Calling all Clarity Craft Club Members!

Calling all Clarity Craft Club Members!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Last day of the first month of the year. Woke up to a glorious pinky grey sky – stunning. So let’s call it National Optimistic Sunday! In fact, forget the borders! Let’s call it INTERNATIONAL Optimistic Sunday. Onwards and upwards with vigour!

Here’s a simple card from me to you, using our lovely silhouette Characters, a couple of larger Word Chain stamps and the smaller of the 2 Rectangle Backdrop Stamps.

I made a batch of the backgrounds using a selection of Distress Oxide ink pads, and then picked one…

Very cool to use, and very easy too.

In other matters, at Midnight tonight the Bi-annual Half price Clarity Craft Club Members Sale kicks off. We’ve changed how we are doing it this time:

  • One week only, instead of the whole month.
  • Half price across the whole Clarity product range, instead of selected items. (This month’s newness not included)

One of the perks of being in the Clarity Craft Club!

Here’s the deal:

  • Monthly multiple full colour, step by step tutorials, sent to you through the post, including the new stamp, stencil, groovi plate or die of the month,
  • 10% or 15% discount on all Clarity purchases made with Clarity all year,
  • Half price sale twice a year.
  • £6 a month per Craft Club (Stamp, Stencil, Groovi) £8 per Month for the Die club.
  • Spread the cost monthly, or
  • If you pay a year’s subscription upfront, we will send you a complete bonus project completely Free – like a 13th Month.
  • (if you are already in the club(s) and your renewal is due later on in the year, you will receive that Thank You bonus project as soon as you renew).

There’s still time to join, so that you can gain access to the first big half price sale of the year. One, two, three or all four of the clubs will gain you access to the Sale. Gone are the days when we had to go in the back of the website and flick the switch to let you in! Now, as soon as you buy your subscription, you’re in! Easy. Or call Jeannine tomorrow morning and she will sort it out for you. 01732 868215.

The other thing about our sale is that it is a real one, not a clearance. We make what we sell, you see. So we don’t sell out. Whatever you buy during the sale we will make – even if it is not on the shelf. That said, it follows that orders may take longer if we have to make the item(s) you have ordered. So please bear with us if we take a little longer than you would like or expect. Smaller team nowadays. Which is why we have shorteded the duration of the sale, but expanded the available range.

So if you were thinking of joining, now is a good time!! Apart from the sale, you could treat it as a very cool monthly injection of inspiration and craft. Hone your skills and build your stash at the same time!


We look forward to welcoming you!

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb xx

26 thoughts on “Calling all Clarity Craft Club Members!

  1. I didn’t hesitate to renew my membership and am so very glad I have! My January goodies have arrived and I’m so happy with the quality, style of designs, together with the inspiration projects are amazing! What a wonderful year ahead.
    Thank you xx

  2. Hi Barbara I love your card. I love a bit of optimism for a Sunday. I will be renewing my membership I love get something new every month. It is such a treat. I am working on my shopping list and I have warned hubby. Have a good day. Take care. Hugs (I wish we could). xxx

  3. Love the card you have made xx am already member of all clubs and love the projects will be renewing later in the year definitely xx would recommend to anyone and always do xx thank you for everything you and your whole team do we are so lucky xx

  4. Got my stamp and stencil club plus thank you and I love them. Got a list ready for tomorrow along with a letter to the bank apologising for spending so much at once 😂. Love all things clarity, the Shacs and everyone who joins in with this fantastic company. Thank you to all the fantastic clarity family for keeping me sane and my hands busy. Lots of love. Kath xx

  5. My membership was renewed early in November. Time to make sure I am well stocked on all the basic consumables as well as have a good browse through all the other goodies. My crafting mojo is slowly returning, not had much inclination lately. X

  6. Another great card & I am looking forward to receiving my January envelope of goodies – hopefully it will be tomorrow but looking at your picture above I think it will be another great one.
    Whats more unlike other sales with end of line bargains we will have the choice of whatever we wish as long as it is made by yourselves so what is there not to like about that ?
    I am off to get my list ready, enjoy the rest of Sunday which is grey & cloudy here but dry & no sign of snow – yet !! See you on the bus tomorrow with my passport & flip flops, can’t wait to see where we are heading. I am trying to remember where you were when you told us the hot sand & flip flop story in your blog but will wait until tomorrow rather than trawl through the blog x

  7. I love being a club member and have been one for many years – since there was only a stamp club! Have a little pile of goodies ready to be reunited with those in storage come April when my new house is finished. Can’t wait!!! My only dilemma is if I order in the sale will I duplicate things I already have 🙄 x

  8. I’m so glad you did the backdrop stamp in the square shape. Having requested it it would have been rude not to have ordered it wouldn’t it. I was going to let my club membership lapse as my financial circumstances have now changed somewhat during this trying time. However my lovely husband didn’t like the idea so renewed my stamp membership as a Christmas present – I’m so grateful he did. I hope all the clarity crew have had a restful weekend as I imagine next week the doors will be blown off the building 😊 xxx

  9. Hi, my membership needs renewing today. Is it possible to do this on the website? Can’t seem to find where. Thanks

  10. Certainly optimistic day here. Ready cursor poised for my order. Looking forward to the Shak holiday too. Lots of love

  11. Ive ordered so much over the last few weeks I don’t think I need anything now. But Ill have a look ‘just in case’ LOL

  12. First month as a member. Only picked the stencil club., package arrived yesterday with the special thank you. I has definitely exceeded my expectations for £6 a month.
    Thank you.

  13. Got a list ready for tomorrow 😃 , almost stopped my stencil club ,. Sooooo glad I didn’t love all four club items and the bonus ones really made it worthwhile stretching the funds to pay all at once
    Thanks all at Clarity keep safe xx

  14. My shelves are buckling under the weight of my Clarity goods but I will stil have a look through the sale. I have identified a space which I will clear of old, unused card making items from the distant past and dedicate February to making lots of charity cards with them (can’t throw it away – hate waste!). This way I will have room for all the spectacular goodies you have in store for us for the rest of the year.
    I am so enjoying all the demo’s and inspiration on the Clarity web site and know that even if this pandemic lasts another year I will never be bored.
    Thank you for all you are doing.
    Stay safe.

  15. If course I have rejoined! No brainier. In fact, due to the groovi inspiration received through Tina Cox, Jane Telford and the amazing handiwork on Groovi worldwide, I’ve even added the Groovi club to the other 3. If only I could buy the time to play with them!
    Any chance of adding time to the half price sale Barb?!
    Looking forward to another terrific club year xx

  16. My lovely sons buy me the stamp club membership as my Christmas present each year, and I’ve added the die club for the last couple of years as well. It’s such good value. This month’s stamps & dies landed through the letterbox yesterday – looking forward to playing with them. My sister & my crafting buddy are both in the stamp club this year as well, so we’re setting up a little monthly zoom club so we can work through the projects together. Already got my shopping list started for tomorrow – somehow I think it might grow further before I’m done!!

  17. Hi Barb,
    I renewed my subscriptions in December and my new goodies arrived early last week . I love getting my happy mail each month – well worth the money. I’ve had a little browse through the sale and the worrying thing is that I have nearly everything I it!!! I think I’m a Clarity addict!! There are a few things that have caught my eye though lol. I’m trying to slow my craft buying for a couple of months as I have splashed out on a beautiful new solid wood ukulele. It’s a massive incentive to keep my practising going! Love and hugs Alison xx

    Ps Have you stopped doing the spot on sponges now as I can’t find them anywhere on the website and non on Hochanda either?

  18. Renewed my subscription in December, great value. When my club goodies arrive it’s like having a Birthday every month. xx

  19. Hi
    I renewed in December with my big birthday money always great value. Have saved my Christmas vouchers for the sale so roll on tomorrow looking forward to it l.
    Thanks Barbara and the clarity team for all your hard work especially in this difficult time, always patient on delivery would like it next day but that’s because it’s exciting when it arrives 😂.
    Hope you enjoyed the throw down tonight know how much you enjoy raku firing .( not sure about the naked bit) 😂😂😂

  20. Hello Barb, of course I renewed. Why wouldn’t you. I have 3 of the clubs, and enjoy that envelope so much when it drops through the letter box (love the latest one) . Best go have a look at what is on offer. Enjoy the sale everyone, and just ignore the bank manager. Take care and stay safe all. Bx

  21. Love looking through the sale pages. I really do not need anything but there might just be something that’s passed me by. Loved this months goodies. My club envelope is always a great to look forward to each month

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