Prince Albert?! It’s not what you think!

Prince Albert?! It’s not what you think!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I remember the first time I found out what a Prince Albert was (look it up if you’re in the dark); I was suitably stunned. Well I’ll go to the bottom of the stairs! kinda stunned. I mean, it’s one thing getting your ears pierced, but this stunt will really REALLY make your eyes water!

And since then, whenever Prince Albert comes up in dialogue, my head takes me right back to standing outside a tattoo parlour in Vacaville, California, seeing a sign in the window, “Get your Prince Albert here,” and asking the fatal question: “What’s a Prince Albert?”

So. On that note, please allow me to introduce you to all four of these wonderful Prince Plates, designed by Josie Davidson.

Fabulous set of A4 square plates – large and easier to handle the grids when they’re larger, don’t you agree?

Paul will be launching these on TV on the Craft Store at 6pm this evening. He’ll be showing you how these ingenious grids work, and is all set to tackle one Groovi masterpiece per hour, packed with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of these grid plates.

Here’s the arty order of service – hour by hour – all created for your pleasure and learning by Josie:

Wednesday 9th June – 6pm Launch – Prince William

Wednesday 9th June – 8pm – Prince Philip

Thursday 10th June – 8am – Prince Harry

Thursday 10th June- 12pm – Prince Albert

Thursday 10th June – 4pm – Prince William

Will be available HERE

And before anybody gets technical about Harry, and whether he’s strictly speaking a Prince any longer, I say ssshhh. He is Princess Diana’s son. That’s the Golden Prince ticket in my book.

And anyway, we’re here to celebrate Josie’s superb designs – and she’s the Queen of Gridwork in my little book of Royalty!

Another thing that she has helped to design, to complement these large A4 square plates, is the brand new A4sq/A4 Plate Mate for Grids. This even comes with little side extensions, so you can wrap it around the huge A4 plates too! Clever! Cheers Dave!

And what are we using for the centrepieces during this One Day Special? A couple of our sampler plates. So many designs on one plate!

The my Paisley & Leaves and Linda’s Wild Flowers.

If you enjoy your Parchment Craft, then you will love these designs. So do join Paul on the Craft Store at 6pm, for what promises to be a very busy hour.

Stay safe.

Love always

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “Prince Albert?! It’s not what you think!

  1. Great blog, great groovi Tuesday and of course the prolonged shak in Camelot. Afraid I missed out on the last few weeks such a shame. Yours was superb. Sorry I didn’t join in but a few problems. Our business is caput after Covid. Not a hope it will come back. However onward and upward and will be poppeting on Monday xx

  2. Ordered mine direct from Clarity, they look amazing. Can anyone tell me which parchment paper pack was used from the Prince Philip sample please.

  3. The thought of Paul demonstrating a Prince Albert does bring tears to my eyes! (You started it Barbara!) These plates look amazing, can’t wait to see what the amazing Design Team have come up with, using these plates! Thank you Josie and Dave for the new plates and plate mate and extensions. Magic!

  4. Prince Albert the very thought brings years to my eyes, can’t imagine who thought of the idea and who would want it done, but each to their own. Will await the demo of this one to see how long it is before everyone ends up crying with laughter.
    Liking the rainbow parchment on my list when it comes in

  5. Not on facebook, but I watch the public site. Which has been playing up for me lately and not showing all the video. I hope that gets fixed soon. You asked, before it cut out on me, how we watch the SHAC, I watch it on my lap top, usually with my headphones on, so I don’t get disturbed. Sometimes I watch the Youtube version, if I get trouble with facebook. Camelot was beautiful, but somehow it is the only one I haven’t done, probably because I’ve been involved in doing a lot of my own designing the last couple of weeks. I might catch up with it later, as it is so good.

  6. Yep I looked up Prince Albert. Who knew? Not me anyway. I have been far too protected. I love the plates and the samples. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Love the plates as always you come up with so many fabulous things from all your team it’s lovely and as you say teamwork makes the dream work and it does
    Look forward to these thank you again xx
    Loved the shows so far as well lovely to have you both back in the studio xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Well I had to look that up and all I can say is “OUCH”! Why on earth anyone would put themselves through that is beyond me! Anyway to change the subject- the plates are fabulous. Paul has done a great job on the shows and I’m sure tomorrow will be just as good. Really like the new plate mate too. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  9. I had to ask hubby to explain – ouch doesn’t quite cut it. Never understood why people get so many odd piercings and tattoos.
    The new plate mate and Princes plates are a great addition to our craft stash. And yes Harry is still a Prince.
    Ordered direct from Clarity today but had a problem paying on the last one. The little circle wouldn’t stop circling. There must have been an awful lot of people using the site to jam it up. Got through in the end thank goodness.
    The heat got to me today, I am shattered.
    Stay safe.

  10. Stunning plates. Still have to watch Paul on the craftstore. Watching it live on tv Australia is always late at night. Is it on youtube now?

  11. Hello Barb, this really made me giggle! The plates are lovely and Paul’s shows were as always inspiring, even for a non-parcher. Love the samples. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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