Happy 28th Birthday Clarity!!!

Happy 28th Birthday Clarity!!!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Well, the Clarity Birthday Celebrations are well underway at The Craft Store TV! I told you you’d love our new Doodle Dies! Aren’t they amazing ? Just so much scope ! I love the boxes with the patterns cut out of them…

Paul and I were questioning who came up with the concept. I had no idea, but I did know that Lucy at work had done all the graphics and processing, which was a mammoth task. Then he dug deep and showed me an email I sent him and Lucy last November..

I’m very lucky to have such a great team – and I know it. It’s a very long way from an idea and a sketch to a beautifully finished art product. Thanks to all involved.

Next stop on our Clarity Birthday Festival – another fabulous parchment idea. Pergamano did something similar in metal plates back in the day, but this has been lying dormant. So Linda Williams and our Jim – Head of Design at Clarity – have collaborated to bring you a new kind of Groovi plate: A Contour Plate.

This takes parchment art to a whole new level. The Groovi design grooves vary ever so slightly in width as you travel along in the groove. This enables you to create calligraphy lettering and wonderful swirls effortlessly. See the Alphabet here?

And then, by adding swirls and flourishes from these plates –

you can create fantastic elegant lettering. It really is very achievable. I’ll show you on the Craft Store at 6pm this evening. And wait till you see the art samples! Game changer alert!

Must crack on. One hour at a time…Paul’s Wowing you now, and I shall see you at 6 pm

Love and hugs

Barb xx

25 thoughts on “Happy 28th Birthday Clarity!!!

  1. I’ve never got into dies for reasons of finance, space, and time as I wish I had more time just to stamp and draw and groovi, but I am mesmerised as I watch the show. Have mounds of ironing and almost ironed my hand this morning so engrossed was I ! Here I am again having split ironing into TV time piles so hope I don’t end up in A&E 😘

  2. You do have wonderful ideas. Yes I’ve bought the dies as I see their use for giving an improved finish to designs. In fact I was sat debating the next step on a Christmas card and it will look far nicer with an aperture die than just a straight cut.

    I have bought the dies as a prezy for my self 😊.
    My partner and I have been together for 28years today (not married yet ) we are still trying to make our minds up if we’re good together ☺ sadly we are apart at the moment 😢
    I’m working in Ullapool Scotland he’s back in Manchester.
    we will be celebrating when I’m back home in November .
    Love the shows so far
    Looking forward to the rest .
    Love to all
    Best wishes Jackie x

  4. Decided to take today ‘off’ from house-work, etc and watch both hours (so far) today; love both sets of dies and have ordered the square set (sorry Paul). Watching you both and seeing the DT’s examples have given me loads of ideas and, by using the designer papers, will make my Christmas ‘batch-making’ a little more individual – marvellous idea!! Have a great weekend – think Clarity Towers will be a v. busy place next week – and will continue watching whilst trying to keep fingers away from the keyboard ( but can’t promise) – except for the personalised stamps you have tempted us all with by mentioning!!

  5. I’m totally bamboozled by all of this. Just wish I could convince my bank manager 🤣🤣 the Gud family have just plopped through the letterbox but those dies are oh so tempting. A whole weekend of clarity is sooooo decadent

  6. Wow, I wasn’t sure if I needed more dies but they add such a great finishing touch that I feel they will be heading my way very soon!! A great start to the weekend of Birthday celebrations.

  7. What an amazing set of dies, I’ve bought them for my partner to give me at Christmas….at last a present I will actually want!
    I’m going to see if I can use the cut in frame dies with stencil film and create frame stencils. I can use inks, embossing powders and pastes through the ‘holes’ to create another set of different frames.
    My mind is in a flurry….only 12 weeks until Christmas and then I can try my ideas out.

  8. Recorded the first show, watched the second, the dies look great, such versatility. Liking the look of the new groovi alphabet too. You make trying to be good and not spend sooooo hard. I’m sure before your Birthday shows finish, something, or somethings will accidently fall into my basket. xx

  9. 🎂 HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY 🍰
    Definitely WOW !!! Ordered both sets of dies (don’t tell hubby) and I still have to watch Paul’s show as the gardener and the oven clean man turned up at the same tine – 2pm. Thank goodness for recorders.
    I know I will be ordering the Groovi plates at 6pm. Those swirls will be useful as embellishments for all sorts of cards and the copperplate style script is my favourite. I think you are in for another sell-out with these.
    Once again, Barbara, you and your team have done us proud. The thought and hard work that goes into producing the items, the samples and the shows is exemplary.
    Shopping at silly o’clock tomorrow morning so I can have a relaxing weekend with Claritty and no interruptions. Housework will not resume until Tuesday.
    Stay safe.

  10. Have to agree with Roz – WOW indeed! These dies are definite game changers and the Design Team have again come up trumps with some amazing examples of how to make the most of them. Brilliant demos from your good self Barbara and Paul, so of course the dies have been ordered!
    Really looking forward to the rest of your celebratory weekend, especially the new lino cut stamps!
    Happy Birthday Team Clarity, you guys are the Best!

  11. Watched the first show recorded the second as I had to go do my sister duty. Have sat on my hands would love the dies but have set my mind on the lino cut stamps and also the personalised stamp and I can’t afford them all. Don’t know what will end up in the basket.xx

  12. Oh my goodness Barbara! These dies are absolute genius! The more I watched the shows, the more my mind filled with ideas. They are indeed a game changer!

  13. Holding back til I see everything as there is way too much I know I could want and will try to be a bit selective (can’t play with it all at once can I?

  14. What great shows. I have enjoyed watching all the sessions so far and have made my purchases with the help of Jeannine. Internet being awkward.
    Such versatility with both the dies and the groovi plates. Well done to all the team.

  15. Well…….. I missed the earlier shows with the dies and watched them on catch-up. I really shouldn’t be spending any more this month (yes…already) plants and beautiful pots for the garden don’t come cheap! We have already invested quite heavily in those. However, yes… it just had to be done – I’ve just ordered the square set of dies from Clarity! They really are a must-have. So thanks Barbara – I shall have some explaining to do when the post arrives! Hugs, Gilly xx

  16. The dies are absolutely amazing and fell into my basket! Pressie to me! All the very best with the rest of the shows this weekend. Enjoy. Hx

  17. Fantastic shows, what a brain you have coming out with such fantastic ideas and designs! Sitting on my hands and waiting to see all the shows before making any purchases. A big Happy 28th Birthday Claritystamp, what a business. X

  18. I treated myself to the square dies with my birthday money. They look amazing and will add so much to all my crafting. I still use the personalised stamp from years ago, but am interested to see the new one.
    You have been really on form in these shows Barbara and look so happy. I have had so many laughs, especially at the static and nylon knickers! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  19. Hi Barb,
    Wow! You are right – a game changer! Love the dies and have ordered both sets ( thank goodness for flexi pay!!). Love the Groovi contour plates but they will have to wait because I really want the new Lino Cuts. I was determined that they were the only things I was going to buy this weekend -oops🤭. I already have a set of the old personalised dies, so I might escape more expense! I have finally finished getting my Groovi plates catalogued and thankfully it works – a friend asked me to do a new baby card and I flicked through my Roladex to find the numbers of all my baby plates & voila, in less than a minute they were all in my hand ready to show her!!!! I was quite chuffed with myself🤣🤣. Looking forward to the rest of the shows but sadly still not able to record them. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  20. Oh great stuff and it’s my birthday too in a few weeks!
    So I put these on my wishlist which is longer and longer!!!
    Love the alphabeth– it’s my favorite way of writing,but for a lefty very difficult!
    Take care and stay save! Trijntje Huppel

  21. Hi Barbara
    Absolutely beautiful dies and groovi plates
    Have a fantastic birthday weekend and thanks for the bargains. Hugs 🤗

  22. Happy Birthday weekend Clarity! – Wow love the dies! – I made time to watch the shows, enjoyed every minute! – I sit and worry though, imagining you all over doing it back at Clarity towers trying to keep up! – You are all amazing! so thank you! – Looking forward to the shows today too xx

  23. Hello Barb, the doodle dies are fantastic and the shows were brilliant. And for all the Parchers and Groovers out there, I think the plates are awesome. Got some catching up on watching the full shows. Take care all. Bx

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