Don’t worry, Bee Happy!

Don’t worry, Bee Happy!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Bee-n prepping for tomorrow’s TV Shows at 9am and 1pm on The Craft Store (prev. HOCHANDA). I always have to Bee over-prepared. It’s better that way.

So many lovely samples from the clever Clarity Team again too! Linda Spencer sent in a particularly lovely piece of artwork which I thought merited closer inspection. I had to look twice to figure out how she did it – you know what I mean. When a piece of artwork turns into a puzzle.

Mmmm…she used the new large Heart backdrop stamp, but masked off the centre.

And the Hexagon stamp from one of the new Grunge Elements stampsets. Can you see it?

And the bee comes from an old Floral Corner stamp set which I used years ago when I used to do a Classroom Series on the other TV channel, Create & Craft. You may remember this one. I remember we learned how to create a bee skep, using a paper cut out and a make-up sponge with ink! I wonder if any of you still have that artwork!

Anyway, I worked out the masking of the heart, and the stamping of the hexagons. Then I dug out my old Blooming Corner stamp set, really old stamp set, but wasn’t happy with how thick the lines were. The bee was too bold. Look! All that work and the bees came out like black blobs.

Happy? Not Happy.

No no no, said I. That won’t do. So I got on the blower and had a chat with Lucy, she who designed these fantastic grunge elements stampsets. I explained that the old Blooming Corner set needed revamping and revisiting, and that perhaps she could add a couple of outline and infill hexagons which would fit the grunge one. That the bee and other insects wanted refining, as did the flowers. Two hours later, the new stamps were already being made. Fantastic. And what a difference! Then I asked Paul to bin any old sets which were still lurking around, so there’s no risk of sending out the wrong ones – and we’re back on track!

You see, if Linda hadn’t used that bee and made such a clever card that I wanted to showcase it on telly, then we wouldn’t have figured out that the whole set needed refreshing. Much happier now.

I guess we are evolving as a company, aren’t we. I have always said we don’t want to get bigger, we just want to get better. This is one little example. Before and Now. Look! No comparison. And we thought the first ones were great!

The other eye opener is the price. The original cost was £15.99. The new set is £10. More elements, much neater elements – and £6 less! That’s the new stamp system for you! CLICK HERE to find the new set. It was always a pretty corner/border set. It just got a whole lot better.

Hahahaha! You watch. I bet I don’t get to do the demo tomorrow because we run out of time! But you know what? The whole process has been fruitful already. Love all the insects too! And she’s even added a tiny butterfly for us! Thanks Lucy!!

See you tomorrow.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “Don’t worry, Bee Happy!

  1. I remember when you first did the bee skep Barbara! Oh and can you remember the council estate in Aylesbury? My first home as a child and a couple after were a council house in Aylesbury! X

    1. 32 Wingate Walk. By the Oakfield Bridge over the Grand Union xxx I still remember all that! And theSchool was Queens Park Juniors

  2. Glad you’ve had a productive day. My day has not been quite so good but I won’t go into details here. However, life is what it is and much tougher for the others involved than it is for me. Hxx

  3. What a lovely card and the new stamps certainly complement the work xx will definitely be getting this one xx

  4. Loving the new stamps. You have an amazing Clarity Team. I made an order 2 days ago and it has been dispatched already. Wow Clarity are the best. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow.

  5. Don’t have the old stamp but do like the new version, just another item to jump into my basket.
    Nice sunny day here, got a lot of jobs done, feeling good.
    Received my order for the mini archival stamp pads today, sets 3,4,5,& 6 but wondered if there are sets 1 & 2 available? do hope so.
    Stay safe.

  6. Ah that revamp is beautiful and you are probably right you won’t get round to demo it, but maybee you could do a Moment of Clarity with it at a later date, wouldn’t that bee lovely…. sorry for the puns. Love the little lady Bird and Cyril centipede too! Happy days. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s shows. I will bee there Sunday too!🤣 crafty hugs. T. xx

  7. Thinking back to yesterday where can we go on the bus, perhaps Austria, I lived there when I was teaching English in my 20s (1996/97) during my year abroad while at university I remember having a youth hostel card and every weekend getting on the train and going some place different. Love your facebook hours, the fact you are left handed, like me, and your kittens are like my newly adopted 4 year old Garfield. Love how dynamic clarity is with new products. I will do my best to support Clarity as a customer, bank balance permitting thanks again, hope you see this comment. Take care

  8. Love this sample for the show and the new stamps look good. Fantastic company – focus on quality. Looking forward to the shows. x

  9. Wow, that is a beautiful sample. I do admire all the work that you stampers produce.
    My heart goes out to Mark’s friend and her family, after reading about their accident in the newsletter. As you say, we are so lucky to have the NHS, as the added stress of huge medical bills does not help the healing process. My very best wishes for a good recovery to them all and to Mark, as their friend. Hugs. Annette.X

  10. How lovely to be reminded of that stamp set which I have and did the lesson with you. I made a card for Bea’s birthday (I’ve forgotten which one -maybe 80th). I can’t ask her to find it for me to take a photo but I really enjoyed that lesson! Looking forward to the shows tomorrow.

  11. The benefit of owning your company and having such talent on board. Well done to all involved. I will only be able to catch up with the SHAC bus at the weekend. I am sure all will go well for you tomorrow Barbara but don’t put yourself under too much pressure.
    I hope Mark’s friends have a steady recovery. My prayers are with them.

  12. Love this! Just picked some bee fabric for blinds in my new bedroom. Excited to see the products and demos tomorrow x

  13. Hi Barbara
    Received my clarity club items today and just read the newsletter. Firstly I’m sorry for Mark’s friends family I agree we should never take the NHS for granted i appreciate the great work they do. Secondly no need to apologise for the lateness of the club’s projects until you mentioned it I wasn’t even aware they were late it is always a great surprise when they arrive.
    I appreciate how long everything seems to take we have finally managed to find a tile we have been needing to finish a project in the garden it has taken 9 months but all things come to those that wait.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  14. Hello Barb, wow you certainly have a gem in Lucy, she is very talented, love how she has refreshed the look and feel of the stamps set. And oh wow, you are probably one of the only companies I know that gives you more for less. I too received my club envelope, I really feel for Mark and his friend family. If it was late because of the superb designs, especially the stencil, then I am perfectly happy to wait a bit longer. Need to go set record for the shows. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  15. Wow beautiful sample and love the new stamps.
    I’m away this weekend walking break but will be checking things out on my return.
    Happy Bank Holiday weekend Barbara hope you get to play with your clay or do something special too. xXx

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