Be Still…

Be Still…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Busy day at work today. Such a good buzz at Clarity. So many creative minds buzzing and clicking and whirring! We’ve got a lot of loveliness in the pipeline, and there is so much goes into designing a new range of stamps, or a new collection of papers, or a bunch of new stencils. From the sketched drawings to the labels on the packaging. And since we do pretty much everything inhouse nowadays, that’s a whole helluvalot to consider! Fun though.

It was time to come home and defrag, to calm down, to be still. I decided to make a simple card, using one of my all time favourite dies. Love the sentiment, love the design by Mel. There are two in the set. Cannot say which I like best. They are both beautiful.

CLICK HERE. (£10 savings, plus your Craft club discount xx)

Here’s a quickie step by step to try…

  • 6×6 Black cardblank.
  • Position the die on the front.
  • Secure with low-tack tape.
  • Run through a die cutting machine (mangle!)
  • Weed out the scrap pieces.

This is where the Designer Petite Topper cards come in very handy. Pick one. That’s the hardest part !!

Here’s the selection.

Moving on…

The Nested Rectangles are a very worthwhile investment . I am using two of the nested sizes to cut out both the background piece and the frame piece…

  • Use Perga Glue sparingly on the inside of the design in black
  • Place the coloured centre piece over the sticky area.
  • Smooth down on the back, and flip to admire.
  • That easy. Now let’s attach the outer frame. I think this makes the whole card brighter. Perga Glue does the trick nicely.
  • Finally trim the sides off the black card.

In fact, here’s the same card but using a different Designer Card. And these would also look fab using white card instead of black.

What a lovely gift of notelets these would make. A set of say 6 cards, 3 of the Be Still and 3 of the The earth. And then in different card colours, all wrapped with a length of raffia. Happy Christmas, handmade by YOU.

Time to go for a walk over the Ashdown Forest, to be still and listen. Because it is true – The Earth IS singing. If you listen carefully, there’s a veritable cacophony of birds and bees and dragonflies and all manner of beautiful little bugs and insects everywhere! We may even see some deer and sheep and cattle roaming.

Tell me below, which two Designer pads you think I used to make these 2 cards. All correct answers will go into a hat. Then two lucky winners will be picked randomly to receive a card each – with a £20 gift voucher inside.


Love always

Barb xx

PS Don’t forget the 3pm Facebook LIVE Moment of Clarity tomorrow! Let’s have a catch up. I’ve got loads to show you and tell you about.

31 thoughts on “Be Still…

  1. Evening everyone, excited for tomorrow’s Moment of Clarity.
    Love these dies and I made notelets out of them as gifts for birthday’s last year, they were greatly appreciated
    and very apt!
    Had a wonderful day catching up with friends at Restoration House and Gardens in Rochester, highly recommend!
    Take care, keep safe everyone

  2. So exhausted forgot to add my thoughts on the designer paper!
    Im thinking Shenandoah and Toscana.
    Thank you Barbara for another generous competition.

  3. We’ve just had a forecast shower, well 30 mins earlier than forecast, it went very dark, poured for 5 mins and now the sun’s out! Glad you’ve had a productive day, me too as we met and agreed to start up lunch club again for the ‘elderly’ in the community, saying that, if I wasn’t a volunteer I’d be allowed to go on the lower end of the spectrum LOL !! I’m a bit apprehensive but first one isn’t until 9 Sept so we’ll know more how COVID is travelling by then.

    I’m guessing Amazonia and Toscana. X

  4. Beautiful. Toscana and Amazonia but my paper pads are all adrift – I keep picking from one to another and then not careful putting them away in the correct package. Silly, old me
    Anyway – good to hear and see the blog.
    Also a big thank you for my order which came by eagle I reckon because it was mega quick. Also thank you to the lovely, caring Jeannine

  5. None of my plans for a busy productive day came to pass. It went pear shaped from the off this morning. Got up late so a mad dash to get hubby ready for the docs, then an hour later I was called back to sort out my foot problem, decided to go for a short stroll after lunch and it tipped down with rain.
    Thank goodness for the ‘time for tea’ post cards which I spent what was left of the afternoon colouring. Relaxing – aaaah!! Just what I needed.
    Love your artwork, these dies are suitable for male or female cards and many occasions.
    Jaynes Roses bundle is on the way but don’t think the post will be as speedy as your dispatch department. Will be watching tomorrow on YouTube.
    Have a good evening

  6. Hello Barbara, thanks for this week’s comp – I think you used papers from Toscana and Waimea Falls. Glad things are getting better. Best wishes Carole

  7. Love these, I have one design in stencil and a die with the other design. It’s lovely to listen to the sounds of nature, and to see its wonderful sights. Looking forward to tomorrow’s Moment of Clarity. I think the designer card you used is from Amazonia. x

  8. I love the sentiments on these dies and they do make beautiful cards with the papers xx can’t wait for moment of clarity will be fabulous I am sure xx
    I think you used Waimea falls and Indian summer as the petites xx

  9. Hello Barb, you have created 2 really beautiful cards with these dies. I only have one of them but use it a lot. I think the card is from the Amazonia and Rainbow River packs. Love the patterns on the papers, you are always sure to find one that suits your project. I received my Club envelope and I love the contents, going to have to have a play this weekend. Hope you enjoyed your walk. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. Love these cards. I am new to all this – well sine march and absolutely love it. My daughter Grace says i don’t stop talking about Clarity. So funny. Looking forward to your show today although i will have to watch in catch up later in evening. I think Amazonia and Rainbow River.

  11. Love these cards. I am new to all this – well since March and absolutely love it. My daughter Grace says i don’t stop talking about Clarity. So funny. Looking forward to your show today although i will have to watch on catch up later in evening. I think Amazonia and Rainbow River.

  12. Whoops, a bit late to the party here Barb! Not too late I hope! I love these designs by Mel and have used them many times, and the sentiments are so true!
    I think you have used Amazonia and Shenandoah.
    Enjoy the walks and listen to Nature’s music!

  13. Barbara, hope your Facebook session is going well.
    These are two of my favourite dies which I used to make some birthday cards this year.
    I think the paper backgrounds come from Amazonia and Toscana.
    I used the same Toscana paper for two of my cards-one for each die.

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