Piecing it all together….

Piecing it all together….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. What a difference a day makes! Much colder here this morning, compared to yesterday. I opened the back door, and the two Vikings dashed out, ready to take on the world again. Took a quick turn of the wheelbarrow – and shot back into the warm kitchen !!

Here’s one for the Blog Tutorial Library..

A fresh and zesty card, using those fabulous Butterfly stamps illustrated by Cherry Green, which sold out last week on HOCHANDA.

The good news is that we’ve made some more! I didn’t get to show off this demo, so here it is, broken down into simple steps.

  • Pick a Designer paper. Amazonia is fabulous! You want a piece about 6×6 inches. Keep the rest for the banners and butterflies.
  • Ink up the bubble/seed stamps with Red Geranium, and randomly stamp diagonally across the 6×6 inch paper piece, top left to bottom right.
  • Stamp the little silhouette butterflies randomly in red too.
  • Let’s do the front banners next. Flip the designer paper scraps and use the back. it will give you a superb contrast.
  • Pencil in the swallow tails at the base, ready to cut.
  • Stamp up the large rose off the banner and add mask.
  • Add more bubble/seeds and leaves.
  • Add shadow with a make up sponge and the same red ink.
  • Stamp the small butterflies from the Create Art in Colour Set onto scraps, and cut them out.
  • Use a black Posca Pen to edge the banners.
  • Lightly colour in the seedheads with a red pencil.
  • Assemble the pieces. Glue the banners into place
  • Curl the wings of the butterflies by rolling around a pencil before you attach on the body only with a strip of 3mm red skin double-sided tape.
  • Run the Posca pen around the whole outer piece now, allow to dry, then attach to a sheet of white stencil card.
  • Card or wall art? You decide. The artwork measures 6×6 inches, so it will sit perfectly in a 6×6 inch rebate, which is the 9x9inch Frame and Panel.
  • On the 9×9 inch panel, make little registration marks exactly where the artwork has to sit to take the frame exactly.
  • Lower the frame down on the artwork BEFORE you attach anything.
  • Does it fit right?

Black or white? You decide. If you want it black, then simply paint the frame. A brayer and black paint is easy.

There we have it; looks complex. Isn’t. Just one sheet of double-sided Designer paper and a little fussy cutting. Done.

Here are the ingredients, all in one place…CLICK HERE. The stamp prices are still super good, and the Designer paper and Stampboard bundles are on offer too.

Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xx

17 thoughts on “Piecing it all together….

  1. Love the step by step. The colours are fabulous.
    See you in the Shack Shac tomorrow. Have a good evening. X

  2. Looks beautiful. Waiting for my order for the stamps, looking forward to their arrival in due course.
    Got a new TV yesterday and updated the Sky box. WOW….what a difference it makes!!! Now I can watch the Clarity YouTube programmes in their full glory – it was Paul today. Will be catching up on the Shac shack and Pergamano now that I don’t have to keep changing glasses all the time and can craft-along with you.
    Happy crafting everyone. Stay safe.

  3. Lovely tutorial so colourful. Hope you have a good evening and see you tomorrow, water brushes at the ready in the SHAC SHAC xxx

  4. Wonderful step by step ,I’ll def give it a try when I get the stamps. Hot my jab booked for next Tues as well happy days x

  5. Love these stamps and your tutorial Barbara!
    It looks great and so easy to make!
    Thank you and take care.
    Stay save and see you tomorrow in the Shac.
    Trijntje Huppel

  6. Love the diversity of these stamps and I’m excited about receiving them.
    Thank you for another great stamp set xx

  7. Oh Barbara this is gorgeous. I love it. I have made my first Groovi card I am so pleased with myself. I still have lots to learn. On another tack we have our first vaccinations booked for next week. What a relief that is. I am looking forward to tomorrow. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  8. Beautiful tutorial and you make it so simple to follow xx love this and will certainly be trying this one xx see you tomorrow xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    I missed these stamps last week, aren’t they beautiful. Love the art you have created too. Good to see you back on track, sounds like the week off did you good and gave you time to reassess a few things. The cats are really growing aren’t they, they are so cute.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. Love the project thank you, great colours . I’m not surprised the cats dashed back indoors it’s cold here this morning too. Hugs xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    That’s a fabulous tutorial for us. I’m looking forward to my stamp bundle arriving and then I can try this out as I have all of the other ingredients. Love the paper that you have chosen for the demo, so vibrant. Bitterly cold up here today – such a change . Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. Hi Barb. For reasons too long and depressing to go into, not all connected to this blasted virus, I’ve had no mojo for months, but this evening I’ve been catching up on your blogs. It seems that you’ve been having a tough time; I sincerely hope that you’re picking up again, and being gentler with yourself. Your little fur-babies are beautiful! Stunning shades of golds and apricot, along with the orange, and such markings. Lovely!
    Tomorrow, I will attempt to make something. If it happens, great. If not, I shall try not to beat myself up.
    Take care.
    Love Chris xx

  13. Hello Barb, oh this is a superb project, love the colours, very bright and zingy. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. Hi Barb, love this tutorial and the colours. Loved the shows on Hochanda too, so pleased you are refreshed and back in the Shac Shack.

  15. Thank you for all your step by steps, shac shac really every thing you do to keep us all sain in these strange times xxx

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