Monday. Keep Calm and Carry On.

Monday. Keep Calm and Carry On.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I do hope you are bearing up okay ? Things are certainly being sent to challenge us, aren’t they. Trying to figure out the best way to get to work is the first thing on the list today. I was fortunate enough to fill up with diesel before it all kicked off at the pump, but the roads around the filling stations are rammed and blocked, with angry, frustrated drivers, so I shall opt for the scenic route across the forest. Which is a joke really. Twice as far, twice as much petrol. But at least I’m not contributing to the chaos in town by adding my car to it. Well, until I run dry too. Add to this the panic buying in the stores, the empty shelves and empty freezers – and it feels like we are dissolving. Again.

And there it is! There’s the glimmer of HOPE. That little word Again. It’s not the first time we’ve been here – and it won’t be the last. So instead of getting despondent about it, I choose to take a deep breath in – and out. Expel all the panic and fear and frustration, accept the situation for what it is, handle it logically and without emotion, almost like a personal challenge – and move through it with as little anxiety as possible.

Sounds like a plan.

I can only speak for myself, but the way I see it is that I can’t be getting angry at the powers that be – that won’t solve the situation – it will just make me more anxious. Don’t get me wrong! Of course I have an opinion, but that’s all it is; it’s not a solution. I can’t help the thoughts that come into my head, but why voice them all. Waste of energy. Opinions are like noses – everybody’s got one.

My main job is to get to work ( via the friendly Osteopath, who’s going to sort me out), and keep smiling. It is not the event, but how we respond to it that will ultimately affect us. Remember that. If I were wearing a T-SHirt that said what I want to say, it would read: Keep Calm and Carry On. Not We’re Donald-Ducked. We’re not.

This too shall pass. All things do. I listened to somebody yesterday complaining about the queues at the pump.

It’s a bloody nightmare, he said.

Let’s define nightmare, I responded.

Stay safe.

Love always,

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Monday. Keep Calm and Carry On.

  1. Petrol stations round here were closed yesterday, presumably because they had runout of fuel. I feel sorry for those that really needed it as they were doing what they normally do & fill up when nearly empty not when they have over half a tank left. As you say nothing we can do to help the situation so we must just carry on as we were ”One Day at a Time”

  2. We filled up just before this nightmare began and we only go out once a week to the shops, a rare visit to the docs or the pharmacy, but we try to minimise travel by combining these things where we can. The fuel we have will last another three weeks at least so no panic here.
    We were horrified on Saturday to see the queues at 7am by the supermarket garage. The car park is huge but the cars were all around the perimeter and backed up out into the road, all with engines still running!!! We were lucky there were marshalls on duty otherwise getting out with our shopping would have been very difficult.
    One day at a time we will get through all this chaos. I refuse to let it get on top of me and try to stay focused on the good things.
    I wince every time I see you bending over the low tables on the 📺 and feel your pain so I hope your visit to the osteopath goes well.
    Stay safe.

  3. Let’s hope this is all sorted by the time of the Retreat otherwise I don’t know how we shall manage the journey. Bring in the Army drivers, like they used to do.

  4. When the world stopped last year we all engaged more with nature, and I for one, felt much calmer. So today I’m just enjoying hearing the rainfall, watching the wind making patterns on the surface of the water, and waiting for the watery glimpse of sunshine to make a breakthrough!

  5. Hi Barbara we were lucky and got petrol on Friday. We are supporting both sets of elderly parents an hours drive away so it is needed. You are right we have been here before and it will pass. Have a good day. Take care. Hugs xxx

  6. Love reading your Blogs so much common sense. You calm us all down and I am frequently saying “one day at a time”. .

  7. We picked up our new ( S/H) car today and can’t get any diesel to put in it! Oh well I don’t need to go anywhere so I will just be patient, getting cross won’t get me anywhere. Just feel sorry for those who need to fill up in order to do their jobs.
    Hope the osteopath can sort out your back xx

  8. It is madness at the moment. We shall need fuel soon even with the very low mileage we do. I do hope things have settled before the retreat as not sure we will be able to risk the journey. Can’t quite do the trip on one tankful. Oh well time will tell. enjoy your trip across country. xx

  9. Thankfully we have one full car plus mine which is just over half and we haven’t got anywhere to go unless someone needs help. I walked to the shop today and then back again to the library as it happened. The stores around here have full shelves thankfully. Nothing we can do about it if they haven’t though. Sun was out, sky was blue but very blustery. Made the most of fresh air as I think it’s rain for rest of week. Hope the osteopath helps, I had to stop twice on my walks as I thought my back was going to go but, no, a little twist in right direction put it right. Luckily there was no one walking behind me at the time as I was oohing and ahhing a bit ! Keep calm and carry on. Xx

  10. Made the decision a while back to walk whenever possible so we have some petrol, which turned out to be good as had to run mum to a&e at the weekend. More important things to worry about than petrol. Stay safe everyone x

  11. Hi Barb, a very true observation. It is crazy, I do worry about hubby who has quite a drive to and from work every day. I am very fortunate that I work from home anyway. Hope the Osteopath sorted you out. Take care, stay safe and calm everyone. Bx

  12. Thank you Barbara for your sane voice in the chaos. I have taken a screenshot and will keep reading it when I feel anxious about various challenging situations. You help and you inspires. Thank you so much.

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