last month. Have got the postcards though so looking forward to the Shac on Thursday.xx

  4. Isn’t it a pain when internet plays up…. really irritating. Never mind, things could be worse. What’s better though is I’ve already got the poppets ! Didn’t think they’d be my cup of tea but they are. I’m sitting in the garden with a card half started and really should get back to it but the sun is out – I suppose I could bring it out here …. Just come to the end of a book so no excuse! Good to hear from you again ! X

  5. Hello Barb, technology is a pain in the proverbial at the best of times, and I work in the industry! These poppets are so beautiful and such a great offer of the week. Love the artwork shared. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  6. I love these poppet stamps, big and small, they are so useful and make beautiful cards. Hope your internet gets sorted soon xx

  7. I’m pretty sure I bought some of these last year! Need to find them and start stamping – I love the tone on tone card from Linda Spencer, so will dig out my star stencil too. Time to get inky x

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