School’s Out!

School’s Out!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in.

Having you been joining Linda in The Pergamano Summer School via Facebook and YouTube the past four weeks?

Linda has been guiding us gently through the Pergamano Handbook for Multi-Needle Tools Volume One. Since she wrote the book, who better to take us on this super trip?!

For the past 4 weeks, we have been working with various tools covered in the book. Here is what we have covered so far:

Lesson 1 – 20th July – 3 Needle Tool – Watch HERE
Lesson 2 – 27th July – 4 Needle Tool – Part 1 – Watch HERE
Lesson 3 – 3rd August – 4 Needle Tool – Part 2 – Watch HERE
Lesson 4 – 10th August – 5 Needle Tool – Part 1 – Watch HERE

We created a dedicated area on our website HERE for everything you need for school, together with a handy tick list to make sure you have everything you need. As the lessons are all recorded on YouTube, this also means that you can catch up if you were unable to join us live.

Here is today’s lesson, with Linda and Paul…

When we started the Pergamano Summer School, we knew there would be a lot to take in, learn and digest in the space of an hour. And what an informative 4 weeks we have had! However, rather than create “information overload” we have decided to take a little break, and break the book up into sections – allowing you to process and enjoy what Linda has been teaching, practice and have a play.

Since lockdown restrictions have been lifted in the UK, a lot of us have started to return to some form of “normality”. Back in the height of the pandemic, a lot of us had no choice but to stay home; now we may not have so much free time to craft and play. So for the next 4 weeks, we will step away from the weekly master class with Linda, and give everybody a chance to catch up and practice what we’ve been taught. This will also give folks who missed the bus the opportunity to catch up. So for the next month, Paul will be back with his “Groovi Tuesday” sessions – going back to basics, concentrating on various skill levels – picot cutting, colouring and whitework.

If you recall, Groovi Tuesday sessions were introduced back in February of this year to help people who were just starting out on the Groovi journey, or looking for a new craft. Who knows…Perhaps if you missed that bus in February, you can begin your Groovi journey with Paul next week. If you order the Groovi Starter Kit, then you will have much of the basic equipment you need, except for scissors, colouring pencils – and certain Groovi designs…

Next week, Paul will be using Linda’s 123 A4sq Butterfly Plate

Available HERE

All the Groovi Tuesday and Pergamano School Sessions are free, and you can go back and watch them all again via our YouTube page HERE . However, there’s nothing quite like a “hands on” workshop. And boy oh boy! Do we do that in style ! If you’re ready for a break, an arty adventure, a tutorial-based retreat, then our re-scheduled, re-scheduled Parchment Retreat coming up in October will be just the ticket for you..

The 2 day event takes place on Monday 18th October & Tuesday 19th October and due to popular demand (and a chat with Linda!) we have add a further 2 dates, Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st October.

The retreat takes place at the iconic Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The Tuition cost for both days is £220 (Club discounts also apply). We provide ALL equipment. You don’t need a thing. A light sandwich lunch and tea/coffee is included too.

Bed & Breakfast at the Spa and evening meals are additional. We ask participants to deal with the hotel directly regarding accommodation etc, because many guests come from afar, and like to arrive the day before, whilst others make a whole week of it and like to explore Royal Tunbridge Wells and the famous Pantiles.

Once again, we have secured special prices for what is a deluxe Spa Hotel. It really is great to stay there. Check in, craft, eat and then checkout! No getting stuck in traffic, worried about being late etc. There are a number of other local hotels in the vicinity if you prefer.

We still have a few places available on both 2-day retreats. If you would like to join us, please call Jeannine on 01732 868215 (Monday-Friday between 8am & 4.30pm) to book your place. The Spa Hotel details are below and Jeannine can provide you with other hotels in the local area.

If you would like to stay at the Spa Hotel, you can call the reservations department directly on 01892 553582

Maybe you have joined the Pergamano Groovi family in the past year, or you wanted to sign up last year but it sold out too quickly, or you couldn’t make it. Or maybe you just NEED A BREAK AND A TREAT after this year to remember!

Teachers? Well, let me think…Linda Williams, Josie Davidson, Hazel Edwards, Paul Church, me. I feel I’ve forgotten somebody, but it’s too late in the evening to check! Anyway. Suffice it to say, the best in the business will all be there to welcome you.

Right, time to go and find Dave!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “School’s Out!

  1. Hello Barbara
    I would like to endorse all you say about the Parchment Retreat. It is a fantastic two days and I can’t wait for this October.
    To learn new techniques etc and meet up with friends is something out of this world.
    Don’t worry if you have no-one to accompany you, everyone is so friendly, you will soon make friends.

  2. I so wish I could come this year but with travelling from Spain, tests, etc think it isn’t possible. However next year is a different thing and hopefully I can make it then. Do so envy everyone who can attend this year,

  3. Loved the lessons with Linda and I definitely need to do homework for them so will be able to catch up ! Retreats sound great but I wont be able to make it. However, I know everyone who goes will have a fab time. Enjoyed our stay at the hotel when we came for an Open Day a few years ago. X

  4. So glad we are going back to basics again! I didn’t have any equipment when it all started and although I have some now, I still only have the basics and I’m sure there are bits I-missed at the beginning! Love the thought of the retreat but won’t be able to make it! Looks great though. One day!!!!……

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat when I attended a couple of years ago. I would love to come again but circumstances have changed and neither of us can do that drive to Kent.
    I love Linda’s A4sq plates, they give such a variety of choice and are in my most “go to” basket.
    Hope your Dad is progressing well and will soon be home.
    Take care of yourself too.

  6. Can’t wait for the retreat in October ! I have been twice before and can highly recommend it and the Spa hotel always looks after us well. Xxx

  7. Looking forward to joining the retreat for the first time on the second one . I am relearning all the different toll as have not used them for years and really enjoying it thanks Linda and Paul and Barbara for all you do xxxx

  8. Looking forward to retreat. Not been able to follow Linda due to surgery. Hope now I can catch up. Linda is a star and a lovely lady

  9. Have loved the summer school so far but agree need to do a bit of practicing and Linda needs a break with all the designing she is doing xx will enjoy being back with Paul and learning more about the groovi system so look forward to that xx
    Thanks to all your team who spoil us with all these fabulous classes for no charge and enhance our knowledge xx
    Hope all going well with your Dad xx

  10. Will be glad of the opportunity to catch up. Haven’t had time for today’s episode yet and have still to complete Glynnis project from 2 weeks ago not to mention last weeks. Enjoying seeing what everyone is doing

  11. Glad the school is taking a break, I need to catch up. We have been getting out and about and catching up with family, so yes craft has taken a back seat. I also have models to make for a Postman Pat cake for our grandson who will be 3 in two weeks. Spa retreat is a definite, would not miss it.

  12. Thank you a break gives me a chance to practise what we have learnt so far. Really enjoy the lessons so far. Will enjoy Paul’s Tuesday slots until we reconvene. Xx

  13. I will get there one day and hope everyone has a great time. Having a break from school is a good idea, practice makes perfect and thank you Linda for the last four weeks. Looking forward to getting back into the groove with Paul. Great teachers all of you. A big thank you, all for free! Xx

  14. Hi Barb, even the best teachers need a break, and I am sure that everyone that has been attending summer school with Linda will want to go back and have a little practice. And seen as the lovely Paul will be back in the driving seat, I am positive that nobody will get bored. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  15. I’m heading down south next week for what should have been my Clarity retreat, but is now a visit with mum and dad. I don’t parch, but can thoroughly recommend the retreats for great fun, brilliant tuition and amazing value for money! X

  16. Hi Barbara, hope you got Dad home safely, and I wish him well now. I am so looking forward to the retreat. My first time and definitely my Treat! Xx

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