A Crafty Friend

A Crafty Friend

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Just spent a couple of very lovely, chatty, crafty, arty hours with a dear friend on Facetime. Many of you will know Sam Crowe from oop norf. To know her is to love her. It was great to catch up with her.

She’s a smashing woman. Fun and crazy. Here we see here in action at the last Open Days in Ditton…

When we get talking about art and projects, we could go on forever. She‘s just got so many ideas in that head of hers! So today it was time to have a proper chinwag and a share.

I guess it’s our new company Pinky Gray on the horizon which has prompted us to hook up. Sam’s right into her Journaling and Stationery – so we were way overdue a creative planning session! Oh boy have we rustled up some great ideas together!!

It’s great to talk about art and design to a like-minded creative like our Sam. She is a Clarity gal through and through. She loves what I do, and I love what she does. We are very different in our styles, and yet often very similar in our approach.

Our Facetime session was intense to say the least. Bouncing ideas around and leaping about from idea to idea. I need a lie down now!

The last Stamps and Stencil Set she designed for Clarity and showcased on Hochanda TV was fantastic. At first glance, it was a whole load of shapes and holes, designed to create arty background. Remember this amazing lot?


This is how it started out life, in Sam’s idea books, which she doodles and draws and creates in all day long…

She sends us those books and ideas…

Then Lucy, our clever Clarity Designer, sprinkles her magic and cleverness on it, and turns all those doodles and arty scribbles into beautiful stamps and stencil prototypes.

Here are both ladies at the TV studios a year ago, getting ready for the big launch…

These we send back to Sam, to make sure we’ve interpreted her ideas accurately, and then she translates them into art for us.

The Clarity Sample Design team then put their spin on it – and hey presto! We have an irrestistible collection of stamps and stencils, inspired and designed by Sam Crowe

Isn’t that something?

Teamwork makes the dream work. Wonderful when it comes together.

When it comes to Sam, what can I say except she is the Genuine Article. She is exactly who she is. A creative, kind, good woman, a wife and mother of two, who has a unique arty talent, who writes powerful poetry, and who can put colour together like a star.

If you fancy investing in this superb Mixed media Set of stamps and stencils, they are available at a great price. CLICK HERE

Love always,

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “A Crafty Friend

  1. Love Sam’s style. Funnily enough one of those stamp and stencil sets fell into my basket during the members’ sale to go with the two sets I already have. I can highly recommend them.

  2. I love this set. It comes out a lot especially when I am making cards for the fellas. Lots of choice in both stamps and stencils and they work together beautifully

  3. I always enjoyed watching Sam on the YouTube videos (before pandemic..bp!) love her art and she used to make me laugh out loud when she used one of your things, like a brayer or whatever, and said things like “ooh that’s Barbara’s, better be careful not to leave it too mucky!” Complete chaos with wonderful results! I’m completely into complete chaos…not so sure about getting the great results though 😉

  4. This is one of my go-to sets of stamps. So versatile and fun. Would love to see Sam do more demos with them as the original show wasn’t enough time to look at the accompanying stencils in particular I thought. Would that be possible please? Thanks xx

  5. Love watching Sam demo at the Open Days spend a long time at her table. I am not as arty as her though and rarely recreate her style. Her enthusiasm is so contagious x

  6. What a coincidence that you talked with Sam Crowe today. Yesterday, I was having a bit of a dark day, so went to my craft room and got the whole set of Sam’s shapes out and just freely played with them not really knowing where I was going. I ended up using the ’round to it’ set and used really bright colours that lifted my spirits. I love Sam’s artwork. Maybe she could do a live session with us using all those lovely shapes? That would be Fab!! – 😘 X

  7. Hoo-blimmin’-ray, I asked Sam if there were any pictures of these fabulous designs – thank you for putting them here – I told Sam (via Facebook) that they simply blew me away when they were on TV last year. I got the circles and, ever since, I have been seeing circles everywhere!! Just needed a starting point.
    Been playing with my new stamps and the hare stencil – wow, who knew that hare would be so amazing. Thanks again.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  8. Love those stamps and the Leonie squiggles. They are brilliant for mens cards! And for just messing about and playing when your mojo goes AWOL x

  9. While I love to see what people do with these stamps and admire the samples above I just cannot envisage me ever using them. It takes people like Sam and Leonie to do justice to this style of crafting, and thank heavens for them otherwise there would be less variety around.
    Glad you enjoyed your brain storming day with Sam, it is good to catch up with good friends.
    Watched the shows today. I have all the dies shown but it was very relaxing to listen to Paul and pick up a few ideas.
    Stay safe.

  10. Thanks for reminding me why I brought these stamps of Sams. Need to get them out & have a play – would be great to have a facebook live craftalong with Sam if that is at all possible. Loved watching her at the open days – she always had a crowd round her table fascinated by the way she put the paint & stamps together to make wonderful art work.

  11. I bought the whole set when Sam showcased them on Hochanda (can’t believe it’s been a year). I’ve used them a bit but not to their full potential and not with the stencils. Would love a Facebook live with them for inspiration

  12. Thank you Barbara for sharing- I would love to be a fly on the wall listening to creative ideas and positive energy shared by two amazing woman – I purchased Sam’s shape stamps when I saw on Hochanda- love the shape stamps.

  13. Hello Barb, Sam is certainly a very artistic soul, love her mixed media style. Will add the sets to my every growing wish list, which constantly gets sorted into varying priorities. Take care all. Bx

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