Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Happy Mother’s Day! Woke up thinking about my Mum. I am one of those women in the world who is a mother, and who still has a loving Mother. So it’s easy for me to celebrate Mother’s Day at several levels today. I go back in my mind to my Grandmothers, and I remember them both fondly too.

Grace and Mark, my kids, will be on the phone as soon as they wake up in new York and San Francisco, even though Mother’s Day in America is in May. I am blessed.

But what if you have never had children? For whatever reason. There are women who can’t have children, there are women who never wanted children, there are women who had children and lost them, there are women who wanted children but never found the right partner. So many women.

Then there are children who like me who still get to love their wonderful mums. There are children who have lost their mums, there are children who never had a good relationship with their mums. So many children.

What may be a happy day for some of us, may be a sad day for others. I can think of several friends and folks reading this blog who will be struggling with loss today. On days like today, when we shine a light on our Mothers, that also flags up the empty seat. Bit like Christmas. When so many others are celebrating Mother’s Day, how do those good people handle it? Mother’s Day?

I don’t have the answer. I think everybody is an individual living an individual’s life. Until we walk a mile in that person’s shoes, we can never know. I can guess, and I can tread gently though. I can be respectful and try to empathise. I can write a blog, saying that I am thinking about those people who may be struggling with Mother’s Day, and tell them I hope they are ok.

That tomorrow will bring with it a new day, and that this too shall pass.

My Mum, who lost her Mum when I was just a teenager, still puts flowers in a vase on both her Mum’s birthday and on the day she died. On those two days, she is quieter than usual. She steps back and remembers, and takes those occasions to signify a mark of respect and love. I get it. And today, I bet there will be a little vase of daffodils in her house, as a mark of love for her mother. Here or not here, she still celebrates my Oma.

I guess if we step away from our personal stories, whatever they may be, and just think of Mothers the world over and what they truly represent, that is a good reason to celebrate, isn’t it? Let’s face it. If there were no Mothers, we wouldn’t be here. In fact, let me take that one thought further:

A world without women is a world that wouldn’t exist.

And the Fathers? Well, on Father’s Day we’ll celebrate our Fathers.

Stay safe

Love Barb xxx

29 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Hello Barb, Happy Mothers Day to you and your Mum, and all our Moms, Mums, Oumas (Afrikaans version), Omas, Nans and Grans that have gone before us. Lovely memories. Take care and enjoy your day everyone. Bx

  2. Enjoy your day with your Mum and your son and daughter on the phone.
    Have a great day tomorrow too!!
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  3. Lovely words Barbara. Happy Mother’s Day to all. One sure thing we have all had or have a Mother, they are to be treasured. Xxx

  4. Remembering my lovely mum today.
    Barbara check out the pottery on ITV – Love Your Weekend. It was on at 10am this morning but I am sure you can watch on catch up.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lynne xxx

  5. Remembering my lovely mum today, knowing my daughter across the pond will be calling later and having lunch with my other daughter and granddaughter, so a mixed emotions day for me. Thank you for your wise words and enjoy your day. Hugs. Annette X

  6. Lovely, lovely words, Barb. I’m afraid I fall into your last category, i.e. found a partner too late. I was at a rate of knots towards my 60’s when I met my beloved Jim – far too late for children. I’ve had to watch both my sister and brother get married a raise a family which I have found extremely hard. Many a night have I cried myself to sleep. Not jealously, just sad that I was not able to have somebody to call me Mummy. Second best for me, 3 nieces, 3 nephews and 14 great nieces and nephews. I love them all dearly, they are the children I never had. Most of you reading this will have children and grandchildren. Enjoy them every day. They are very very special. Have a lovely Mothering Sunday – despite what I have just said, I really mean that. I, too, am remembering my Mum. XX

  7. Happy Mother’s Day, we have a new mother in the family this year, so we have my mum, my sister, niece and nephew’s partner who is the new mum. I’m a step mum (my choice not to be a proper one) and a mum to two cats. Mum loved her Crunchie Easter Egg and her hand made card so that’s good. Have a good day everyone and hugs to those with Mums in heaven. X

  8. I miss my Mum most days (usually because my Yorkshire puds have not risen or something similar – I could always phone her for advice, she always knew what to do). Mums are special and I have to bite my tongue if I’m chatting to someone whose mum is getting a bit ‘difficult’ because I think that person still has a mum and they should count themselves lucky. OK lecture over…back to the lamb roast – thanks Mum.
    Maggie (Bendy yorkite) PS we have discovered that Bendycat is terrified of an empty banana skin!!?!

    1. Beat your batter until there are lots of bubbles. Leave to stand for a while. Heat you lard (not oil) because you can’t get oil hot enough. Beat your batter again put in your tin and put it near the top of the oven.Hope this works for ( I am a Yorkshire girl))

  9. Deep thoughts and some wise words.
    I’m afraid my experience of being “mothered” was not pleasant
    and unfortunately I have no children of my own, it just didn’t happen.
    I wish all the mothers out there every happiness on this day, and for many days to come.
    The lovely sunshine here today tempted me outside, quite an uplifting experience. The daffodils made a delightful display.
    Stay safe everyone.

  10. Love your take on this. My mum is no longer with us but I take a quiet moment to remember and walk with some of her favourite carnations to her grave.
    Would normally do this with all my siblings but not to be for the last couple of years due to lockdown xx

  11. Having very little family alive (a cousin only) has been a two edged sword during the lockdowns. Not experiencing the pain of being unable to visit yet also getting little contact by phone or internet. Very isolating.

    Like many I was grateful of chatting with Barbara during Shack shack sessions.

  12. Hi Barb,
    Wise words indeed today. I’m not a fan of either Mother’s or Father’s days having lost both of mine. I’m like your Mum, every birthday and Mother’s Day there is a vase of flowers for her. Today is daffodils as she loved them. I still find it difficult to watch adverts for Mother’s s Day and the emails that come out. I do understand that the lucky ones who have a mother want to celebrate but it is difficult. I do hope though that everyone who is celebrating the day has a lovely day. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. I miss my mum , 11 years now since we said goodbye. She was a great help when my kids were young and they loved her dearly. Have to admit to being spoilt by all my lot today, lots of treats, usually I would be providing tea for them all but today only a doorstep visit. I must be grateful for that though, luckier than some including yourself. xx

  14. HI Barbara – hope you had a fab birthday yesterday. I’ve been fortunate to spend the day with my sons – No 1 son moved out into his new flat two weeks ago and we’ve been able to form a bubble, so No 2 son & I are helping him to decorate. Been thinking of my own mum today – Mothering Sunday is always poignant for me, as that’s the last time I saw her 2 years ago. So glad I went to visit her that weekend as she died suddenly 6 weeks later. Treasuring the memories

  15. Thank you for the very wise and thoughtful words today Barbara, I lost my Mum 8 years ago and often think about her and what she would think of various things that we are going through. I’m so pleased that she isn’t here to cope with the current situation – she would have found it impossible.
    I have had a lovely Mother’s Day, not able to see my daughter in person, obviously – but had a lovely card and present. Plus Neill brought me my breakfast in bed, complete with flowers picked from the garden – bless him! So, I am feeling very thankful today, but my heart goes out to those less fortunate than I.
    Love and hugs, Gilly xx

  16. My mum died in 2016, at the age of 96 -in Australia, I hadn’t seen her for 19 years (though we spoke on the phone monthly ). We never had an easy relationship. I didn’t marry because I didn’t want children, so now I have , like Ann Skelton, only a cousin with whom I am in contact in this country. I’m glad others have a good relationship with their mothers and children, and send hugs to those who have lost their mums and still miss them.

  17. Very thoughtful blog today Barbara, you always have the right words. I have had a good day, Pete cooked a super roast dinner, phone calls and lovely cards and pressys from our son and daughter. I’ve been doing groovi butterflies so been kept out of mischief. Miss both my parents very much and not a day goes by when I don’t think of them. Lost Mum almost 32 years ago and Dad 27 years but I must say I try to remember the beautiful memories and not the sad ones but it can still be very hard at times. Hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday and have had a good Mothrrs Day today, love and hugs Pam xxx

  18. Hi Barbara
    I am one of the lucky ones and still have my mum she had 7 children unfortunately she lost one of my brothers 2years ago and one that is seriously ill at the moment although to her surprise he sent flowers today. I don’t have children but plenty of nieces and nephews I think coming from a large family it’s enough to put you off your own. When we get together there is always lots of people but nice when they go home. Although at the moment I would be happy to have their company but as you say this too shall pass. My best friend who lives opposite me lost her mum a number of years ago and she prefers to be left alone.
    Glad you had a good weekend, right person won the throwdown.
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  19. Lovely words, like you I still have my Mom but I know many don’t but we never forget them. The original meaning of Mothering Sunday was to visit the Mother Church near your childhood home where you were baptised& is always on the 4th Sunday in Lent. Servants were given the day off to do this. It is only just over 100 years since it came to be a day for Mothers as well.
    Enjoy your day with Dee tomorrow

  20. Lovely reading your Blog and yes I miss my Mum although she didn’t have the best of health and now I know she struggled most of her life with what we now class as Bipolar. I now admire how she coped and wish I had had a better understanding still that’s life another of the “if only”. I too was spoilt with goodies arriving by delivery men and phone calls but looking forward to very special real big hugs.
    Hope you had a good catch up with your two. X

  21. What a thought provoking blog which brought a lump to my throat when reading it. I am a mum to three, a Gran to seven and a Great Gran to ten…….so had flowers, cards and phone chats from some of my family. Sadly, I lost my Mum several years ago – she would not have coped with the current life we have today either but I think of her a lot and miss being able to celebrate Mother’s Day with her. As my mother was a prolific artist, I am surrounded with her artwork and she will never be forgotten…… I am glad you had a good day yesterday xx

  22. Good morning Barbara. I love reading your blog. Yesterday can be a difficult day for many. Each of us has our own story. Today is a new day and the sun is shining. Enjoy your walk with your friend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  23. Along the same lines and it especially fits with the end of this blog, the preacher in our Zoom church service yesterday suggested that maybe we could all celebrate actual Motherhood.

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