Oooh I say! Black Posca Pens!

Oooh I say! Black Posca Pens!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Can hardly keep my eyes open this afternoon. Absolutely cream crackered. That’s what comes of working into the night; what you gain one day, you lose the next. So it’s time to have an afternoon catnap.

But before I curl up with the cats and have a kip – because I is truly kippered – I want to flag up a new arrival on the website!

Finally. Black Posca Pens. They are deluxe, smooth paint pens – and a must have. Remember when I raved about the white ones? Well, I am raving about the black ones too! The large one is perfect for edging art on so many different surfaces, and the finer one is a very slick black pen. I like writing with it. So signatures are no longer scratchy when the ink doesn’t flow as fast as the hand movement.

Fine & Medium Set Available HERE

Fine Available HERE

Medium Available HERE

What’s the difference between our Micron fineliner pens and the Posca Pens? Well, the Micron pens are an archival ink, and wonderful for drawing with, and for super fine work. The Posca Pens are bolder paint pens. Want to draw on canvas board? Posca. Want to work on wood? Posca. Pebbles… metals… fabric …. – wait for it – ceramics? POSSSSCAAAAA.

How a couple of pens can open up a whole new world is quite baffling.

We have a pretty good collection of Posca Paint pens now. Superb. They are like hen’s teeth at the moment. I guess imports are not so easy. Been waiting on these for a while. That’s fine. Late deliveries are a bit of a G&T problem in my head. With poor people dropping like flies around us, I really cannot get excited about late post, or as in our case – lost containers. And I don’t mean jam jars. So when shipments arrive we are grateful, and when they are lost at sea – we wait.

The Complete Posca range can be found HERE

Bye for now.

Stay safe

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Oooh I say! Black Posca Pens!

  1. That’s the trouble with robbing Peter to pay with Paul, tiredness catches up with you!!! Enjoy your catnap with the kittens. Hope they stay still for you!

  2. Sorry to hear about your lost container, on top of all the other import problems it’s no wonder you’re cream crackered and stressed.
    Hope you had a nice nap and the kitties behaved x

  3. That reminds me I’m waiting for a POSCA order, I told them to wait until they’re all to save two parcels, I’ll add the black ones to my sale order, still sitting there and being added to. Yes, why worry over something there is no control over, too much going on for that ! Hope you had a cat nap. Hubby seems to drop off at 4 every day for 45 mins, I doze if I start to read. Being pricking this afternoon with my first go on a ribbon plate ! X

  4. Oh wow I love my white Posca pens. You wouldn’t believe how many forms they have rescued right from the moment I received them. Now black ones just amazing. I hope you get some rest Barbara. I am loving Egypt. Thank you for taking us there. Take care. Hugs xxx

  5. I do like the Posca pens, I shall need the black. I love to use them to splatter with over work sounds mad but looks great. So now I shall be back on the website, with the sale still on, oh dear. X

  6. Eee, Barbara be kind to yourself. It’s February, bloody freezing and often so grey and wet. A short nap to boost the reserves is a good thing. It’s a real joy to be on the bus. I’ve never been to Egypt but you have made it come alive. Thank you !!xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    I love my Posca Pens. Like Lynne, I use the white ones to ‘splatter’. Have to say haven’t tried it with the gold and silver will have to though. Great to see you’ve now got the black ones ( which I’ve just ordered). My circle and square background stamps arrived today ( thank you) and had a little play with the small ones. They are fabulous, can’t wait to use them on some cards. Going to try the kiss technique tomorrow to see how that turns out. Hope you and the Vikings had a good nap together and that you get a good night’s rest tonight. Nothing worse than being tired all day. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  8. I love the Posca pens and have used the white ones for ages. The white gel pens and I do not get on, but the Posca ones have saved the day. I even use them on my Matthew Palmer watercolour paintings. Great news that you have such a good range now. I am happy to wait as long as it takes to receive my order. This Covid business really teaches you patience and gratitude. Look after yourselves. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  9. Hello Barb, hope you had a great catnap and woke up energised. I am loving the Posca pens I ordered recently. I am sure my son had a set when he was doing graphic design. I bet I have them in a box somewhere. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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