Saving the best till last….

Saving the best till last….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Busy day on HOCHANDA! The 6pm Birds on a Wire and Woodland Stamps are in full swing, so just a quickie before Paul goes back to the woods at 8pm!! What a wonderful set of stamps these are! More than any other collections, these will be the ones that will remind me of the SHAC-Shack in the future.

I guess it’s because the Woods have been the only outdoors many of us have been fortunate enough to enjoy this whole year. And this particular set is so quintessentially British, with the honeysuckle and the Fly Agaric toadstools. And the birds on a wire were where it all started in the SHAC. Yep. I’ll remember them for sure. Every time I see a bird sitting on a wire nowadays, I think of my friends in the SHAC-Shack x

Anyway, here’s a little gallery for you from the ever clever Design team. Enjoy xxx

Many thanks to my team mates for their wonderful work.

Tomorrow morning at 8am I shall be taking inspriation from the last one in the gallery, Linda Spencer’s lovely work. Got a few tricks n tips up my sleeve, so I hope you can join me.

But in the meantime, please check out what our Paul has in store for you . After all, these fab designs are also available as Groovi plates. xxx

Gotta go!! Paul’s on telly! Hochanda. com.

Stay safe.

Love always,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Saving the best till last….

  1. Lovely shows today, I feel very proud that I have been able to draw from scratch the beautiful doodles you have made into stamps and Groovi plates.
    Amazing samples for the DT

  2. What lovely stamps have been created to remind us all of our time in the woods. May have to take a trip to the website😂😂

  3. I think drawing these birds with you was a revelation to me, I could produce something…almost as good as you, Those early days, dark days, you were a light for us to hang on to. Thank you

  4. I have loved the whole journey in the SHAC Shack & can’t believe how much we have all achieved. I have my work in a folder plus 8 postcards in a frame. Having the stamps & Groovi plates will enable me to take our drawings to the next level with the use of masks & techniques that we have learnt along the way. There are some wonderful samples again from the Design Team & I enjoyed watching you do your demos between 2 & 4 & then at 6pm. Need to catch up with 8pm later & hopefully there will be enough stock for tomorrows shows to go ahead as planned but we will have to wait & see.

  5. Oh Barbara I remember drawing those birds. Who would have believed we would still be doodling and colouring. The stamps are a fantastic reminder. The artwork that has been created with them is amazing. I am looking forward to tomorrow. Take care. Hugs xxx

  6. Loved the shows, the demos, the stamps and the plates all fabulous look forward to all the rest cx lovely walk down memory lane and seeing how far we have all come with the best bus driver ever thank you so much xx

  7. What great stamps and Groovi plate s.My compliments to the design team for all the samples – they are inspiring. Naturally I had to place 2 orders today.
    Paul is on the telly at the moment, loving his demo. Loving how he did the backgrounds. Thought occurred to me that square and round plain background stamps would be super useful and save a heck of a lot of layering.
    On another subject …………
    Do your glasses get steamed up while wearing a mask?
    I had occasion to attend the eye clinic last week and the first thing the nurse did on the doostep (after the temperature check and questions) was to tape the top of the mask to my face. It worked but getting it off was painful. I bought some Micropore tape today, detacked it on my shirt, applied it to the mask and it worked. Getting it off was much easier than the super sticky tape the nurse used. Hope this tip will help someone.
    Stay safe and warm in this chilly weather.

    1. Many thanks for that useful tip, Cherry. It’s bad enough having to wear specs with a mask without having sticking plaster applied, which would leave scars, or worse.

      1. Pat, I had that extra sticky tape on my face, holding my eye shield in place after my cataract was done. That was seriously painful to remove. Micropore is bad enough, although mine seems to have lost its stick. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  8. Loved the shows today , I did a few of the doodles but I’m soooooo glad you brought the doodles out as stamps thank you xxx hugs

  9. Lovely programmes today thank you. Beautiful samples from the design team. Shac shack doodles have translated so well to stamps and Groovi. What a journey, so much fun. X

  10. Hello Barb, what beautiful samples with these fabulous stamps, have not watched the shows yet, so it will be a real treat. I think the time and effort you have put into the Shac Shack is just commendable and has been a serious outlet and lifeline for many, so Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  11. I started the shac shac at the beginning. It is fabulous. Thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your knowledge and words of wisdom with us.Most of all you precious time. I never believe I could create those designs. I sat many a time when at the beginning of the week you showed us what the plan for the week was and said your joking. You know what by the end of the week I’d completed it.
    For the first time ever I am hand drawing my Christmas cards.
    Bless you Barbara you have given me so much. Xx

  12. I will remember your voice and leadership in the dark. I think you will have saved lives. I know from their comments you have saved a lot of people’s sanity.

    Great shows.

  13. Beautiful artwork. I’m going to revisit the Shac on YouTube over Christmas to catch up a bit. Work is just getting in the way !!!

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