Ahhh Jayne….

Ahhh Jayne….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just clearing away the wreckage in my little artroom from 3 hours of live Skype TV –

…and Jayne is on my mind. Darling Jayne Nestorenko. Wouldn’t she have been chuffed to bits to know that her stamps sold out again. Why wouldn’t they? It’s not hard to make masterpieces with this art!

Jayne’s Small Winter Scenes Collection

Here’s a simple sample I made during the 1pm Show. Nothing but a black ink pad, a white pencil, a white Posca pen – and Jayne’s artwork.

It’s as I said during the show: when you buy art designed by a certain person, you are buying a bit of their energy too. That’s my belief anyway. And when I use Jayne’s art, I can feel her energy. When I use Mel’s art I feel her energy. When I use Linda’s art, I feel her energy. That’s a good thing.

I may present it my way, but their energy shines through every time.

Sod it. I’ll tidy up tomorrow morning. Time to go cuddle the kittens.

Thanks for watching, and buying – it’s what keeps the wheels turning. Without you we wouldn’t be here.

Love always

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “Ahhh Jayne….

  1. Wonderful shows xx beautiful artwork both the original and the design teams interpretation x a special lady whose art will live on thank you xx enjoy the kittens you deserve to chill for a while xx

    1. Wonderful shows today loved the art work, your craft room looks like mine lol
      Enjoy those gorgeous kittens they sure are beautiful

  2. Goodness, I’ve got that mess in a smaller space and I haven’t been on telly ! LOL!! Love all Jayne’s stamps and the small ones are darlings. Great shows today. Thank you. Cuddle those kittens ! X

  3. Magic shows this afternoon, Barbara. Beautiful artwork from Jayne and Mel, wonderful designs from the design team and brilliant inspiration from your good self. Did I buy? Of course I did, looking forward to having some creative fun with the goodies when they arrive. Thank you all!

  4. I have loved and well used the original stamp set from Jayne and am so pleased you have brought them out in a smaller size.
    Really enjoyed the demo’s today.
    Your work room gave me the giggles. I love to see other peoples work spaces and yours begs the question – how do you find things and turn out such beautiful work?
    Have a restful evening, cuddle the kittens (and Dave), and don’t worry about tidying up until tomorrow.
    Stay safe.

  5. Hi Barb
    I never met Jayne but I shall channel her energy when my set of stamps arrives and I look forward to creating lovely art.
    Thanks for the inspiration today.

  6. Hi there, Barb, What fantastic demos today! The girl done good! When you were talking static and poly pockets, I began to wonder if putting talc on the poly pocket would help with that, and it does. I’ve been playing since you were on TV and have made another card with another to come from the original die cut. If I’m brave, I’ll take out the gilding flakes again. May as well before I take out the hoover!! Lol. I’ve just had our local florist, Morna, at the door with two lovely bouquets of flowers. Made my day. Perfect day, in fact. Enjoy your evening. Lots of love, Hxx

  7. Such beautiful artwork today. Sadly my recording failed for 2 of the shows so hopefully rewind will be working. Enjoy your evening and relax x

  8. Really loved today’s shows thank you so much. I’m really pleased you have brought out Jayne’s stamps in a smaller size as I always struggle with really big stamps and do really prefer smaller cards. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next for us. Have a lovely evening with Dave and the kittens. xx

  9. Barb, I just want to tell you to keep calm and realise we all are so very thankful for your time given freely during SHAC SHAC at this awful time. Please give a big thank you, to all your team at Clarity. The sales and discounts you give us are amazing, and as some people have pointed out, you even produce the items, so we don’t have anything with products sold out, on site, apart from things from outside the company.
    I have absolutely loved drawing along with you since March, you have put in such a lot of work for us. I know one day you will stop doing it, but I am savouring every moment while you still do. Thank you.
    Hugs x

  10. Have recorded each programme and look forward to watching them once my ‘loot’ has arrived! I only ordered one of Jayne’s sets as I have all of the rest in the larger size. I may well order more once I’ve tried out the one on order. Also ordered the trees (stamps) and the stencil I didn’t have. I have all of the houses stuff so really looking forward to a week or so of playing (when it isn’t my turn to cook!). Thanks for all you do Barbara (and Paul) and some kitten time won’t wait, like the stuff in the craft room!

  11. Brilliant shows today with well deserved sellouts. You were so calm when the captions went off and it all sold anyway! Great tips and tricks. It’s so much easier to clean up when you have slept and have re-built your energy.

  12. I missed the shows so will have to watch tomorrow. Sorry but a video call from son with grandson took priority, mind you Taylor was showing me how to colour. Then a doorstep visit from other son later. Thank goodness for catch up. The stamps are beautiful, i really like the one with the bridge. Nice size as well. xx

  13. Watched the 1st 2 shows whilst ironing – yes I had quite a pile. Its not my favourite task but makes it much easier if I can watch a show I love at the same time x
    Not surprised there were sell outs & the DT samples were fantastic yet again.
    You will feel better in the morning after a relaxing evening with the kittens & Dave so the tidying up can wait until then.

  14. Absolutely loved your shows today. The design team never let you down, marvelous samples. May buy the smaller stamps at a later date, but so happy with the larger ones at present. Hope you relaxed this evening, you must be shattered.xxx

  15. Brilliant shows yesterday Barbara. Hours of preparation I’m sure. I have always wondered how your space looks so neat as you produce your work.
    Thank you for sharing ‘ the Bomzitit’
    Have a good Sunday. XX

  16. Hello Barb, the shows were just fabulous, the artwork and demos as always full of inspiration. Thanks for the energy you put in. Hopefully you manage your tidy up this morning. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. Thank you for the shows on saturday. Hope you had time to relax in the evening. I met Jane Nestorenko once at a craft show. She spent 10 mins with us showing us these stamps. I bought them and use the children every Christmas. Such a lovely lady and very softly spoken. See you in the Shac Shack tomorrow. Xx

  18. Yesterdays shows were brilliant as always. I love this artwork from Jayne – the new stamps are sitting on my wishlist, waiting for the crafting budget to refresh!. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration in delivering these shows

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