Sunday Art Blocks

Sunday Art Blocks

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. And thanks so very much for watching and supporting the Craftstore TV Show today! Why was I so nervous?! Loved every minute of it. Love working with Alex too. She is such a sweet lady and kind friend.

It sure was good to be back in the studio. I had forgotten how much we all bounce off each other.

Just in case you missed the action, this is what we were playing with!

Available HERE

I’ve already got some really smashing little Christmas Artblocks ready to go. If you liked these, which you evidently did – I think you will love them.

Here’s one of the above, which actually makes a smashing little Christmas card…

But it can be what you want it to be! Your call!

Long drive home now. Glad Dave brought me.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Sunday Art Blocks

  1. Good old Dave x great show, great demos, safe journey home and cuddles with the cats to lower your blood pressure. You did fab, results proved that xx

  2. Safe journey home Barbara, brilliant show, you nailed it! And Alex was a great partner for you on your return to the Craft Store studio – super team work! Amazing and awesome examples from the talented Design Team – a magic show all round! Ooops, and I managed to order the stamps as well!

  3. Safe journey back home, show was brilliant and I’ve ordered the stamps can’t wait to get a play with them 😀thanks Barbara

  4. I’m glad Dave took you up the road today if you feel anything like I feel after being back in our building. I was absolutely shattered this afternoon. It was nice to see you there and much easier for you in many ways. Nice stamps, too. Safe journey home. Lots of love. Hxx

  5. Well done on your return to tv land. You nailed it especially with bit of pencil shading in the middle to you calm yourself . Well planned by you there. The voice altered to calming.xx

  6. The shows were brilliant! I was totally entranced. I’ve been trying to get that letterpress look without getting my machine out each time: thank you for enlightening me. The woodblock stamps are very exciting. You’ve inspired me with more ideas than I can get my head around! Having splurged on the linocuts recently I may have to sit on my hands for a bit (if I can).
    Hope the M11 and Dartford Bridge aren’t too busy.

  7. The shows and you were superb. Having already got the wreath & butterflies sets, After the show, I had to go and have a try at one of the ideas you showcased. It didn’t work quite as well as it should but practice makes perfect!!! Of course, I had to place an order!!!!! Have a good drive home xxx beryl

  8. Brilliant shows today, love the woodblock stamps, but alas they will have to go on my ever growing wish list for now. Safe journey home. xxx

  9. Brilliant show had to buy they are so useful xx you looked so at home and would not have realised the nerves were there xx see you tomorrow xx safe trip home xx

  10. Hi Barbara your shows were brilliant. How nice that you had Dave with you. Safe travels home. Take care. Hugs xxx

  11. Loved the shows and the stamps. Hope you have a safe journey home see you in Camelot tomorrow.xx

  12. You couldn’t have wished for a better presenter to accompany you on your first day back. You nailed it. Knew you would. Great demos, and lovely smiles, it was a joy to watch………….until we had a power cut in the middle of the first hour!!!!! Power returned 15 minutes later so we were able to catch all of the second hour. Only placed a very small order today as I’m saving my pennies for the ODS.
    Hope your leaky machine gets fixed soon.
    Hope you and Dave have a restful evening after your travels.
    Stay safe.

  13. Great show! Beautiful stamps, so neat and tidy ! Glad you were able to venture back into the studio X

  14. Lovely to see you and Alex together again on screen. You nailed it! I just wish the England cricket team had done as well. 😂 Hugs. Annette X

  15. Great shows today thank youBarbara. Two hours is a big ask and you were still chirpy at the end. Glad Dave drove you, great to have company both ways.
    Shall be with you tomorrow I hope! Xx

  16. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous shows today. As predicted, they just fell into my Clarity basket and I didn’t have the heart to take them out again lol!! I think Alex was chuffed to bits to be working with you and she obviously enjoyed you being back in the studio again. Hope you and Dave had a straightforward drive home. I bet you are shattered. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  17. Hi Barb, hope the trip home was uneventful, glad that Dapper Dave was there to drive you back. I have not watched the shows yet, as we were out and about, so have a lot to catch up on. Love the examples you show above, and it is an addition to my wish list. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  18. Gorgeous stamps and cute collection, I like them very much.
    Dear Barbara, You are always inspiration. Thank you xx

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