What’s your obsession today?

What’s your obsession today?

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Woke up early this morning to snow in the garden. Immediately, my focus moved from worrying about the Clarity team being safe at work, with masks and visors and sanitizers, to worrying about them GETTING to work on icy roads and snowy back lanes!

Instantly, Covid and the Pandemics dropped to No. 2 on the Daily Obsession Hitlist, and The Weather zoomed to Number 1 !!

As I stood in my pyjamas looking out of the bedroom window, panicking about Clarity staff coming from further afield, I had to laugh at myself. Only a day ago, I was standing in the exact same spot, at the exact same time, 6 am. freaking out about a 3rd Lockdown. And the day before that, Mum, Dad and the Booster Jabs were at the top of my obsession charts.

So there seems to be a pattern evolving here. Firstly, there’s always something new to worry about, to obsess about; and secondly, the first things always seems to fade into insignificance as soon as the second thing turns up. It may come back, but it also often gets resolved, or at least loses its power over me, its initial grip, if you know what I mean!

Perhaps the trick is to hit the pause button. Just wait and watch before flicking the worry switch.

Food for thought.

If I were ever to get a tattoo done, which I wouldn’t, but. If I were ever to get a tattoo done, I think it would read “One Day at a time”

What about you? What would your tattoo say?

Stay Safe and keep crafting.

Love always,

Barb xxx

PS . There’s a super Tutorial Blog by clever Josie Davidson on the Claritymattersblog.com. Check it out. Never been a better time to join the PTC crowd!

31 thoughts on “What’s your obsession today?

  1. I don’t get to morning before I start stressing over really stupid things; they wake me and keep me awake for hours and I end up with a list in my head. My tattoo would read ‘Really!’, because that seems to be the word I use too frequently these days, but like you it’s never going to happen.

  2. Well..I could worry for England, but nothing changes if I worry, so I think you just have to carry on (and hope you don’t die!). Isn’t there a saying about …today is the day you worried about yesterday and all is well?
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  3. My mind gets pickled when I worry too much and just runs wild. My saying would be Breath softly and smile sweetly.
    Tomorrow is another day…..


  4. Not that I would get a tattoo but if I did it would be “Worry not – it may never happen”
    I have no control over other people or events in the land so I now take each day as it comes and just try to do no harm. We are both sleeping better since we decided to ignore the world and go into hibernation for the 12 days of Christmas. We both needed a break from the mayhem, it has done us a lot of good and we are more relaxed.
    Hope you and yours managed safely in the snow. No sign of it here in Norfolk just drizzly rain.
    Take care, stay safe.

  5. My tattoo would be the leafy swirl. I even stamped it on my wrist in archival ink to see if it would work. Took a while to get rid of it would I now know it would look ace!
    I just need to find someone who would do it exactly as it is and also have the courage to have it done. That may take a while!
    My obsession today has been worrying that I really need to get some ironing done! Tomorrow I will sort that out and get stuck into it.
    Love and hugs xxx

  6. A consultant once said we should only take on what is our business and not other people’s. The tattoo might say Be kind (to yourself, to others). One day at a time is good but if a day is too long, an hour at a time or five minutes at a time, if need be. The first minute of the rest of the day is the one we need to get through. The rest will follow. I can stress listening to the news and then I think: There are folk paid to worry about all those things. I don’t need to take it all on board. Can’t change it so no point in stressing. But that said, I am just watching the news just now and thinking: How come all those MPs are exempt from wearing masks in parliament? But do you know, I won’t be mixing with them! Back to my business!! That’s their’s! Seems a bit selfish, maybe, but it is what it is just now. Hope you have a lovely evening with your Vikings. Lots of love. Hxx

  7. A sign in the Doctor’s surgery years ago read:
    There are only 2 things to worry about- are you well or are you poorly? If you are well there is nothing to worry about. If you are poorly – there are only 2 things to worry about- are you going to get better or are you going to die? If you are going to get well there is nothing to worry about. If you are going to die there are only 2 things to worry about- are you going to heaven or are you going to hell!! If you are going to heaven there is nothing to worry about, if you are going to hell you will be so busy shaking hands with everyone you won’t have time to worry!
    It has stuck with me for a very long time (not much else has!) But I wouldn’t have it tattoed😉. I do tend not worry. Pi

  8. I am completely out of step with most people I fear -I LOVE lockdown and shielding at home with my good friend next door in my bubble for company, and we take care of each other. I feel safe and happy. Of course I don’t have any family to speak of (not in this country anyway) and my friends live too far away to visit now, so we keep in touch as we usually do, by phone or email. I don’t wake worrying, just planning what to do with all that lovely time. Perhaps make some cards to send to friends who, sadly, cannot see those they love, or get out to exercise because of infirmity. Today I made marmalade after watching Barbara.. I’m so lucky living in a village where I get everything delivered and have no need to go anywhere. So I do feel badly sorry for all of you who miss loved ones and worry about them, but I remain out of step, so my tattoo would be ‘ Always out of step’ .

  9. My tattoo would be ,keep the faith . Think the civic jabs must be a postcode lottery ,,it’s lovely your parents have had one and are now having their boosters , my parents live in a small hamlet 5 miles outside Edenbridge Dad is 90 mum is 82 they haven’t heard anything about theirs yet ,very worrying as dad is very frail now .

  10. At the moment my obsession is the recycling bin which was only half emptied before Christmas as hubby had wedged some cardboard in it ! Grrrr! So now it’s full and not going to be emptied still Saturday! I’ve got recycling piling up in carrier bags now! I will put some in next door’s but it’s irritating the he!! Out of me at the moment. Daft I know but it seems to be on my mind all day! Usually I’d be putting it out tonight for emptying tomorrow but of course we’re late because of the holidays. Otherwise I’m not often obsessed that I can think of. I’ll have to wait and see once this has been resolved. LOL!! X

    1. Forgot about the tattoo as I got carried away with the recycling bin ! I think my tattoo at the moment would be ‘recycling bin’ – to make me smile. Not that I’d ever have one !

  11. I think I’ve worried less since lockdown as I have to stay at home for the most part and I can opt out of most things, relaxing at home with craft and The Shac. I do miss my family and can’t wait for the day we can all hug (family that is). Sometimes I quite like the distancing side of things but maybe I should worry about how I feel? That it’s not natural for me to feel like that. I often thought I would like a tattoo but then got to an age when I thought I was past it 😆 if I did have one it would say Travel Gently. Ever since you told us what Grace said to you I’ve used it often and it is a good mantra to have ❤️

  12. I tend not to be a big worrier – I did some psychology training years ago through work about focusing on what you can control and not on what you can’t. It has stood me in good stead over the years. As with so many of the Clarity community crafting is my happy place. I have really got in the zone now after producing something every day over the Christmas period. Am now working out a plan to keep it up.

  13. I am worrying about a new sofa being delivered on Friday, want the sofa which has been on order for months but don’t really want the delivery men in the house. They will be wearing PPE and we shall keep out of way but still worry. I shall be standing with spray in hand ready for when they leave.
    Not sure about what I would have on a tattoo never given it any thought, maybe a little tree with a branch for each family member. They are on my mind continually these days xx

  14. My friend had a tattoo of stars graduating in size on her foot to represent her 5 grandchildren . I think I would have something similar but 5 hearts to represent mine. Not going to happen though, too much pain! My granddaughter has had a spray of 3 roses representing her and her parents and the words something like ‘I am happy that I will always be a part of you’. Quite sweet but I am not keen on seeing beautiful young skin spoiled by the ink xx

  15. I am not a worrying sort of person – always have gone with ”live for today sort tomorrow out when it comes” but its when I wake in the middle of the night that I start thinking about things that I often have no control over. I have moved our daughter to her new house dozens of times over the last few months – only 2 weeks to the actual move so hopefully that will be taken out of the equation then. Then it will be what needs to be done to the house but I will leave that one for now !!
    The Serenity prayer comes to mind but as to a tattoo – Live for today I think would be my choice

  16. Tattoo! Then I would have to worry about Hepatitis C, HIV and the other infection risks from it, as well as how awful they look as your skin wrinkles… My mantra has been All Sun makes a Desert – desert flowers grow in rain and we can grow too at and from some of our worse moments.

  17. My tattoo would be a cat stretching down my shin playing with my ankle bone. I would never have one of course. This would remind me that I should live like a cat. “Sleep, stretch, eat, play and sleep again.”
    I have to stop watching the news and living in a constant state of panic.
    I try to live by the “Smiling is infectious” poem by Spike Milligan.

  18. Sorry that I am so late to the party. My tattoo would be “give thanks” and would have a cluster of small butterflies with my husband and children’s names in their wings – but that won’t happen with me either, so it will have to be an invisible tattoo that I wear in my heart.

    As I was reading your blog Barbara, I came up with a solution to your early morning obsessions – please, don’t go to look out of the window. Just head straight to the kitchen for a cuppa and game with the kittens and when you have it in your hands, you can look out of the windows. 🙂

  19. Hello Barb, I hope it is all ok with the team down in the snow. We have not had any, just very heavy frost, so icy cars. If I had another tattoo done, it would say “be kind”. So important right now. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  20. Hi Barbara there is so much to worry about. The Shac Shack and crafting do help me to switch off. It I ever had a tattoo it would be a single small butterfly. No words just a butterfly. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  21. Too long for a tattoo, but I learned a poem when I was little:-
    “Don’t whittle and worry, don’t dither and doubt, just count up the times, things have worked themselves out.” Can’t say I always do this, but sometimes it helps as – this too shall pass.

  22. My tattoo would say:
    “It will all be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end”.
    I have this on a pendant too.

  23. No tattoos for me, and I try not to worry about things I can’t control or influence. I need to practice this more though, so am about to sign up for a mindfulness living course on line. We all need tuition and guidance and practice to get better at things that matter to us, and I would really like more peace of mind!

  24. Every so often my husband writes on the back of his hand in black ink NAANT a Dennis Lewis quote “Never Allow A Negative Thought” he finds that helps him and keeps him focused.

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