When does play become work?

When does play become work?

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in.

Been beavering away in my artroom all day, 
but now it’s time to stop and play.
Make sure first that the cats are fed
then escape down to my pottery shed.
But surely, crafting’s not work, you say -
It is when your name is Barbara Gray
And you’ve got mahoosive bills to pay!

Hahahaahaha. She’s definitely lost the plot!

That’ll do! I’m burning daylight here!
Off to try and throw a cheese dome and two matching pickle jars with lids.

Mmmm. Could be a while…..

Love and Hugs

21 thoughts on “When does play become work?

  1. Aha – dying to see you on the Pottery Throwdown. Your pottery projects are certainly up to the standard that we see on the Throwdown

  2. good luck ! Not a lot of daylight to burn today. Great poem you’re so good at them ! Look forward to the cheese dome and accessories ! X

    1. I can’t do pottery but just watched the throw down for the first time, how lovely to escape the bad news for an hour……I definitely will be following this series, so refreshing!

  3. Enjoy throwing those pickle jars and cheese dome! Look foward to an update.

    I am not on any social media so can’t comment whilst in the Shac Shack, but just to say loving the ideas of monthly live tutorials, husband won’t but you can’t take it with you!

    Thank you again Barbara and all your wonderful team for keeping me sane and focused during these difficult times.
    Keep safe everyone.

  4. Hi Barbara I love the poem. You do work so hard. Enjoy the pottery. I am sure you will show what you have made in the Shac Shack sometime. In the slow cooker there is a rice pudding cooking. That was today’s experiment from me. I am loving the tea-cups. See you on Friday. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  5. Love the poem.
    No chance for me to play today. Had planned to do a few small jobs then craft for the rest of the day. Wrong!!!!! Started filing some paperwork but the files were getting tight in the drawers so did some weeding and shredding. Next thing I knew I had gutted, cleaned and re-organised the office. Sat down at 3.15 to eat a sandwich, promptly fell asleep and have just woken up to a very dark evening. Might do some stamping after dinner.
    Hope your cheese dome and pickle jars come out well and look forward to seeing the results.
    Stay safe.

  6. I had a rocky day yesterday, as it would have been my dear mum’s 90th birthday and I miss her so much.
    I was ready for some cheering up and boy, did you do that in bucket loads in the SHAC this morning! Thank you so much for your ever positive cheerfulness and for making me laugh so much. It was just the tonic I needed. I realise that you often have your own worries and anxieties bubbling under the surface, but you always manage to put a positive spin on things for all of us and we do appreciate it.
    I hope you enjoyed your pottery session and I can’t wait to see the results. Have a good evening. Hugs and thanks. Annette X

  7. Been a very grey day here, no pun intended. Look forward to seeing how your pots turn out. I watched the Pottery Throwdown on Sunday, always enjoy the programme but could not imagine myself ever wanting to do pottery. I will stick to Groovi and just lately really enjoying getting inks out. xx

  8. I hope you have a lovely time doing your pottery, you deserve it. The Shac Shac this morning had me crying with laughter which is something I haven’t done for a very long time so thank you for that. I knew exactly what you were talking about as I used to do travel industry shows all over the country back in the day. Long days of hard graft but we did have some fun as well. Keep safe xxxx

  9. I had so much fun in the Shack this morning so hope you were able to relax and have fun in your potting shed you so deserve it. I love to listen to your stories, I hope you realise how much you mean to all of us. Xx

  10. Your ‘beavering away’ is always a great show
    To help me improve on what I don’t know
    About crafting – that’s stamping and Groovi and doodling alike,
    But pottery is definitely not in my sight …
    Yet I love what you do, share with us so generously.
    So, Thank You dear Barbara, you wonderful lady!

    Keep up the good work – best wishes, Jutta

  11. Hope the pottering went well! I wonder where you got the inspiration for the cheese dome and pickle jars….?! 😉🤣 Glad you stepped away from the treadmill to play. It’s easy for us all to forget that our play is actually your work.

  12. Hope you have a good time in your pottery shed can’t wait to see the results. Had a lovely time in the shac this morning had me in stitches do love your stories especially when they set you off giggling. We all really do appreciate it and love the idea of a new venture. Take care and stay safexx

  13. Hello Barb, hope you had a great time in your pottery shed. Love your little ditty. I have not watched pottery throwdown, sounds like I am missing something very entertaining. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. The good thing is that if your work is something you enjoy it’s less of a slog and never boring. Loving your pottery, I have lots of treasures I made.
    Injections in both eyes this morning for AMD, feel as though I have done a few rounds in a boxing ring but, God willing, and after vaccination early tomorrow , my vision will have returned by shac Shack time tomorrow. Ever hopeful,Very grateful. X

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